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"poor little girl" the fairie mocked as he came up behind me, he made a tisking sound as he looked at my ankle "that's not a pretty sight". I could barely breathe let alone fight. he bent down and gripped my chin pulling it upwards forcing me to look into his cruel gray eyes and I flinched away as he lifted my arm towards the sky above me. "what do you think of this," he asked me. I closed my eyes in fear of what may happen, when the pain shot through my leg making me cry out in surprise, all the air left my lungs as I fell to my knees screaming in agony, my foot hanging limply, as I lay there helpless. he raised my right arm and pressed it against my neck making me gasp for air, I could feel the pressure on my windpipe, I could feel my life slipping away. "you're going to die," he said with a smirk. "no" I gasped out, trying to push him away but he was stronger than me. "yes" he chuckled "you're going to die" I took one last look at the sky as my vision became blurred. "NO!" a screaming echoed then I was released, I began pulling in breath filling my lungs every breath burning. I suddenly felt a hand on me then someone lifting me into their arms. I looked over quickly to see where the fae man had gone and to my surprise, he was pinned by his neck to a tree an iron-tipped arrow protruding from his neck, and he hung dead. I stared at the body for a second before looking over to the man that now carried me. it's father! I struggled against his grip, struggling to free myself from his arms as I looked around. I needed to warn him but he just kept walking he was silent.


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