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The Devil's Fire

The Devil's Fire

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🔥🔥The Devil’s Fire🔥🔥 A mafia love story. A dark world with so many secrets and questions … Althaia grew up sheltered and not knowing about the mafia world despite her father being a mafia boss. Her mother took her away when she was younger to protect her from the dark, mafia world. However, Althaia had no idea what awaited her when she attended her cousin's engagement party. Her eyes landed on the tall and handsome man with incredible golden-brown eyes. She met The Devil. Damiano Bellavia The ruthless and powerful mafia boss. The one who tames and everyone fears. The one her father had desperately tried to hide her away from. But fate brought them together as he got drawn to her big innocent green eyes, and she was fascinated and curious about the dark, unknown world he was from. Gunfire and murder, family and profit. Could their love just be a conspiracy?



I flung the car door open, sprinting out of there before it could even come to a stop. The branches under my shoes snapped, and trees were flying past me as I ran with all my might deep into the woods.

I had to get to her before it was too late.

I let out a snarl when I spotted the bastards who were chasing them and clutched the knife tightly in my hand. Shooting them was too merciful. I wanted them to feel excruciating pain before ending their worthless lives.

I grabbed the one nearest to me, plunging my knife deep into his throat, watching him squirming under my hold as he choked on his blood.

But it was still not enough to satisfy my rage and hunger. I was thirsty for every single drop of their blood.

I tossed him aside and grabbed the next one, watching the life disappear from his eyes as I ended his life before getting to another. I swung my knife left and right, getting soaked in their blood as I slaughtered my way to her.

My entire body froze as I dropped the last one in my view. A cold chill ran down my spine at the sound of her screaming echoing in the forest.

My heart stopped beating.

I was late.

I moved my legs. Running faster and faster into the darkness of the forest.

Until I finally saw her.

“Damiano…” She said, relieved when she saw me. I halted in my steps, watching in dread when she winced and blood started to flow out of her.

“No…” I breathed out.

Tears streamed down her face, and she looked at me, shattered.

I held her tightly in my embrace, trying to somehow protect her. But I was too late.

Once again.

Long Time, No See


I looked in the mirror, giving a nod to myself when I was pleased with how I looked. I was wearing a long black backless silk dress with thin straps, the front was a deep v-plunge neckline that showed quite a bit of my cleavage. The dress was tight from the top and got a little loose from the hips as there was a long split on the right side, stopping mid-thigh. I finished the look with a pair of open-toe black stilettos with straps around the ankle. I did a simple brown smokey eye which complimented my green eyes and had them look a bit cat-like. I decided to let my long curly and heavy brown hair be as it was, but with a pretty and shiny hair clip to lift some of the hair away from my face on the right side.

I continued to fiddle with my hands before forcing them to remain still as I took a deep breath. My body was filled with nervousness.

“Get it together, what’s the worst that can happen?” I asked myself, building up the courage to leave

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Review after the novel completion

I really liked it I used to read it everyday now I can’t imagine my life without it,it had me having a mixed feelings it was so good I wish if it never ends I’m looking forward to your next novels please do more novels like this and I would like to read lorenzo and Cara’s story I really liked the beginning of their relationship and I wanted to see more interactions between althia and alexi please do another book like this one I really like the mafia mob boss shit,and I really liked damiano’s povs especially that chapter with the red bikini and the pregnancy announcement the first and the second and the third one as well and I really liked how Damiano’s character changed I really can’t describe with words how I felt but reading this novel made me have my own type of fantasy delusion happiness I really loved this book and it’s really great incredible story and it’s really good I am so impressed how can you do such a great job with this story and I love it so much and I really hope that you will continue this book with a second story about their life with their children and I really want to see some of althia with her father and alexi pov of althia and her children and I would love to see them and some of their daily life ,this book was magical and so much more than I would ever imagine I’m sorry for repeating all of the words over and over because I needed to fill the three hundred words so now I will just thank you for your excellent story it was all I wanted and needed.

December 28, 2023

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