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***This is 2 books in 1*** Book one: Annie Fisher is an awkward teenage girl who was bullied her whole life because of her nerdy looking glasses and awkward personality. She thought once she starts high school, people will finally leave her alone. But she was wrong as she caught the eye of none other than Evan Green. Who decided to bully her into making his errand girl. Will she ever escape him? Or is Evan going to ruin her entire high school experience? Book two: hane Clark has a secret: he cannot stand his best friend's little sister, Annie Garcia. There's just something about this girl that really bothers him. As her brother's best friend, Shane is supposed to feel protective of her by proxy, but he just can't do it. She bugs him. Her very existence annoys him. In the eyes of everyone else, Shane Clark is a model student: kind, polite, respectful of everyone, and seems friendly of everyone. But not for Annie. For the last few years, Shane has been her constant tormentor, as though he spends every night thinking up of ways to psychologically and emotionally torture her and Annie doesn't understand it. In front of everyone else, Shane is perfectly nice to her. But when it's just the two of them, the warfare commences. That's why she's decided to do the opposite: be so nice to him that he either leaves her alone or he snaps and does something publicly so that everyone will know Shane is secretly a raging, chauvinistic psycho.


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