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Mated to My Best Friend's Alpha Dad

Mated to My Best Friend's Alpha Dad

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"Nathan," the attractive redhead gasped as the man raked his fingers through her long hair, his fingers gripped at her hips while he took her savagely from behind "Fuck me harder," she begged "I want you..." Red hair, slender figure, and light makeup - these have always been Nathan's demands for Freya, asking her to dye her hair red, telling her to lose weight, and suggesting how to wear her makeup. Closing the video on her phone, Freya Wilson reread the text on the email to which the footage was attached: 'Before you get married, you should watch this video,' What would you do if you received the erotic video involving your soon-to-be husband and other women before your wedding? In a bold move, Freya chose to reject her ex at the wedding and then leave the pack, even though the cost is becoming a rogue. When Freya was taken in and offered sanctuary by the Highland Pack, thanks to her dear friend Sienna, she believed her life was finally on an upswing. Little did Freya know that the Alpha of the Pack, Rufus Crimson was her mate. But there is one small issue, her best friend Sienna is the daughter of Freya's fated mate! Will Rufus accept Freya as his mate, her being the same age as his daughter? Or will they have to reject each other?

Chapter 1 Unexpected Video

Freya's POV

"Nathan," the attractive redhead gasped as the man raked his fingers through her long hair, his fingers gripped at her hips while he took her savagely from behind "Fuck me harder," she begged "I want you,"

I recognised the grunts of Nathan as he pounded the woman, his face red with the effort "You're so tight!" he exclaimed "I want you too," I could tell from his face he was about to explode inside her. It was an expression I had experienced a while ago, but never with this much passion.

It wasn't long before Nathan did exactly that, forcing himself deep inside her as his fingers dug into her flesh "Fuck!" He grunted as he released inside the redhead.

Today was meant to be what was traditionally perceived as the happiest moment of a woman's life, her wedding day. But now, at this very moment, hours before I was due to walk down the aisle, I was witnessing my husband to be, having sex with another woman.

Closing the video on my phone, I read the text on the email in which the footage was attached.

- Before you get married, you should watch this video. -

I had to talk to Nathan and call this wedding off before it was too late. What I had witnessed was unforgivable, even if this marriage had been arranged, this was the last straw. I was tired of living in a loveless and controlling relationship, let alone the embarrassment of knowing Nathan was having an affair.

Leaving my bridal suite, I cautiously stepped down the hallway, heading for Nathan's suite.

'But what do I say?' I asked my wolf Elara for her wisdom 'How do I approach this conversation?' My heart pounded in my chest with nerves.

'Just be honest, Freya,' Elara replied calmly 'Say what's in your heart, the truth hurts sometimes, but Nathan isn't good enough for us,'

I took a deep breath and knocked on Nathan's door.

"Yes?" Nathan asked from behind the door, so I entered his room, closing the door behind me. I didn't want anyone else to know what I was about to say to him.

"Freya," Nathan spoke with little enthusiasm, I stood before him wearing my beautiful wedding gown. It hugged my curvaceous figure perfectly while the fishtail style draped at my feet. But Nathan didn't react, my heart sank "What do you want? Isn't it bad luck to see you before we get married?"

"Luck has nothing to do with it," I replied, a frown forming on my brow.

Nathan appeared handsome in his tailored black suit, his dark hair neatly styled to one side, but I noticed in his hand he held a glass of brown liquid. I assumed whisky.

"Well?" Nathan asked, taking a sip of his drink "Hurry up, you're cutting into my drinking time,"

"I don't think we should be married, Nathan," I released my words as they formed in my head "We just aren't right for each other,"

Nathan laughed "Freya, I don't think our parents really give a shit if we're the perfect match. They want us to be married, so let's just get it over with,"

"I can't," I said, my voice shaking "I feel so alone with you, you barely show me any affection. When's the last time we had sex?"

"You know I've not been in the mood for sex with my workload, Freya," Nathan rolled his eyes, showing little sympathy for my needs.

Anger boiled inside me, I knew his lies "We haven't had sex because you're off fucking other women!" my voice rose with my fury "You know I turn a blind eye to your cheating and sexual escapades with your sluts, but I'm not settling for it any longer. I deserve better,"

Nathan laughed again, this time it echoed around the suite "Freya, you are nothing without me," He approached me, taking the rest of his drink and as he swallowed, he threw the glass to the ground "I give you everything you need, money, nice clothes, fancy places to eat," he paused, grabbing my arm "Take this dress for example, if it weren't for me, you couldn't dream of affording this designer piece,"

"You're sick," I responded, trying to tug my arm from his grip but he was too strong "Let me leave!"

"Like you would leave," Nathan grunted "You're here because of my wealthy father, to live the life you think you deserve. There's a reason you were born to poverty, I wish our parents never arranged for this marriage, but here we are,"

"I wish I had never met you," I spat my words "Let go of me! I won't let you control me any longer!"

Nathan's grip grew stronger, and I felt his fingers begin to bruise me "Freya, I could fuck a thousand women and you would still marry me, you need me. You'll never leave me because I make your life easy,"

"Is that what you think of me, Nathan?" I asked, my jaw clenched through the pain of his tight grip "That I am your puppet to manipulate? Tell me what to do and how to do it?" I was tired of Nathan controlling me, ordering me to live my life as he wished, I felt like I was losing my own free thinking.

"You've never been satisfied with me, Nathan," I said "Making me dye my hair red, telling me to lose weight, and how to wear my makeup. Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not yours to own and dress up how you like,"

"Yes," Nathan smirked "That's what you are to me, I can do with you what I like, you're here to satisfy me," he paused as he released his grip on me "Now go back to your room and finish getting ready for the ceremony, I want this to be over with as soon as possible,"

I had tried but failed. Closing my eyes I pictured the video once more. Who was this woman? I could tell Nathan was so satisfied by her, even by his reactions. She was his perfect beauty. Flaming red hair, a slim figure, even her make up I noticed was subtle and not like the wild style I preferred.

"Fine," I said, opening my eyes as Nathan's blue eyes pierced into me "I'll see you at the altar, Nathan Luddington,"

Chapter 2 Runaway Bride

Freya's POV

The hours had passed and it wasn't long before I was walking down the aisle. I imagined my wedding day to be different to this, for once I thought seeing my groom at the altar would bring me love and happiness. I felt nothing but sickness and hate toward Nathan.

My mind was a blur as the ceremony continued, the Officiant was talking, but I wasn't registering her words. It was then I recognised the particular words I was waiting for.

"Do you, Freya Rose Wilson, take Nathan Jordan Luddington to be your husband?"

'No. No, we do not!' Elara barked in my mind.

"No," I said out loud as I locked eyes with Nathan. His face dropped from the shock, the gasps of the guests who came to watch us marry, echoed around the hall.

"What are you doing?" Nathan asked in disbelief "Stop being a little brat and get it done with,"

"I will not marry you Nathan Jordan Luddington!" I raised my voice so everyone could hear "I do not take you as my husband!

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