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Marry with the ruthless billionaire

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For the sake of her family's business, Bella is forced to break up with her boyfriend to marry the wealthiest CEO in the country. She never wanted this to happen, she even hated the man she would be her husband to. However, Bella constantly burdens her family, which is her only chance to help her parents. But she never knew that her fiancé didn't marry her out of love. Iron - who has a grudge against Bella's family because of something that happened in the past. He planned so he could get revenge. This arranged marriage will be part of his revenge plan. However, he never thought that love would stop him in his journey of revenge. When he finally learns to love again, the things that hurt him in the past begin to haunt him.

Chapter 1 Wedding 1

Sunday morning.

Quiet space until a busy group of people pass by. They are preparing everything for an upcoming wedding ceremony at a church located in the downtown area.

Marriage is holy and sacred before God. It will be a moment where the two say their vows before God, promising to be faithful to each other until death separates them. A woman always wishes to have a wedding ceremony at least once in her life - where she becomes the queen of the day and that day is her happy wedding day.

It will be a happy day for both the bride and the groom as the wedding ceremony is a solemn event, marking a new milestone in the life of the couple. It is celebrated with a cozy, intimate, beautiful atmosphere with lots of fun and love.

Bella never thought that she would marry one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country, a young billionaire with such charisma that millions of girls go crazy for him.

After tonight, Bella will officially become someone's wife and there will be no way for her to run away from this wedding. Yes. She wants to run away from her wedding so much that she feels suffocated because the ceremony will begin soon. But she knows she can't do it.

Being the wife of a rich man may be every girl's dream but for Bella, she is never happy knowing that she will marry a man she does not love. You don't have to marry a rich person to have a happy life.

The rich man Bella is about to marry is not a human being to her but a cold iceberg. A giant and bulky iceberg, that person never even smiled when people greeted him.

"Bella. Are you okay?"

Bella turned around and discovered that it was her mother. "I never thought this day would come so soon. You're getting married and you're so beautiful in that wedding dress. My little daughter, you've grown up." Mrs. Jolie looked at her daughter and stroked her cheek gently as the tears almost flowed down.

Bella couldn't help but cry. "Don't say that. No matter what happens, I will always be your little daughter and father." She hugs her mother tightly because she doesn't know what her life will be like after marrying that cold ice. Nothing can guarantee that man will bring her happiness.

Mrs. Jolie patted Bella's back. "Don't cry. It will ruin your makeup."

Bella quickly wiped her tears and smiled sincerely, trying her best to look good when the truth was that she was never okay with this marriage.

Bella already has a boyfriend and she has no choice but to break up with him. The only thing that she considers from marrying that iceberg is that he is the only one who can save her father's company or the company will go bankrupt.

This is not fair, isn't it? Why should she sacrifice her own happiness for the success of her father's company? But, at least, this is her only chance to be a filial daughter to her parents.

"Bella, I'm going to have to go out now because the ceremony is about to start. Get ready, okay? I love you so much." Mrs. Jolie said.

Bella only responded to her mother with a nod.

Right after her mother went out, there was a commotion. The next thing Bella heard was a loud knock on the door. She widened her eyes in surprise as she looked towards the door. "Paul." She muttered.

Without saying a word, Paul grabbed Bella's hand, trying to pull her out of the dressing room.

"What are you doing?" Bella asked, still a bit startled and it was a bit annoying for her because she was currently wearing her wedding dress.

Paul's eyes widened in annoyance. "Do you know what you're doing now? If I knew you were going to marry Iron, I would never have let you go. That man is an asshole and you can't expect anything from him. Your life will be ruined if you become his wife." He was really angry.

Bella bit her lip as she tried to digest what Paul had just said. He might be right. "So what else can I do? The future of my father's business is in his hands. I can't do anything but agree to this marriage. If God has destined me to live in pain I have to live in pain. suffering with that man, I accept as long as he can save my family, the rest, I don't mind. Previously, I could not help my parents, on the contrary, I caused a lot of trouble for my parents and this is my only chance to save them."

"You've lost your mind. Are you willing to sacrifice your life for money? Forget it, Bella. Run away with me. We still have time." Paul tries to convince her.

Bella seems to be having second thoughts. Run and hide? Can she? She knows well how ruthless Iron is, how many times he has dealt with her father just for money. Will their family be okay if she suddenly disappears from this wedding?

Before she could make her decision, the footsteps of a man entering the changing room echoed in their ears. Footsteps are very calm and conspicuous.

Both Bella and Paul turned to look. They all looked dumbfounded when they saw the owner of the footsteps.

The man stopped at the door and he didn't seem surprised to see Bella and Paul together.

"I heard an intruder was making a fuss. I guess that's you." He said emotionlessly.

Paul scanned this person from head to toe. Everything he wears is expensive. He's wearing a tailored suit from designer Desmond Merrion, which is said to be one of the most expensive suits in the world. Paul looked down and discovered that the jewels on this man's outfit were shining with ruby ​​around it and diamonds in the middle. Paul moved to his wrist and he saw a classy Rolex watch. Paul scanned again and saw glittering beads all over Iron's shoes. Apparently, it comes from designer Christian Louboutin. Billionaires usually wear like this?

Chapter 2 Wedding 2

"Mr. Iron." Bella didn't know what words to use to describe this kind of situation, but she understood well that this wasn't going to be okay. She was afraid that Iron misunderstood the situation.

"Not what you think, I..." Before she could even try to explain, Iron stopped her.

"Run away," Iron said. His expression was calm but dangerous. He didn't show any anger on his face nor in the tone of his talk. The tone of his talk was quite emotionless to the point that it was like he didn't care what he had seen before.

Iron crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall near the door, eyes still fixed on both Bella and Paul. "You two really want to run away, don't you? Let's do it. My time is limited so I don't spend time on unimportant things like this." He said arrogantly.

Paul was surprised and dumbfounded. This scene never crossed his mind. He thought Iron would get mad an


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