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The Priest's Mistress

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He's not a priest, he's the demon in the clothes of Angel. He's a sinner but wanted to clean his Dirt; that's why he left everything behind and became a priest. Everything was going perfect until that girl appeared in his church. He simply lost his sanity. I locked the door by the key and smirked in a daring tone “don’t tell me that I ruined your orgasm.” I spat my words and licked the corner of my mouth seductively. She cleared her throat “father!” Dammit! Why do all of them act innocently? As if I was the only one who makes sins and mistakes! I do not rape an of them. Even Maria! I busted her playing with her pussy in the middle of the daylight. Yes, she was alone in her room but this was still considered as a sin for a nun! I stepped closer to her bed and moved my fingers to her nipples then pinched one roughly “bitch! You are so horny. I think I should give you some.” She rolled her eyes, but I trailed off and leaned down to lick her neck with my tongue playfully “I will fuck you hard and it will be our little secret.” She panted “what if…” I cut her off but by my fingers slamming her pussy with my hand “no one will know.”

Chapter 1


I was waiting in the church waiting for my turn to enter the confession room and meet the priest. Yes, I did a big sin… maybe it wasn’t huge for the others. It was normal, but for me, it was the worst thing I have ever done in my life.

I wanted to clean myself, and I wanted to ask God for forgiveness. I didn’t know what I should do or to whom I should talk except for going to church. Somehow I was afraid to go to the church next to my house or in another meaning to the church that I used to attend and pray to god.

Because every single one in this church knows who I am and who my parents are. I didn’t want to make a scandal or fuss in my family. I was scared of my parents' reactions if they found out what I had done.

That’s why I decided to go somewhere else. A church far away from my house. In a deserted but nice place but not in the town.

I wouldn't know if that was right or wrong. But I took the bus, and there was no coming back. I looked mature to everyone; no one expected that I was just in high school. That was something that bothered me a lot because too many guys and men chased me for that. If they didn’t know my real age… oh god! They wouldn’t even talk to me. I was underage under my parents' custody. I was just 16 years old.

And according to my experience in life, it was zero percent. But god gifted me with a sexy hot body that, for some reason, was like a curse for me.

Even that day, when I chose this church, I just opened the map and chose a place that I didn't go to before or visited ever with my family. That's it, and I was there sitting outside, waiting for what could be next.

But when the priest shouted for next. I flinched and hopped off my chair, thinking of returning to my house. But something halted me. A weird feeling, as if I was pushed to meet that priest.

“Next!” the priest called from behind the door.

I hesitantly walked inside. His eyes stared at me widely; something about him was strange, not just because he was so young, in his late twenties, but because he reminded me of that guy from the bar!

He motioned to me to come closer and have a seat. I stepped slower, and with every move of mine, I got a clearer view of his face and his body. Even so, he wasn’t naked or something. But from his hands and shoulders, it was so obvious he got the whole package of a hot muscular man.

I snapped to myself from my evil thoughts because of what I was thinking about him. I was there to confess and ask for forgiveness for what I did. How could I think of the father like that?!

I gulped, “father.” I fiddled with my fingers nervously, forcing myself to lower my gaze to my lap to not meet his gorgeous pearly blue eyes.

He coughed “yes, what’s your name?” he asked me firmly.

I pulled a strand of my hair back to my ear. “I’m Rosemary, father,” I replied politely.

“Okay, then look at me,” he commanded me firmly, which was weird. I couldn’t raise my head to him. I just shook my head no.

Until I felt a big warm hand touching my cheeks gently, I raised my head immediately in shock and blinked, “father!”

He smiled then, and then he walked away from me “you have gorgeous eyes; why are you trying to hide those from me?” he grinned sheepishly.

What was he doing to me, for god's sake?! This is very weird!

I dropped my jaw, speechless; I couldn’t find a word to say in his presence. He started then, “okay, rose. Can I call you rose?” he asked me gently, and I nodded shyly, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Good girl, then tell me why are you here?” he asked me, and when he finished his question, I couldn’t hold back my tears. It just rolled like heavy rain down to my cheeks.

He stood up and rushed to me instantly, and I could hear his stomping footsteps coming closer and closer until he was almost standing in front of my chair and his knees brushing my knees.

I cleared my throat nervously, moving up by my head to meet his face. “I’m sorry.” I apologized for nothing at all.

I wiped my tears with my hands and sobbed, “Father, I made a horrible mistake. A very big sin.” I started to shiver and slightly raised my voice. I blamed myself for what I did for almost a week until I finally decided to talk with a priest to tell me what to do.

He tapped my shoulder gently, “I wonder what a girl like you could do?” I don’t know if he was making fun of me or smirking! But he didn’t look as if he was taking me as a serious matter.

I stood up, slipping my body away from him. “I _ I seriously made a sin… I kissed a man.” I stuttered, gazing at him angrily, feeling disgusted by what I did.

He widened his eyes “what?! tell me more.” he asked me.

I narrowed my eyes and blinked “what? That was it! I kissed a man.” I said slowly, emphasizing every word coming out of my mouth.

He laughed hysterically, then grimaced out of the blue and shot me with a death glare. “Are you making fun of me?” he shouted.

I startled a bit, stepped back a few inches, and shook my head “no, I swear.”

He stepped closer to me hurriedly, making my heart skip some beats. I thought he would punish me, slap my face, or beat me. He looked at me with scary looks that made me stiffen.

“Father,” I exclaimed to stop him from coming any closer.

He pulled me to his chest without any prior notice and whispered huskily in my ear, “are you a virgin?”

I trembled and zipped my mouth in a hard shock from his question. He wasn’t just interfering in my personal life but touching me. I could feel his other hand slowly moving down my waist to my hair.

I shivered under his touch “yes, I swear.”

He inhaled and exhaled loudly, which made me feel his warm breath over my neck. His affection for my body was totally different. I have never felt so before in my whole life.

He pulled himself away from me and walked back to his chair “get out now! I don’t want to see your face ever again!” he yelled at me out of the blue.

But he didn’t stop at that point and repeated his sentence with a louder shout. I hopped off my place dumbfounded, then turned my body immediately towards the door to do what he said.

But his words made me frozen in my place “do you want to be a nun?”

I breathed heavily, trying to process what he just said, but I couldn’t… I twirled my body to glare at him with questionable eyes.

He nodded reassuringly that he just muttered, “yes, do you want to be a nun as atonement for your sins?! For me, you look like a whore. I don’t believe that you are a virgin, and moreover, I think you seduced that man to kiss you. So, what’s your decision?” he crossed his arms over his chest and asked me with harsh and accusing words.

But… I couldn’t say no… to make the aches inside my chest fade, and I just figured out that I had no choice but to accept what he said.

I raised an eyebrow and said confidently, “yes, I do.”

Chapter 2


She has some serious sex appeal. How could I say no to this whore with these sultry bodies that are so full of curves? Even my normal breathing has become difficult. It's impossible for me to take my gaze off of her.

I, Frederick, who is notorious for being the most ice-cold person who could keep his desires under control, find that I am unable to even blink without wasting a moment watching her movements. Her smile, even her scent made me swoon. Certainly, even in my wildest imagination, I will never dream of a sexier woman than she is.

She is one of a kind, and I had better start dragging her down my body as soon as possible so I can sample all of her flesh.

If we weren't in the church, I swore to God... Oh my goodness, I've just started babbling incoherent nonsense.

Dammit! Fred, you really need to get some self-control!

And what the devil did I just say to her at this point?!

That's Incredible!

She has


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