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I'd rather poke my eye with a burning stick than have sex with you" Wendy Sullivan spat, frowning as she saw a smirk appear on Aero's lips. "Too bad you're gonna lose an eye. Because trust me, I am going to have sex with you," Aero replied with a smug look on his face, making Wren's face flush with anger. ******** Wendy Sullivan is a twenty-four-year-old working as a call girl in the most famous spot in South Castle. Her life takes a turn at the age of eighteen when she has to take care of her sick mom. She makes the greatest mistake of her life by taking a loan from the town's drug lord, as he takes no pity on his debtors. Now at twenty-four, selling herself for money is the only thing Wendy knows how to do, and doesn't care about being the talk of the town for her 'skills in the bedroom'. Aero Villafuentes never liked South Castle, so, as soon as he had the chance, he moved to a bigger city to start afresh. Now at twenty-eight, Aero has made a name for himself and is considered one of the wealthiest men in South Castle. When Wendy Sullivan finds out that her teenage sweetheart Aero Villafuentes is back in South Castle, she knows her world is about to be ramshackled. She vows to stay clear off him, given how he left her when she needed him the most. But with a town as small as South Castle, where rumours fly faster than a bolt of lightening, how long can Wendy Sullivan stay mad at Aero, when her heart still yearned for him? -------

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“Don’t you get it, my little flower? I own every bit of you. Every. Single. Bit. Anyone who looks at you, I’ll pluck off their eyes. Anyone who touches you, I’ll cut off their hands. Anyone who breaths the same air as you, I’ll cut off their nose. And for everyone who has been inside you, be certain I’ll chop off their dicks and shove down their throat” I watch a sinister smile make its way to his face as he spoke, his hold on my neck tightened, making it difficult for me to breath. “Now, be a good girl Zinnia, and take my d*ck” ****** In a world where morality blurs and alliances shift like sand, Reed Dammington remains a constant force—a living legend in the gritty realm of bounty hunting, where survival depends on wit, skill, and an unyielding will to pursue justice, no matter the cost. By night, Twenty-four year old Zinnia Levine isa bartender, navigating the ebb and flow of patrons' stories while keeping her own guarded. Her chosen profession becomes both refuge and battleground. At first sight, Reed is obsessed with Zinnia and would stop at nothing to make her his. Slowly, Zinnia learns that there is more to Reed than just slitting people's neck. With him, she finds out more about herself and what she yearns. Her discoveries makes her understand that they are alike. More than she had expected. ********* WARNING I CARE FOR YOUR SANITY. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTS. IT CONTAINS REALLY DARK SCENES (DEGRADATION, DUBIOUS CONSENT AND CONCENSUAL NOT CONSENT). READ AT YOUR DETRIMENT. OH, AND LEAVE A COMMENT. THANKS!! --------


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