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Craving For Her

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Louis and Zoe cross paths as sworn enemies by association. Zoe is the daughter of a prostitute that Louis' father was having an affair. Despite everything Zoe and Louis end up in a whirlwind of denied desire and wanting. Things get even more complicated when Louis' father and Zoe's mother disappear without a trace on a fateful night. Which causes a rift between the two. Years later, Zoe starts to work for Louis. There is definitely bad blood between them. At the same time, past cravings rise from the dust. But what happens when Zoe's mother suddenly appears? With the mafia hot on her trail? To make things even more complicated, she seems to have lost her memory. In other find out the truth, she must be protected but that only puts Zoe in harm's way. Louis steps in like a knight in shining armour despite their history and will stop at nothing to have her safe... in his arms. But little do they know that this is not just about the mafia trying to snuff out a potential snitch. As they are drawn into an intricate web of family feuds, secrets and betrayal, a revelation will shock them to the very core. Will they make it through to the end arm in arm? Or will they be torn apart by the tragedy that lays in wait?

The Outcast

Zoe's POV

"Wh*r*!" The students behind me yelled I knew who they were talking to; I ignored them. They could all go to hell. I picked up my note book and I felt something hit my head.

"You can't be disgusting and deaf at the same time." It was Nessa's nausea-inducing voice. "You'd better answer me."

She got no reply from me as I continued reading my notebook and even momentarily looked out the window, just to get on her nerves.

"Answer my sister when she is speaking to you!" An unexpected but familiar voice called out to yours truly.

Again I refused to turn around and let out an exasperated sigh as I heard approaching footsteps. I turned around to face him. It was Louis Rodriguez, Nessa's older brother.

The guy that girls would kill for. From his olive skin to his eyes that held the ocean to the unruly raven curls that adorned his head. With the build of a Greek god yet he was just like the others. A rich, overbearing d*ck. Who loved to see me suffer.

I watched in disgust as he came close enough to touch me, which only caused more embarrassment than before.

Louis' hand touched my cheek as he said, "Look at me when I'm talking to you." He whispered, his breath fanning across my face.

He suddenly pulled away and laughed coldly at me. The class joined in, and cackles of different frequencies and wavelengths filled the classroom.

"You are nothing but a sl*t's daughter and a charity case," He stated like it wasn't the first time I was hearing him spit sh*t. "If you had any sense you would listen to my sister and do as told."

He came closer and whispered. "You think you are something because of your little scholarship but don't forget with one cheque you could be out of here."

I sat there frozen with shock and anger.

This was not good at all. This was going to ruin my life. How could he? He had no right to treat someone so wayward and broken down like this. I wish I could have said his word did nothing to affect me but I would be deceiving myself.

Nessa grabbed my shoulder, causing me to flinch. I could feel tears stinging my eyes, but I blinked them away, willing myself to not show weakness.

"What did I say about standing up for yourself?" She asked through gritted teeth, while gripping my arm.

As Louis started to approach again I pushed myself forward and stood up. I couldn't stand being here anymore. If anything this is the worse possible thing that could happen.

I walked past Louis and towards the door, but he caught my arm. I tried pulling my arm free but he wouldn't let me.

"Let go of me!" I screamed. My face burning from both the pain and humiliation.

He chuckled. "I know where you live. You should listen to me."

The tears I had been trying so hard to keep at bay started streaming down my cheeks. I knew that there was no point fighting back, that he'd win every fight. But it didn't mean that I had to stay quiet about the abuse.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

All eyes were on us now. I was pretty sure that everyone in this room was judging me.

His grip tightened and he dragged me into the hallway. We stopped walking when we reached the end of the hall and he finally loosened his hold.

He looked like he was going to say something to me. "Tell you mum to stay away from my father or else I will ruin you."

He then left without another word.

I leaned against the wall and covered my mouth trying to stop my crying. I was shaking violently. I felt as if I was going to be sick.


After school I made my way to the restaurant I worked at. My mind still occasionally wondering to the events that played out at school with Louis. It was not the first time he was threatening me but this one felt different.

Of course, with the fact that the whole town now knew that his father a wealthy and respected business man was having an affair with the town's most well-known prostitute, my mother. The tension would the higher.

I entered the restaurant and as soon as my eyes met my manager's ran to me. She never did that before.

"Oh, Zoe you are here." she said with glee.

I was confused, she was smiling at me.

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "Any problem?"

"No, no, everything is wonderful even."

"Ok..." I tried to walk past her as things felt very awkward but she suddenly said.

"You are getting a promotion!"

I was speechless, how and when? I had so many questions that kept to myself.

"You will manage the register from now on."

It was the job I applied but was instead given dish duties.

"Wow, gee thanks."

"Don't mention it," She said. "You earned it."

"I won't disappoint you."

"You definitely won't, I assure you."

That was a weird thing for her to say but I brushed it aside and made my way to the counter.

I got there and I was shoved by someone. I turned around to Chloe, the cashier. She was still here?!

She turned a glare at me. "Its all your fault." She scowled.


She walked to me and whispered coldly. "The only reason you will be here and I will be by the sink is because you are a homewrecker's daughter."

Then it all sank in. The reason the manger was being nice was because she need a reason to attract costumers. What better candidate could there be except for me? I thought hopelessly.

She went to her new station in the kitchen and I started my work.

It seemed to to me that people were here only see me. They wouldn't stop staring like idiots.

"Hey!" a costumer said it was his turn.

"Yes, what would you like to order?"

"You." he replied salaciously.

I looked up from the cashier glared openingly at him. The f*ck*ng audacity!

I heard my anger on a tight leash and asked.

"Sir, what you like to order?"

"You." He repeated.

I could have sworn I heard someone whistle from the queue.

"I am not on the menu," I said pointing up at the posted containing the menu. "Sir."

"Am I not good enough? or do you only do for married rich men." He snarled.

"That doesn't concern you since they don't pay me enough for you b*llsh*t!" I spat derisively at him. Earning a gasp from the crowd.

"Oh so you need to be paid first before service." He pulled out his wallet and started counting notes.

He looked up and down. "The boobs aren't impressive so I believe five will suffice?" He threw the cash in my face. Afterward he came closer and slipped a card in my school uniform. He turned to leave but I pulled him back and landed a swift fist into his face. I pulled out the card as the manager and some kitchen staff came out to to assess the commotion.

"How dare you hit me, b*tch!" the man on the floor screamed holding his cheek.

"Apologize right this instant, Zoe!" It was the manager.

"I won't do such a thing," I declared taking off my apron. "I quit!" I yelled as I stormed out.

The Unexpected Saviour

Zoe's POV

I wandered a little bit, contemplating my life and everything else. I felt like I was being pushed to the brink of insanity. These people didn't understand what it entailed to survive when you are dirt poor.

Sure the path my mother took was not the most ideal but... she had three mouths to feed. She never showed affection towards us like she had when I was growing up. But I couldn't blame her, her job took all she had. She would come home exhausted and bruised. Her customers were monsters.

I couldn't imagine; a depraved man letting out all his demented lust and violence on a woman beneath him. Sadly that was what my mother had signed up for.

I couldn't completely see her as innocent or wise. She threw her life away for a bastard at nineteen. He had been twice her age. She ran away with him just to be used as an object for sex. She ran away again but she was already in deep. She was penniless but no matter how broke a woman


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