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About me

Dear Readers, I am an author who specializes in crafting captivating stories. When you open the pages of my books, you'll step into worlds of wonder, encounter unforgettable characters, and experience adventures that will keep you eagerly turning each page. Whether you're in the mood for excitement, reflection, or a good laugh, I'm here to take you on a literary journey you won't forget. Imagine me at my writing desk, a cup of coffee within arm's reach, and my ever-discerning cat by my side, offering her furry insights. So, fasten your seatbelt, for I'm about to transport you into the realm of my imagination, where the only limit is the vast horizon of our shared creativity if you give my characters an unbiased chance to familiarize yourself with them. They're imperfect like us and would make lots of bad and stupid decisions, you'll hate and love them but the most important thing is that they learn from their mistakes and grow from it. Welcome to my literary world. Let's embark on this enchanting journey together through the magic of storytelling.


To tame a wild
  • 👁 498
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Mikayla Theresa Roberts, a fiery and independent woman, finds her life on a collision course with Lucas von Steele, a notorious billionaire Casanova. Their path clashed when Mikayla came into his establishment for an interview, Lucas claimed their path had crossed in a rather memorable encounter, Mikayla claimed she doesn't remember an encounter of such, or does she???. Annoyed that the night that had been memorable enough for him to search for her was not even even a blip on her radar, Lucas devises a tantalizing plan. He hires Mikayla, not just for the job, but to unravel the mystery shrouding her as a woman. In their world of power plays and hidden desires, sparks fly and chemistry ignites as they embark on a dangerous game of hide and seek. Will Mikayla and Lucas succumb to the allure of their emotions, or will the web of secrets and betrayals threaten to tear them apart? In a story where love and ambition collide, mysteries abound, and passion knows no bounds, "To tame a wild" is a sizzling, heart-pounding romance that will leave you craving for more.


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