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Sonii Naaz

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About me

My name is Sonii Naaz, and my 18-year journey into the world of writing has been nothing short of thrilling. My literary adventure began when I discovered the enthralling art of storytelling in my early years. My writings construct vivid narratives that transport you to regions where love thrives and adventure beckons. Using my mind as a conduit, I create beautiful realms that entangle your emotions. Join me in exploring unexplored worlds of romance, suspense, and imaginative landscapes.


Under The Moonlight: Alpha's Bride
  • Author: Sonii Naaz
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 4.1K
  • 7.5

I could feel the heat of his body on me because he was so close. When my heart was about to explode, sweat was all over my body. when my legs gave out on me. "I said leave me alone," I yelled through my lungs as I was struggling to breathe. "Sssshhhhh....."  When he leaned closer to my ear, he was serene. "It's fine with me even if you don't love me; I'm not going to ask you to love me; I just want you around me because you're my bride and only I have a right to you," he explained. "So I chose death over being with you," I spat a bitter truth while daring to look him in the eyes, which triggered him even more. "Then die," he said shamelessly. -------------- Sansa Elsher was taken on her wedding day by an Alpha Xavier, who claimed her as his bride by the law of pronouncement of wonder, the law from which she was bound by him even before she was born. To save her lover, Logan, she pretended to be Xavier's wife and was forced to accept him as her mate. Things got worse when Sansa's twisted fate brought her true mate right in front of her, whom she can't deny or accept at the same time. This is the first book in the series; the second book, "Under The Moonlight: Alpha's Bride 2," is now available.

Under the Moonlight: Alpha's Bride 2
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"I crave your touch; I abandoned everything to be with you," she explained, "but why haven't you touched me yet, especially now that I'm your bride?" "You want to satisfy your body's urges," he said sulkily. "I love you," she said through tears, leaning in for a kiss. "Not so fast, honey; you're my bride, not the woman I love," he said shamelessly, brushing her hair away from his face. ------------------------------- Sansa Elsher alternates between the past and the present, taking calculated risks to liberate herself from Alpha Xavier. He not only spoiled her dream wedding, but he also bound her with the law "The Pronouncement of Wonder." Her purpose is to travel back in time and change the future by eliminating Alpha Xavier. However, changing her harsh present is no easy task. Will she win and create a life full of love and sincerity, breaking free from Xavier's suffocating grip? Her journey through time is fraught with difficulties and unforeseen events. This is the second book of the "Under The Moonlight: Alpha's Bride" series.


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