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  • Author: Mizzy
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Blurb Liam nodded slowly, " I understand this is a bit too much to take in, just take your time. " " We barely know each other, " She blurted out after a minute. " I know, but we will if you agree to sign the baby contract. I know we're not doing this because we love each other but I'll promise you one thing " He said in the same quiet tone. She raised her eyebrows, " And what would that be? " " Although we don't love each other, I promise to take care of you and our baby, give you all the protection you need, and make sure you never lack anything, " He said softly and Carla knew right then that he meant every word. " I'll treat you well even though ours won't be a marriage of love, " He added, shoving his hands into his pockets. She nodded slowly, " So I just have to give you a baby and the marriage will be annulled after a year? " She asked " File for a divorce, " He corrected. " And you'll give me fifty million dollars? " She asked again. He nodded, " Of course. " " And what happens to my baby after we divorce? " She asked earnestly. " I'll either be given custody of our baby or you will, we'll discuss that later, not now. " " I'd still be your assistant, won't I? " She asked in a serious tone and he shook his head. " Of course not. Once we get married, you'll stay home and focus on giving me a child. Everything you need will be provided to you, servants will be at your beck and call, " He said and Carla sighed. It sounded like a dream come true but she never wanted to be a full housewife, she wanted to do something too, not stay idle. " So I'm just a baby factory, " She lamented and smiled bitterly. She was doing this for the money, she knew. Heck, she would do almost anything if it would pay her family's debts and make her mother happy. She was selling her happiness, she knew, but she didn't care.


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