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“Why can’t I f*ck*ng hit you?” Thomas shouts, hitting the belt close to her feet. “Why” he smacks it above her head on the door. “Why, f*ck*ng why” to her body’s right and left sides. Melina trembles against the door with her eyes shut and head tucked between her knees.  She jumps, sniffing Thomas' cologne, and tries to hide more. He must be bending down. “I want to inflict pain on you, Melina, but I f*ck*ng can’t. Tell me why I f*ck*ng can’t. Tell me why” she bites her lips to muff her wails as she fears they will only make things worse for her. “F*ck*ng look at me when I'm talking to you” Thomas grabs her hair and pulls her head up.  “I'm- so-r-r-r-y” she turns to face him with her tear-stained face and bloodshot eyes. “Did you think it would work? Did you actually think you could get me arrested and you could run away? Are you that f*ck*ng dumb, Melina?” he tightens his grip around her hair, and it begins to hurt now. Melina can’t believe this is what he thinks. How will she prove it was never her plan to get him arrested?  Melina Davis was born with the face and body of a goddess. Her heart was as beautiful as her, but it never did her any good. Melina was the unluckiest woman in this world when it came to love. Her first love was an abusive con artist who made sure to exploit Melina's kindness. The second one who Melina felt was genuinely worthy of owing her heart was far more dangerous than her first. His name is Thomas Costanzo. He is the second in command of the Costanzo mafia. He was highly feared in the mafia world. Some even feared him more than the don of the Costanzo mafia. Melina didn't know she shouldn't cross him, and she did. She broke the heart of one of the most feared men on this earth, and now, he is out searching for her. Once he finds her, Melina will wish she never crossed paths with him.

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My name is Katia; I want to find my fated mate and live a peaceful life raising our pups. The problem is I have holes in my memories and don’t understand who or what I am. I know I am a werewolf, but I am also something else. Rejection is the last straw! I am not worthy is the reason he gives. The pain doubles me over; my wolf is whimpering in my head, and tears are running down my face. I whispered my acceptance of his rejection and took off running. I ran through the pack house out across the green manicured lawn into the forest. "I'm sorry, my sweet girl," I say to my wolf. I'm sorry you have been stuck with me, and our life has been difficult. She whispers," It's not your fault, Katia." I don't know how long or far we ran, but we came to a cliff with a waterfall. The pain from the rejection is unbearable, and the hurt keeps pounding at me. I know I am missing something. Aza, my wolf, feels it, too; she says we are more than regular werewolves and are here for a reason. We cannot remember the reason. I stand staring at the water running over and down, creating the fall. I wonder what the reason is for the millionth time. Why can I or Aza not remember? Does it have something to do with the way others treat us? The way we have been sent to live with different people since the death of our parents? Does it have something to do with why my fated rejected me? I am tired of figuring out why our memories do not make sense. My sweet girl and I want peace, but we do not know how to obtain it. I stand staring into the oblivion of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. So I stand there rejected, half a wolf, speaking with my Wolfie, my nickname for Aza, debating what we should do next. Someone was yelling my name from the direction I ran. I do not want to go back there. I hear laughter. Turning, I glance down over the cliff. There is another pack having a barbecue. The adults are laughing and watching the pups play. What looks to be the Alpha, beta, and gamma of the pack are in the water playing Marco Polo with some of the children. They look so happy and carefree. I want that. I wonder if Aza and I ever have a life like that.

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  • Author: Demmy_Lee
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

Lee Chang is introduced as a member of a small sect with a strong will and a predestined path. Lee Chang was the genius of Green Leaf Village, but nobody else recognized how much more work he put into it than his classmates did. One of the main Lee family sects' subsidiary branches was the Green Leaf Village family. Two individuals would be recommended for membership in the main sect every five years. Lee Chang was full of fighting spirit when he left Green Leaf Village and was determined to visit the main Lee family sect to demonstrate his abilities. But it wasn't until he entered the main Lee family sect that he understood he was merely a frog in a well. Only 100 people lived in Green Leaf Village, including the Lee family, and only 7 or 8 other people around his age were present. However, there were tens of thousands of people at the main Lee family, and they had complete control over the land, mines, and resources. This family was more than a hundred times bigger than the Lee family in Green Leaf Village! He was regarded as a talent and even a genius in the Green Leaf Village side branch. However, he was regarded as a lowly outer disciple and one of the lowest level cultivators for his age here at the Lee sect. One day, Chang's left eye fuses with the eye of an Ancient God, causing him to transform into a dragon. - This event marks the beginning of Lee's transformation into a renowned grower. Lee Chang begins his journey as a tiny ant at the bottom of the world. - Over time, he rises in power and prestige, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles along the way. - He encounters powerful ancient clans, influential sects, and countless geniuses who both test and inspire him. Motivated by his transformation and his growing power, Chang becomes determined to pursue legend. - He sets his sights on reaching new heights and achieving unparalleled success. - The story ends with Chang standing at the pinnacle of his power and influence, having become a legendary figure in his own right. Overall, the story of Lee Chang is one of transformation and rising to great heights through perseverance, determination, and an unyielding spirit.


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