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“Why can’t I f*ck*ng hit you?” Thomas shouts, hitting the belt close to her feet. “Why” he smacks it above her head on the door. “Why, f*ck*ng why” to her body’s right and left sides. Melina trembles against the door with her eyes shut and head tucked between her knees.  She jumps, sniffing Thomas' cologne, and tries to hide more. He must be bending down. “I want to inflict pain on you, Melina, but I f*ck*ng can’t. Tell me why I f*ck*ng can’t. Tell me why” she bites her lips to muff her wails as she fears they will only make things worse for her. “F*ck*ng look at me when I'm talking to you” Thomas grabs her hair and pulls her head up.  “I'm- so-r-r-r-y” she turns to face him with her tear-stained face and bloodshot eyes. “Did you think it would work? Did you actually think you could get me arrested and you could run away? Are you that f*ck*ng dumb, Melina?” he tightens his grip around her hair, and it begins to hurt now. Melina can’t believe this is what he thinks. How will she prove it was never her plan to get him arrested?  Melina Davis was born with the face and body of a goddess. Her heart was as beautiful as her, but it never did her any good. Melina was the unluckiest woman in this world when it came to love. Her first love was an abusive con artist who made sure to exploit Melina's kindness. The second one who Melina felt was genuinely worthy of owing her heart was far more dangerous than her first. His name is Thomas Costanzo. He is the second in command of the Costanzo mafia. He was highly feared in the mafia world. Some even feared him more than the don of the Costanzo mafia. Melina didn't know she shouldn't cross him, and she did. She broke the heart of one of the most feared men on this earth, and now, he is out searching for her. Once he finds her, Melina will wish she never crossed paths with him.

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Book cover
  • Author: HFPerez
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 9.7

All Beau Anderson wants is one night of passion. One night to forget what she had become. Dominic Vasiliy, King of the Underworld. Ruthless, fearless, dominating, and arrogant. He never expected that one night of passion will change him forever. He fell and he fell hard. *** Beau Anderson was a ghost. Only be seen if she wants to. In her opinion, she had everything she had ever wanted in her life. Except one. A child of her own, her own little family; but without all the hullabaloo of getting it. No dating. No romance. Determined to get what she wants, she sets out one night to get it. And bit off more than she could chew. At the newest nightclub in San Francisco, she met Dominic Vasiliy, a man of dangerous mystery and s*x appeal she would do anything to get him. Just for one night. A night of passion and possession, rocking her world and tilting it off its axis. The next day, accomplishing her goal, silent as a mouse, she left him with a sweet kiss on his lips, knowing she would not be meeting him ever again. Little did she know what fate had in store for both of them, complicating her plans for her future. Beau was good with numbers. Not just good. She was the keeper of the secrets of hell. Or the underground. Wanting to go legit, she took a chance and accepted a new client. She would take this job one time then she would disappear. However, trouble came in the name of Dominic, her one-night-stand lover. Her temporary boss. A pure temptation, Dominic also had one goal. To possess the only woman who had captured his heart. No matter her resistance. He also had perils and problems of his own but that won't hinder his plans. He would have her in his life, come hell or high water, Beau Anderson was his. Forever. Delighted he was getting through her wall of defenses despite her no-nonsense air, he decided to make it official. There was one thing he didn't count on though, his enemies. The traitors in an organization he was a leader of targeted the love of his life. Nearly losing her, venting for revenge, he search the underground, doing whatever was necessary to find the men responsible. She resisted his allure. She really did but her heart won over her genius mind. She was his. His equal in all aspects. Caution thrown in the wind, she set out to help Dominic despite his protest. Together, they succeeded. The dangers of their world outshined their destiny. Mature Content 18+ Romance/Action

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  • 8.3

I laugh, and he glares at me. “God, if you were f*ck*ng mine!” “Let me guess, my *ss would be getting spanked. It wouldn’t work. I like it.” Please note - The books in the series are stand-alone; they do not need to be read in order. They are simply all forbidden love books. Harley often refuses private dances but finally agrees. She steps into the private room, expecting the usual clientele, only to be shocked by the man waiting. She dances and taunts him, keeping their masks firmly in place, hiding their identities. This man has her craving him and pleasure, and she doesn't stop him when his fingers do far more than touch. Pleasure follows and teases her after that night, and she decides to go home to her family after years of hiding her secrets from them. Harley has missed her father and his biker club, but she knows that her secrets will cause him to murder people. Her secrets are nothing, especially when her uncle Jasper tells her that she shouldn't call him uncle, and he tells her a story of a club he visited a few nights before, where a beautiful dancer found pleasure around his fingers. That dancer is her. While Jasper tries to keep his distance, the lure of forbidden love becomes too much. He knows touching his best friend's daughter, who had called him uncle growing up, is a death sentence, yet he can't stop himself. Soon, Harley finds herself calling her Uncle Jasper, Daddy, and becoming his submissive. A few close calls make them think her dad really is about to find out the truth. Only Harley forgets about her past, which shows up at her family home and threatens everyone she loves if she doesn't leave. The books in this series are all standalone, not connected to each other, but are all forbidden love.

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"You are nothing but a wh*r* like your mother!" He had snarled and left her with crutches in the rain. That was the last thing he had said to her years ago. Now she was back in his life as his PA... or was she? **** After a high school relationship that never should have been, Louis breaks Zoe's heart when she needed him the most and blamed her for his father eloping with her mother. After years of picking up the broken pieces of her life and heart, they meet again. But Zoe Carter is here not for an income, she is back for revenge. She was assigned the mission of intimately investigating billionaire bachelor, Louis Rodriguez as an undercover detective working as his employee. His ties to the mafia and drug underworld, she hopes will be his undoing. However, things get complicated when unwanted craving rise from the dust and then the unexpected happens when her mother is found. Beaten, tortured and with her memories lost. Soon it is clear someone or something is out for the woman's blood. She finds out that the perpetrators are the very organisation that Louis is suspected to be tied to. The Mafia. What Is it that Zoe's mother knows that makes a target? Where is Louis' father? Will Zoe alone face this new woe in her life and get the revenge she so desperately wants? Or will she be pushed into the arms of Louis, her enemy when she goes asking for help? Especially when she is the mother to his child that he does not know exists. Find out in the thrilling enemies to lovers novel "Craving For Her".


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