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Don's Blackmail

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Katelyn is a sweet 19 year old girl whose life exists only inside the luxury of her mansion. This arrangement was done by her father to keep her safe from his foes in the Mafia. Her life takes a major turn when Don Quisito, her father's trusted friend, blackmails her to sleep with him. He threatens to expose a secret of hers that only he knew. Afraid and desperate to save her dignity, the girl fights him back in every way possible. Her attempts to get back at him always lands her in trouble; But guess who appears as her knight in shining armor all the time? Despite her hatred, she finds herself attracted to the way he cares for her when they are together. She is affected by the possessiveness of his touch and the warmth in his deep blue eyes when he looks at her.  But will he follow through the promises offered by his kisses? or would he break her heart in the end? The ruthless Don is a mysterious person who has eyes only for her. He gives her a taste of freedom that she craved for over a long time. But the man came to her life with a purpose. Even his blackmail was a means to an end. Once his duty is fulfilled, would he have to leave her or would he get a chance to make her his? There are buried secrets from the past that awaits Katelyn but the real question is, when everything is revealed, will it be too late for her to salvage the love of her life?


His words tore through her already cracked soul, and she wasn’t even sure whether she could take it anymore.

You gave your father a heart attack.

You got yourself kidnapped.

Your stupidity took eleven lives.

Your fault....

She wanted to argue with him that none of this would have happened if he hadn’t blackmailed her in the first place, but even before she could speak her part, he jumped in.

“This is what happens when you shake hands with your enemy. Your father’s words will mean nothing to the Bratva if they find out what his daughter had done. The Mafia never forgives betrayers”

Quisito looked down at her before continuing. “But somehow, I have managed to take care of everything and so you don’t have to worry”

That was her breaking point. The pent-up emotions erupted inside her like a volcano.

“Of course, you have taken care of everything! Now, when do you plan to use this information to blackmail me and f*ck me like some cheap s*x toy?.....I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU AND I HOPE THAT YOU DIE...”

The moment those venom dripped words left her lips she immediately regretted because Quisito stumbled; He literally stumbled, and not because he mis stepped on a rubble, it was from the force of her words.

Even the bullet in his arm did not hurt like her words did. He looked away in pain and she saw his Adams apple bob up and down when he swallowed.

Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut for once?

She wanted to tell him that everything she said was impulsive and hadn’t even meant a single syllable, but no matter how hard she tried, words wouldn’t form in her mouth.

For a moment, she felt his hold on her loosen and she thought that he will drop her. But the next second he pulled her tightly against his chest, making her gasp. She could practically hear the rumble in his chest, like he wanted to tell her something, but was desperately holding himself back from doing so.

But why...

An uncomfortable silence stretched between them as Quisito walked them towards the car that had been waiting for their arrival. When they reached the car, one of the Don’s men who was present at the spot rushed towards them and opened the back door. She thought that he will throw her inside because he had hurt him, but he carefully bent down and placed her inside like she was made of glass.

Even though the temperature of the car was set to be warm, she shivered because of the cold that had seeped into her bones from sitting on the cold floor, for God knows how long. She hugged herself and rubbed up and down her arms to gather some heat.

Surprising her, Quisito took off his own jacket and draped it across her shoulders and her tiny fingers automatically clutched it closer to her body.

Quisito placed one foot inside the car, in front of where she sat and reached next to her to pick up a few weapons, but she kept her gaze locked to her lap, unable to look at him. After loading his chest band with the last weapon, his attention turned to her.

He cupped the sides of her head with both his hands, reached forward and placed a lingering kiss on the crown of her head. His lips hovered above her head a few more second before he whispered


Her heart violently jerked in her ribcage when she heard the word because she knew enough Russian to know that ‘Proshchay’ either meant ‘Forgive me’ or ‘Goodbye forever’.

Kate didn’t know which one he had actually meant, but before she could ask, he stepped away from the car and closed the door. Without another glance at her, he turned away and walked over to the warzone, barking instructions into the wire.

When the driver started the car and began moving the vehicle, she felt a pang in her chest. And his jacket on her shoulders was only deepening it.

What if it was a Goodbye forever?

Meeting Him Again

“Why aren’t we eating……I’m hungry….” Katelyn whined, looking at her father who was swallowing the pills he had to take before dinner “We are waiting for someone sweetheart, he’ll be here any minute now” her father replied, after drinking water and clearing his throat.

“I would have eaten in my room…...if you had told me earlier you know” kate said grumpily as she stared at her food.

Kate loved and appreciated her father for the little time he kept aside for spending with her because of his busy schedule. She was her father’s whole world and he did everything to fill the gap of her deceased mother. Kate used to argue with him frequently, but ever since he developed a heart condition, she has been very cautious not to speak anything that might upset him. She hated eating along with his other friends from the mafia but the love for her father never let her deny him.

“Actually, you might remember him; you have seen him a few times before. It will be good to rekindle th


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