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Alpha Kacy

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I could feel his hot breath on my face as he stood over me making me feel small and scared "Mate" the alpha growled through clenched teeth I began to panic and he had to be wrong I was just a human I had no wolf "No I can't be you must be wrong It's impossible" The fear was thick I'm my voice "No! Your mine" alpha said grabbing me around the waist and pulling me flush against his chest He bent his face into the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply I shivered at the feeling of our bodies'electricity engulfing me and pulling a moan from my lips. "See little mate I know you feel it"

Chapter 1

Fate and life must have a sense of humor, I was born burned and broken and I would die the same, Because I was Born without a wolf in a family of werewolves destiny’s plaything, so, to the entire pack I was an outcast. small timid insignificant useless trash.

In a pack of supposed warriors they would force me to train constantly,I know it was just an excuse to beat me. broken and abused by my pack my Alpha would do nothing, and by the sneer and disgust that flashed across his face every time he laid eyes on me I knew he would like nothing more than to join in. it was a fun game to them, f*ck with the human kid. I had no single Ally or friend, I was a pariah, a blemish on the face of this perfect pack. Unloved and unwanted wolfless Omega.It didn't help that my parents were killed in a rogue attack when I was ten. The only other family I had was my older brother and he was taken in by a family that was close with my father. Daniel, he had promise, he had the strength and most importantly he had a wolf.

The moment I found out of my parents' deaths I was thrown out on the streets like trash, the home I had known my whole life being burned to the ground by hateful village people, I had nothing, not even a picture to remember my mother and father. I ended up living off the scraps my brother could manage to sneak me from time to time, it's all he could do.

One frozen frost covered night, Alpha's wife took pity on me when she pulled me out of the pack house dumpster. I had been looking for food and she allowed me to sleep in the basement of the pack house, after explaining that she wasn't doing this out of kindness. Luna told me I could stay as long as I took on the job of the maid and cook, cleaning up after- and feeding the warriors that live at the pack house. I was given a chance, and room for myself, it was just a closet but it was all I had, one mirror, one shelf and a pile of pillows and a blanket, but it was still mine.I was allowed to attend school at the age of thirteen, but I had to stay at the back of the class and keep quiet, and sitting with my forehead sleepily pressed to the cool desk in front of me years later I wish I hadn't started school at all."Miss Blackwell please pay attention to the board you already have enough against you as it is, you can't afford to be stupid" said my English lit teacher Mrs. Bennett was a stern looking woman with white blonde hair and I would think she was pretty if she didn't wear a hateful look on her face 24/7, she was the mate to the Beta Mr. Bennett or Beta Jackson, so I understand you would need to keep your guard up all the time to bear that man's personality."my bad Mrs. Bennett I didn't get to sleep last night" I spoke with a yawn, I had been up all night scrubbing the huge dining room after a few of the men got carried away and fought causing a bigger mess for me to clean up, I was glad we didn't have a test today cuz God knows I didn't have time to study. plus the fact that I was failing every single class I was in anyway, school was hard for me.

I didn't even really know how to read till I was 14, it wasn't one of my strengths. I was in my final year at 18 and in a few weeks I would be 19, then it wouldn't matter because I would be free, free to run away free to do whatever I wanted because I had no wolf they couldn't force me to stay nor did I think they wanted me to anyway, bet they couldn't wait for me to be gone, my favorite thing about leaving was they can't me rouge I would just be human and I could join the human world, the human world sounded like heaven.

"Okay class remember at the end of this week is SATs" I groaned internally I wouldn't be getting a diploma, and finding a job would be pretty difficult without one but my brother, my Golden boy brother said he would help as much as he could, he suggested that I apply to work at a place called McDonald's, saying it would be easy and would be a living wage.Everyone got up and practically ran out the door, the sound for chairs slamming into desks filled the room.Today was Friday and while for most people that would be a relief, to me it was like a threat of death, because even with the last bell I had more class. The last class of the day, unfortunately, was training.

I don't have super strength nor unnatural speed. It was hard for me to keep up and the bruises took months to heal unlike everyone else. I didn't understand why they wanted me to train but I'm pretty sure it was just to torture me.I didn't waste any time heading out the door and down the long hallway lockers filling each wall. I come up to mine putting in my combination and unceremoniously throwing my books and papers inside. The walk to the training grounds wasn't terribly long but I knew the cost of being late and tried not to take any more time. On the way to my destination I reached the halfway point, a huge glass mirrored wall in our school's hallway.

I turn to look at myself and hated everything I saw, 5'2 about 110 lb sopping wet, dull lifeless brown hair that was more split ends then actual hair, bad skin caused by lack of access to vitamins and skincare products, and to top it all off sad green eyes with dark purple bags under them. d*mn ugly and wolfless I was the package deal. also being born in late September I was a year older than everyone I had already passed the time to go to shift and to find my mate, I pray every night to the moon goddess to please let me be mateless I knew what would happen, he would see me we would lock eyes and he would profusely vomit into the grass and royally reject I made my way through the big glass double doors to the huge arena-like training grounds in the middle of the school I could hear the boys pushing each other and laughing and punching, they were such a joy to be around not, dumping my bag by the bleachers and pulling my ironic wolf hoodie over my head.Today I decided to tie my hair up in a bun knowing if I let it down they would pull it for fun, the bell ringing overhead to signal it was time for the abuse, it was time for unneeded punishment, bring it on baby, I needed to mentally hype myself up each time.

looking over to the center of the arena I saw that today's teacher was none other than the Alpha himself Alpha Zak he was a horrible man but the man had an aura around him an unearthly beauty, rusty brown locks that frame his face perfectly, brown chocolate eyes with flecks of green it reminds me of the forests i played in as a child, sun darkened skin that is only achieved from years of basking under is soft warm rays, wild looking traditional style tattoos covered most of his skin across his chest and arms.He had a small thin scar that trailed from his hairline down to his chin and boy did it just make him look sexier. I hated the thought.

"All right pups circle up! Everybody gather around and I have an announcement to make!." Alpha zak yelled over us all showing his dominant aura.I tried to hide in the back but of course, it beat the sh*t out of Sammy Day."Sammy, come on out front and center, don't be shy, let's go, we haven't all day" Alpha yelled and then the hooping and hollering and jeering started happening. I felt like the bearded lady at a freak show."as you all well know our friend Sammy here is not like the rest of us". Alpha said to the crowd gesturing to me like I was an object and not a person."yeah, you got that right freak". screamed a boy from the back, what an *ssh*l*."hush!" yelled Alpha he hated to be spoken over, I tried to hide my face by pulling my hood up over my head. "anyway as I was saying our friend Sammy here is going to be helping us today, as you all know in the next few months I will be stepping down as Alpha And are in need of a successor to my, line as me and Luna Brittany cannot have our own pups" a hush fell over all of us Luna Brittany not being able to conceive was a very touchy subject for him. It was quite rare for bonded mates blessed by the moon to not be able to have pups. "I and Luna have decided to in so many words adopt" I stood there next to him not understanding what this had to do with me? cuz I knew d*mn well that it wasn't me he was talking about.

"Samantha, can you be a darling and go open the door?" great I was just Alpha's door holder. it's probably all I was good for in his eyes I walked up to open the frosted glass doors, i felt a lump forming in my air way. My saliva growing thick, whatever Zak had planned couldn't be pleasant if he was getting me involved i almost couldn't bring myself to open the door i had to force myself to even touch it it felt cold underhand when i finally began to ease it forward and much to my surprise standing behind it with shaggy brown gold hair high cheekbones and dark brown eyes the mirror of my own was daniel and everything finally came together.

"Over here right in the center let's go Daniel" Alpha called him over and at that moment all I felt was a dark rage not only had they all taken away my dignity but now my brother,he flashed me a loving smile while passing, i was silently seething." Daniel Blackwell here will be taking over the name of Raven blood. He has been tested, he has been tried and he's been chosen by me and Luna to one day be Alpha of the SilverMoon pack" explained Alpha Zak with a proud smile plastered on his monstrous face, so I silently walked to the back of the group hiding myself in between my taller classmates."Sammy come here... .come here!" Daniel spoke softly to me so no one else could hear him. He was giving me a silent plea but I ignored him turning my back to the whole show the Alpha was creating, I shot back one more glance at my a traitor of a brother, whispering back at him. Hopefully he would get the hint and leave me be.

"No, are you crazy I'm staying right here." i gave him one quick stomp, but i guess he had had enough of my sour attitude because

Daniel finally just walked over and grabbed me by the back of my hood like I was a small wet cat and carried me into the middle, setting me back on my feet where he and Alpha were standing, making me a spectacle of everyone."Thank you Alpha Zak. I would also like to say that as I am in training to be your future Alpha I've decided to sponsor another pack member. Sammy will begin training in the next few weeks to be our human lycan diplomat" spoke Daniel with a wide sh*t-eating grin on his face as I stood there mouth wide open. what the f*ck.

"And now to celebrate this occasion Daniel and I have decided to be hosting a pack bonfire tomorrow night you're all invited. We've also invited the two neighboring packs Moonfairie and BlackDawn" great, a party.The training was f*ck*d *p.zak had me paired with the Gamma's daughter who is huge and wayyyyy over muscled she beat me to a pulp, I had sores and bruises in places I didn't know I could be bruised and it didn't help Dan standing there just cheering me on, I hope he falls in a hole, what a complete f*ck head, but even tho i was pretty mad at him for not tell me sooner about becoming Alpha, it was hard not to feel proud of him , he would be a great Alpha i already know. He's kind and level headed he will make this pack better than the Alpha before him.Heading out the front doors of the school to walk down the path back to the pack house where I should already have started on my chores and just be done with this day but I guess the goddess had other plans, I was stopped by one of God's loveliest creatures in the world, at least that's what she thought. Miss Darlene diamond.

God I hate her she's one of those women who believes that her farts smell like roses and men should worship the ground she walks on. She was the same age as me, 18 and she somehow had already found her mate, he was a college boy in one of the neighboring pack's Moonfarie. This was her senior year, and she was going to make it everyone's problem."hey, halfwit trash! I heard about Danny" She smiled evilly at me.I just kept walking, ignoring her was the best option. I had been hit enough for one day."Get back here you little sl*t!" shouted Darlene.running and pushing me to the ground, I fell forward, and just like that my feet came up from under me and my face connected gracefully with the concrete sidewalk making a wet smacking sound causing me to see stars, "oh sh*t my bad, did that hurt??" said Darlene, her voice heavy with sarcasm.groaning I rolled over and held my nose which was most definitely broken, blood was gushing like a water fountain down my broken face, and in between my fingers and onto my chest, I choked out a sob. Goddess f*ck that hurts, I started to see little black dots blinking in and out of my vision. my eyes began to water I felt like I was going into a tunnel I was losing a lot of blood,"Awe, is the little baby human going to cry?" teased Darlene then she bent down and pushed my forehead back and my body fell into the grass."F*ck Dar I think you went I bit too far," one of her little fanboys said with a giggle it was followed my cackling from her little posse, like that movie with the hyenas.I decided just to lay back into the grass in defeat. I knew I was going to pass out. I could feel myself losing consciousness so might as well just let it happen, just as I was about to close my eyes Darlene walked over and stood over top of me."Oh baby let me help you," she said with sarcasm dripping in her voice, and then she hocked a giant loogie right into my face. perfect. oh and there goes gravity I felt like I fell through a giant hole and everything went black" f*ck me ughhhhh".

Chapter 2

I woke up on the ground covered in mud and blood, I had no clue what time it was or how long I had been out. I know I looked like a mess, I groaned loudly and struggled to get to my knees.

"ughhh shit i'm dying, my ears are ringing and my face hurts like hell, holy cow" I attempted to stand but my body felt like I was made of Jell-o. The sky above me had gone black I was so dead, Luna was going to rip my face off. I was supposed to have cleaned the pack house and made dinner by now.

"What the hell happened to you?" a deep gravelly voice asked

I turned to find Jackson, Luna Brittany's younger brother walking up the pathway to the school arms full of files and paperwork. He was my history teacher.

"I got a magic kiss from a princess" sarcasm is my defense mechanism.

"Well you look like shit let me go put these papers away and I'll walk you to the pack house you shouldn't be out right now we had a b


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