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My Hot stepfather

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Something felt off, yet in the moment, it appeared to be normal. The intense cravings, desires, and warm emotions stirred within me clouded my love for my mother, causing me to view my stepfather, who I once called dad, in a different light. Our actions unfolded in her own bed, within the confines of her home, and even in her car - all places that rightfully belonged to her. We were both a part of her life, but something more powerful than us took control, making us blind to the fact that he was my stepfather and I was the daughter he had raised since I was eight years old.

Chapter 1


Something felt off, yet in the moment, it appeared to be normal. The intense cravings, desires, and warm emotions stirred within me clouded my love for my mother, causing me to view my stepfather, who I once called dad, in a different light.

Our actions unfolded in the sacred space that was her bed, within the walls of her home, and even in her car - all places that were meant to be filled with love and familial bonds. We were both intricately woven into her life, but an overpowering force took control, blinding us to the reality that he was my stepfather, and I was the daughter he had nurtured since I was just a young child.

Our life began under seemingly normal circumstances. He was a renowned football player in college when he crossed paths with my mother, a captivating reporter. Despite an age difference of eight years, their connection was undeniable, leading them to marry soon after his graduation. I was only eight years old at the time, still reeling from the aftermath of my irresponsible and absent biological father.

My biological father had cast us aside for the allure of other women, leaving my mother and me to fend for ourselves. He showed no care or concern for my well-being and never sought assistance after the divorce. As years went on, it became clear that he had selfishly utilized my mother's beauty and wealth for his own financial gain. His insatiable greed knew no bounds.

This is the way that he entered our lives as well. He was a charming man; his smile lit up my mother's world and brought happiness into my life as well. He treated me with such kindness, like a true father, and our relationship felt like a normal one between a daughter and father.

I became more attached to him than my mom. He was a successful businessman, and while my mom was also well-off, she was always busy with her career as a TV presenter and sports reporter. She should have had time for her only daughter, but it seemed like she relied on Dave to take care of me most of the time.

Yes, his name was Dave Green, once the most famous bachelor and a talented quarterback football player. He made the decision to quit the games and focus on his family companies, wanting to be a good husband and father.

It was hard for me not to develop feelings for him; as a young child without a father or mother to take care of me, it was almost impossible. My mother was always busy, and it felt like she didn't care about me at all.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, and I didn't realize the change in our relationship until later on. We were so close, and he became my best friend. I trusted him completely and sought his advice and opinions, which seemed completely normal between a father and daughter. However, the fact that he wasn't my biological father and I wasn't his daughter meant that our relationship was taking on a different shape. But we didn't fully understand that until later.

I thought I was lucky to have him in my life, a stepfather who treated his stepdaughter so well. It was something I had never heard of before. All I had ever heard were stories of fathers abusing their own daughters.

But I guess I was fortunate to have Dave in my life.

He was incredibly kind to me and always made time to help me with my schoolwork or spend time with me as a father figure. He fulfilled the role that my biological parents had failed to do.

I was his top priority, always at the forefront of his mind. Whenever I needed him, he would drop everything and be there for me.

I vividly recall the time I fell ill with a fever while my mom was away and the household staff had their day off. Despite being in the middle of a crucial meeting that could have been career-defining, Dave immediately abandoned it to rush home and take me to the hospital. He was fiercely protective, never raising his voice at me or punishing me for anything. I was always an obedient girl until my final year of high school, when everything changed.

I was an average student, not particularly popular but also not entirely ordinary. I was attractive, although not on the same level as my stunning mother; she possessed a beauty that could take one's breath away. But I had my own allure - a curvier figure, with larger breasts and a more pronounced backside. I exuded a sense of sensuality that caught the attention of those around me. However, the reason I had never dated anyone wasn't because I was a virgin, but because I yearned for someone like Dave. I desired a man who was handsome, caring, and mature - someone who wasn't just another foolish boy from my school.

It was during this time that my feelings for him took an uncertain path. I began to dream of him kissing me, touching me in ways that were inappropriate. I would wake up with an unsettling arousal. He was only 30 years old, and I was 18. I had transformed into a young woman with a body that radiated allure, but Dave remained unchanged. He continued to evolve into an even more attractive man, and I couldn't keep these forbidden thoughts out of my mind.

My mother's neglect towards my father and me was evident, as she prioritized her reputation, career, and fame above all else. As a result, my relationship with Dave took on a different, more intense dynamic, filled with longing, desire, and lust.

I often found myself wondering why Dave never pursued a divorce or engaged in infidelity. It perplexed me, as my mother was certainly not deserving of such a devoted and loyal man. Perhaps, he held onto our family, viewing us as a unit, and was afraid of losing me, especially considering there were no children from my mother from their union.

That particular morning, I woke up feeling an unusual sense of arousal. Confused by my own desires, I buried my head in the pillows and made the impulsive decision to skip school.

As I heard the sound of footsteps and doors opening, I kept my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. I took pleasure in the familiar scent as he approached, gently nudging my shoulder and whispering, "Vanilla."

Ignoring his calls, I continued to feign sleep until he finally sat down beside me on the bed. I couldn't resist any longer and uncovered my face. His fingers grazed my cheeks tenderly, and his voice, smooth and alluring, resonated deep within me. With each passing moment, my heart raced faster in my chest.

When I still made no move to get up, a mischievous grin crossed his face. "Well, well, looks like I have to resort to this," he chuckled. Without warning, he began tickling me, causing laughter to erupt and my body to squirm under his touch. In that moment, we were both consumed by uncontrollable laughter. However, amidst the joyous chaos, I couldn't comprehend why I found myself rolling my body onto his, perched on his lap, with our lips tantalizingly close.

I looked at him, a mixture of nerves and curiosity filling the room. The atmosphere had shifted, no longer that of a father and daughter, but something more intimate, more intense.

Quickly pulling away, I gathered my composure and nodded shyly. "I'll take a quick shower and meet you downstairs," I said, rushing towards the bathroom and locking the door behind me. I leaned against the door, feeling my heart race in my chest.

"What just happened?" I whispered to myself, my breath coming in rapid bursts. It felt as if my heart was pounding so hard it might burst through my chest.

As I searched the bathroom for my towel and clothes, I realized I had forgotten them in my haste. Opening the bathroom door, I found myself face to face with Dave, his eyes fixed on my naked body. His gaze was filled with a mixture of desire and longing as he scanned me from head to toe.

Feeling a surge of nervousness and anticipation, he gulped and reached for the towel, wrapping it around me slowly. I could feel the warmth of his hands against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. All of a sudden, he leaned in close, his voice a whisper in my ear. "I will always be the one who will protect and cherish you," he murmured before leaving the room in a flash.

I stood there, frozen in place, trying to comprehend the meaning behind his words, his expressions, and the way he moved. But the answers eluded me. What had just happened? What did he mean by that?

And what was happening to me? Why did he have such a profound effect on my body?

In the moments that followed, I came to a realization. It was the first beat of a new emotion, a connection that went beyond the boundaries we had known. "I think he will be my first everything," I sighed, acknowledging the complexity of the emotions that had taken root within me.

Chapter 2


Getting ready for school took longer than usual, and I found myself running late. The thought of facing Dave, my father, added to my nervousness, especially since he insisted on driving me to school. He had provided me with a car and a personal driver because he was worried about my safety on the road. I had to admit, he was protective.

However, I couldn't help but feel frustrated with his overprotectiveness. I was already 18 years old, not a child anymore. All my friends at school had their own cars, and the school wasn't too far away. It would only take a five-minute drive.

But it was during moments like these that I started to realize just how possessive he could be. It became apparent when I accidentally touched his body, and everything seemed to change in an instant, as if I had pressed a button.

Finally, I finished getting ready, and to my surprise, he didn't come to rush me. I grabbed my backpack hesitantly and made my way


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