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The Billionaire's Temporary Wife

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She cheated on me with my best friend five days before our wedding. I saw them kissing together in my house, bedroom, and bed! So, I either kill them on the spot or make them regret losing me. It wasn’t easy for me, but fate decided to give me the best gift on the same day… destiny gifted me with the most kind-hearted and innocent girl ever. “Excuse me, miss. Can I ask you a question?” I stopped her once I focused on her in the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. Her manager just fired her because she spilled coffee accidentally on one of the customers. I took advantage of the situation while she was crying. She looked at me and wiped her tears, “what?” “Are you married?” I asked her immediately. She narrowed her eyes, and she thought I was insane or a stalker, “I am going to call the police. Go away.” I closed the gap between us, and then I showed her a Rolex diamond watch and told her, “I am wealthy. Here’s the proof. I need your answer.” She blinked her eyes, “I don’t f*ck*ng care if you are rich or not. Stay away from me.” I didn’t waste more time, and I pulled her left hand to check if there was any ring. I didn’t find any, not even a mark on her fingers. So, without hesitation, I asked her, “would you marry me today, and I will give you 100 thousand dollars for three months.” And ding…. she slapped me across the face.


After arriving at the law firm, Jack hurried to his office because he had been working on a particularly challenging case recently—and in the midst of wedding planning, he'd completely lost track of time. The trial was set to begin in three hours. He could not believe that he had made such a grave error, and that it would result in the death sentence being handed down to someone. Therefore, he would not permit such a mistake in the date and time to bring about the destruction of his reputation. His assistant followed him, and she expressed her reluctance by saying, "Sir, I am so sorry.  I am baffled as to how I managed to lose track of both this case and the scheduled trial date. Don't fire me, I've worked hard here."

He glared over his shoulder and spoke angrily, "So you are afraid to lose your job, and you are not worried about the man who may be sentenced to death because of your mistake?!"

After experiencing regret and feeling sorry for her actions, she began to apologize by saying, "I am truly sorry; you are right. I solemnly swear that this will be the last time I act in such a manner."

He huffed and grabbed the case file from his desk before hurriedly walking out of the office, telling her, "I am sorry too; I have no intention of losing everything I have built so far because of a careless assistant like you.  Make an effort to be more helpful rather than concentrating on your physical appearance, including your manicure and hairstyle. You are not working in a beauty salon but rather in the most famous law firm in town!"

And Jack bolted out of the office at a breakneck pace, racing outside the building where his law firm was located. He grabbed the key from the valet and thanked him before jumping into his Ferrari and driving as quickly as he could.

He shook his head to the right and left in disbelief and hit the steering wheel with his hand in a furious manner as he said, "how could I miss such a case trial! How was it even possible for me to behave in such a manner? I never counted on the reputation of my family, and instead I relied solely on my own abilities to climb the corporate ladder. It's possible that I'll end up losing everything as a result of this. But it's not my assistant's fault; it's also mine, and I was too busy getting ready for my wedding, which is in five days."

Jack felt like he was going to explode, but he was able to keep the problems he was having at work from interfering with the rest of his life. Therefore, when his long-term girlfriend Lily called him, he smiled and picked up the phone as quickly as possible, saying, "hey, sweetheart. I was wondering how things were going with the preparations."

"Today is the day," Lily exclaimed gleefully and with great excitement, "we should finish putting the finishing touches on the furniture and decorations. Within an hour, we should receive the final items from the store. Are you going to be there?"

He had been with her ever since his freshman year of college, and he could not help but feel an overwhelming sense of love for her. They were nearly childhood friends, their families were business partners and close friends, and he never loved another woman besides her in his entire life. Because of this, he needed to find a way out of this situation so that he would not be responsible for destroying her happiness, and the only solution was Mark! Indeed, Mark was the closest friend of all three of them. They were all 27 years old at the time, and all three of them had been inseparable companions throughout those years. The only thing that set Mark apart from Lily and Jack was that he didn't come from the same privileged family background... Jack's family business once employed Mark's father, who later became one of Jack's managers. Mark's dad worked his way up to manager, but Mark still wasn't living like Jack and Lily. However, the fact that they are so different did not prevent them from remaining friends.

So Jack made the decision to have Mark come help Lily, and he told her, "Lily, I am going to call Mark right now and tell him to help you today.  I'm sorry, but I can't pay attention to you right now because I have a very pressing matter to take care of. It will take up the entirety of my day to deal with it. I will make every effort to attend the dinner that you have planned. I am sorry, sweetheart. Please accept my apology. I promise that I will make it up to you at a later time."

After a moment of silence, Lily huffed and groaned, "ugh, okay, what shall I say? I'm crossing my fingers that this one goes in your favor as well. I wish you the best of luck, my future husband."

Lily was so pampered that she never had to work and even when she asked for something, she always get it! The fact that her parents gave her everything contributed to her spoiled and self-centered behavior. But Jack hadn't yet been able to see her in her real face.

And with that, the call is disconnected, and he arrived at the courthouse at long last. He heaved a sigh. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that he had not lost all of his time. While he was looking through the documents, the other attorney who worked in his firm was anxiously waiting. He checked out the files. Jack questioned him by saying, "do you think we still have some time?"

The defense attorney nodded, "yes and no. I've looked everywhere, but I can't locate the witness. Because of this, we are going to have to delay the trial."

Jack rubbed his face as he was aware that he needed to wrap up this case prior to his wedding because he had made a commitment to Lily that he would take her on an extended honeymoon in the Maldives and Bali. But what control does he have over fate? Nothing!

He indicated with a nod that it was okay, and then said, "let's go and postpone this case."

And in less than an hour, Jack was finally free to leave the courthouse since there was no more cases left for the day. He made up his mind to go straight to his villa to surprise Lily with something special and to help her in finishing up the final details of their new home.

He didn't call her up to surprise her; once he arrived at the house, he parked the car in the street close to the backyard and crept carefully into the house with a diamond Rolex watch in a box in his hand; he had ordered this Rolex especially for her. When he got there, he heard groans and scurried up the stairs to the second floor, where the bedroom was, but he was careful not to make any noise in case a thief was hiding in there. His lovely fiancée was the only thing that was going through his mind, and he desperately wanted to protect her from harm.

But just as he was about to enter the bedroom, he heard giggling and two voices that were familiar to him! There was only a crack between the door and its frame. He only dared to cast a few sneaky glances in their direction, but he caught them! Alongside one another in the bed! In the comfort of his bed! His fiancée-to-be, Lily, as well as his best friend, Mark!

Cheating before the wedding


I was standing there as I awaited the delivery of the final order of furniture and decorations that Jack and I had placed earlier. Jack and I have decided that this is the last piece of furniture that will be installed in our brand-new home.

But Jack let me know that he wouldn't be able to come today and that he would be late for me. This is a very unfortunate turn of events. I had just turned around to thank the workers for their hard work in bringing the final items into the house when Mark slammed into me from behind. Although he held a special place in my heart, our relationship had been strained and sensitive since he discovered we were getting married. In all honesty, I didn't anticipate him coming, and so I asked him, "Mark, what are you doing here, Mark?"

Mark arched his brow and responded, "What am I doing here? I'm here to help you. Your fiance asked me to come to your house and assist you in getting everything ready for


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