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  • Author: Hemme-E
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.6K
  • 9.3

(Mature) His lips crashed down on mine in a hungry kiss, and I found myself pulling him closer to me. By now his hot body was firmly close to me and I swear i could feel his hardness bulging against me he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him and d*mn he was huge from there there. ........... Sierra Lane was out for a fresh start. After finding her fiance in bed with a close friend she'd packed up and moved out of the city, promising herself she was going on a break from men. She'd endured one too many heartbreaks and she was finally done. Or so she thought. Her plans blurred in no time. The last person she could possibly be with turned out to be the one she wanted the most. He was way out of her league. Apart from being a billionaire CEO and single dad, he was also her boss. She would have been content hiding in the shadows and denying her attraction to him. If he hadn't made it his mission to have her. *** Jayden Grey could not remember the last time he'd felt the burning desire to be with a woman. Until her. He wasn't sure why he wanted her so much that everything else came second. He figured it could be the fact that his son seemed to have formed a special bond with her. Or maybe it was because she had showed up in his life at a point in his life where he needed her the most. Or maybe it was the fact that just the thought of her made him hard. He wanted her. Badly. And even though she was determined to resist him, he was even more determined to have her. Mind, body and soul. He loved a good chase after all. It was only a matter of time before he had her exactly as he wanted. Permanently his.

Book cover
Book cover
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  • 9.8

Daisy - Her parents sold her as a child to gain money, and locked into a life under contracts she finds herself sold from one owner to the next. Her final owner: Dean, uses her in a way none of her previous owners have, and his gambling addiction has the whole house of slaves moving from city to city. Their final stop is in the Devil's city, and there is where Daisy first meets Demitri Devil, and he learns that Dean is not the man that his brothers want in their city. However, Daisy isn't weak and isn't afraid to fight for what she wants. Demitri Devil - Meets Daisy at a brothel, where he pays extensive amounts to have her. Only once in the room, he isn't after s*x, instead, he asks her why she is doing it, telling her there surely is another way. He never goes there to buy women but to try to show them they can survive another way. Only he is stunned to find out Daisy makes no money from her time in those rooms. The second time he finds her there, she looks ready to drop and surprises his brothers when he arrives home with her for the night. Marcello Devil - He told Demitri he was crazy for bringing her home and buying her for the night to give her a break. Only he goes one further and he finds her in another business, he offers her a week away from Dean. Dean is all too pleased to take the money. Calix Devil - Seems to be the only one making his brothers realise they can't keep paying to keep Daisy for the weekend to get rest, but that goes wrong when they decide to buy her whole contract.

Book cover
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  • 8.3

Book 1 : “She looks delightful,” the alpha’s voice dropped a note, making Anastasia flustered. She finally deflected her gaze away from the alpha . The alpha’s face still looked angry, yet his words suggested he wasn’t. Does he just never look happy? “We found her, our mate.” “8 f*ck*ng years,” the other alpha hummed. “We waited for you for 8 years. Now that you are finally in front of us, I can see why. Perfection cannot be rushed and there is no omega like you.” “Perfect,” the other repeated back, face still buried in her scent gland. Anastasia only ever wanted to feel safe. She got more than he bargained for when he ran away from his cruel father and even crueler intended mate her father sold her to Book 2: Sylvia becomes a mail Order bride travels to meet her new husband, Xander, and marry him on the very same day. But, once there she discovers that he is set to marry twins. Book 3 : Pregnant for a man who seduced her and then abandoned her, Eden had only one idea in mind: to demand reparation. But when she arrives in London to confront him, after a long difficult trip, Eden is left dismayed: the father of her unborn pup had disappeared. His title of viscount, his lands, are now the property of his brother, the taciturn Ian Boyle. A surprise that hides another: because Ian, who does not compromise with the honor of his name, orders Eden to marry him when he discovers that she is expecting a child. A white marriage that would save appearances? No. Faced with the burning look that Ian puts on her, Eden guesses that this proposal will not be without a counterpart or compromise


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