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Mmesoma Blessing

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Slave to the Ruthless Master
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Damien; The Ruthless and Merciless Master of the Guthram clan; the biggest and the most powerful clan among the seven clans of the Carran community. Anyone who goes against his words and rules dies in a twinkle of an eye and he would turned their daughters to his sex slaves and wifes to labourers. The male children among them, wiped off to end the generation of the offender. Nothing gave him joy more than Wars, swords and Blood shedding. Mercy was no where near his books. The villagers serve and worships him as their god. Nobody dared to utter a word when he spoke. They all trembled at the mention of the name DAMIEN. All that and more was he until he met her and she slowly melted his cold stoned heart. Galene- just like the meaning of her name; peace, she slowly brought peace and serenity to his burning heart. Sold to him by her drunk and gambler father, Naive, beautiful and endowed was she. Just like molten lava, she melted him and brought out the human in him.

Stole From The Alpha
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  • ⭐ 8.2

"I want you all to search every nook and cranny of that city. Get me that girl… alive. I want to torture her myself?", Jax roared in anger. How dare she? Does she think he's dumb not to know she was the one? She must be really dumb but he must confess, she was really a smart and scheming fellow to be able to pull that off. * * Aurora a 23 years old werewolf from the Blood moon pack who lives in the slums with her mother and younger sister, in order to provide for her poor mother and her sister's education she started doing petty crimes from the like of stealing from their neighbors and picking pockets. She was successfully going scot-free with her crimes till she got hooked when she stole the wallet of Jax, A ruthless and Merciless Alpha who happens to be her pack's Alpha. (She had no idea). What happens when she had to finally return home to the pack due to her mother's sickness and met the man she stole his wallet as her supposed Alpha? Read on to find out!!!.

Mated To The Alpha I Hate
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  • ⭐ 8.7

"You are mine alone and no one else would have you" Jayden the school's well known bully and an unrepentant playboy shrieked at her and she frowned anger seething through her. "Point of correction, I would never be yours so get that into your thick stupid skull". "Get away from me for I have a have a boyfriend who awaits me" Rhoda yelled at him pushing him off and walking away from his sight. * * * Jayden was the school's head bully. Once you refused to sleep with him, he would bully you till you succumbed. In Rhoda's case, she was strong headed and refused to be affected by his bullies. She ignored him and bare whatever thing he does to her as long as he never saw her panties. She was finally happy she when they entered their final class as would soon be freed from his bully but it looked like the moon goddess hated her and would never let her be happy "so she thought". Rhoda's world crumbled the day she finally turned 18 and discovered that her boyfriend Luca who had been with her ever since she was 8 wasn't his mate, rather it was Jayden whom she dreaded. Jayden was grateful as the strong headed girl would finally melt in his hands. But was Luca who rejected his mate a year ago for his girlfriend ever going to allow Jayden have what was his? Would Rhoda ever accept Jayden as her mate? Would Jayden be letting her go just because they might refuse? Read on to find out in this fantastic novel.


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