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Blackwood High: Death Games

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Stood in the deepest depths of a hidden forest is a school. A school that is far from your expectations. A school that you never imagined being built and existed in this world. A school that you never dreamed of entering and enrolling.'Blackwood High'Death exists there, and a girl named Avy Demascenia will get to play in the whirlwind of Death's hands. A kick-*ss girl who knows just a little information about the future school that she plans to enter. She only knew that she was acceptable here because of her attitude. Like a typical troubled teen, she's terrible and cursed. She'll enter the premises of the school as an innocent girl, but with a terrible reputation.And together with you, with us...She'll uncover the secrets behind those black and dark gates of Blackwood High.Author and BWH's President Warning:Don't go

Chapter 1: Welcome to Blackwood High

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading this story. Now, your journey starts right here. And together with Avy, you'll uncover those secrets that BWH has. Welcome and please, enjoy your stay. Most importantly? Watch the death games we'll play...


At the right moment, Avy woke up and took off the headphones that she's wearing. She pulled back the curtain covering the window of the bus that she was riding in and stared at the view outside.

She sighed. Enormous trees and dark road, that's the only thing she can see. Nothing interesting. In short, boring. But, this also means she's getting close to her wanted destination. To the forest.

She waited for a while before hitting off the buzzer situated right next to her shoulders. This will serve as the signal that the driver needs to stop because she's about to get off.

When her black boots touched the ground, she knew that this will be the start.

This will be the mark for her fresh beginning. Another chapter of her high school life in a new school. A new school that she only knew little information about.

She got herself ready. She tied the long strands of her black and straight hair, tightened the strap of the backpack she was carrying, stretched her body and legs on the side of the road where she got off the bus earlier, picked up the phone, and opened the map that would take her to the exact place she ought to go. And lastly, take a deep breath.

Just like what she usually does, she started to convince herself before stepping into the scary and dark forest in front of her. This is it! Time to do forest adventures, baby!

? ? ?

As if sensing that a new student wants to go inside, the enormous black gates of Blackwood High suddenly opened wide for Avy.

Automatic? She curiously and humorously asked herself as she slowly stepped inside. When she finally got her feet on the grounds of the school, her eyes widened as she looked and scanned around the place.

Black walls of all the buildings一from the school building itself up to the two buildings on either side of it which she now thinks are the dorms.

There is also a black fountain (its flowing waters are also in the shade of black) situated in the middle of the school grounds. So when you enter, this is the first thing you will see which will quickly put you in the chair of amazement. On the remaining sides, black trees are planted. There are also benches (which are obviously black as well).

When she looked down on her toes and saw the grass ground, she was even more surprised. Because its color was also black!

Wow, it's not too obvious that their favorite color is black. She sarcastically monologues to herself.

She stared at the whole place in awe. She couldn't believe it. It seems like she teleported back in time or she's watching those old shows that are almost exclusively black and white. But in this case, you wouldn't see white. It's all black and dark. Even a slight shade of white is not visible.

Anyways, what do I care? Maybe the owner just loves black so much to the extent that this school was followed and inspired to be all black theme too. Avy ignoringly mumbled to herself. Actually, this is alright with her. 'Cause, she also loves the black color too.

While she continued to scan the surroundings, someone suddenly spoke behind her ear.

"Finding your way, Young lady?"

She nervously faced the person who's responsible behind the terrifying voice that sent goosebumps to her system, and there she found out that it was a beautiful old woman wearing a long and rich silk-coated black dress.

She thinks the lady was in her mid-40's. But even though she was old, her beautiful, white, and smooth complexion is still visible because of her classy clothes. The lady also paired her dress style with a meracuriously black lipstick and black eyeshadow that matches her raven-black-colored eyes and hair.

Her aura screams the signs of being sophisticated and at the same time being intimidating.

Well, she hates to admit but...

She was scary too.

Her observation and paranoia abruptly came to pause when the woman spoke again, "I supposed you're, Ms. Avy Demascenia?" Without hesitation, she answered her with a stern nod.

"Perfect. Well, before I forgot. I'm Madame Beverlyn Celestia. Students always call me Madame Evee. So, you can call me that too. I'm the Vice President of Blackwood High. Nice to meet you, darling." The lady warmly introduced herself to her. But even though she smiled sweetly and everything, Avy was still restless. Her inner self is sensing that there's something wrong with the smiles of the woman.

That there's something going on with the gaze of the lady towards her. It's as if she's rejoicing yet scaring, threatens, and warning her about something.

Despite her curiosity at the smiles of the woman who introduced herself as the Vice President of BWH, as a sign of politeness, even though it's not her thing to be polite and such, she still greeted her back.

"Uh, yeah? Nice to meet you too?"

Her back-greetings to the woman are exchanged by another smile. But, this time she can hear the lady's small stifle chuckles between her intimidating grins.

"By the way, I've been really waiting for your arrival. Come, follow me."

And she did follow the lady. Avy thought, maybe they're going in the office and she will be given his own identification card or the principal will interview her. Well, that's always the basic scenario when a student still transfers in the middle of the school year.

As Avy continued to follow Madame Evee, she couldn't help but notice the student's gazes at her.

Like the school, their faces are also dark. It's as if they're throwing daggers at her. Their gazes look intense, obviously saying that they don't like what they are seeing. That they don't like her. That she is not even welcome in this school.

She automatically frowned.

What's wrong with these people? Why do they look like that? Tsk. I hate their gazes at me, to the extent that I can pull their eyes out in annoyance.

As much as she wanted to scream those words to them and pull their eyes out, she didn't. She just harbored her curiosity and annoyance that was building in her system.

Of course, that's the right thing to do. She just moved to this school. She can't just shout at the students here. She doesn't know them yet. Also, they don't know her too. They're complete strangers as of this moment so, she can't fight with them like what she does in her former school back then.

"Don't mind them."

She immediately turned her attention to Madame Evee, "Huh?"

"The students. My students. That later on, will be your schoolmates. Don't mind them. Just ignore their weird stares towards you. They're just acting like that 'cause they aren't used to seeing a transferee entering the premises of BWH again after so many years. They must be surprised. Please, just disregard them, darling."

"Ah... yeah, sure." Though confused, annoyed, and bewildered, she still managed to answer her confidently. Madame Evee turns her back from her to open a black door. And as of the looks of it, in addition to the golden words engraved through its wooden frame, this must be the VP's Office. The Vice President entered without hesitation, so she imitated as well.

And for the second time, she was amazed, again.

The exterior of this room is deceptive. If its door paint is black, you'll be surprised by what color and shade the interior room is.

It's Gold.

The walls are painted in a shining, shimmering, splendid color of gold. As well as the pieces of equipment and items of furniture. She felt like she entered a world full of color gold. A palace all coated in gold.

Wow, can I rob and sell anything here? She playfully thought to herself.

"You may sit down, darling." That words of madame Evee sends the cue to Avy so that she would close her gaped and hanging open mouth. When she met the raven-colored-pair-eyes of Madame Evee, she acted natural. As if even for a second she wasn't amazed by the beauty of her office. She immediately put back her cold aura so that she wouldn't be labeled as 'that girl who's looking ridiculous and ignorant in the eyes of the Vice President.

"So... Avy, base on the information that you've sent to us, you're from Courtney University. An all-girls School. And... Oh, did I read it right? That you've been kicked out in there because you've beaten up your classmates? "

Avy didn't waste any second. She didn't even think twice before she answered a slight boring nod to Madame Evee which is currently sitting comfortably in her gold office chair while scanning a folder一which is probably her files.

Madame Evee was right. Currently, she came from an all-girls school, The great Courtney University is her fifth school on the list, which makes the Blackwood High her sixth.

Is it shocking? Well, maybe for you, yes. But, for Avy, no.

'Cause, it's just normal for her.

It's normal for her to move schools like that's just some sort of everyday clothes that needs to be changed from time to time. It's not new for someone like her who's a typical badass and quarrelsome girl to be expelled or kicked out. She already embraced the fact that wherever she goes, she carries trouble and she encounters nothing but trouble.

Well, she's not Avy Demascenia if she produces no harm and bad deeds. That's her personality. That's what she's made of. Mess. Fights. From the very moment that she's born, those words were attached to her already.

"You're... rebellious, darling. What you did to your poor schoolmate is just... too much, I think." She frowned as she glanced at Madame Evee who was now smiling broadly at her.

Rebellious? Who is she referring to? Me? She asked herself.

Ah, right. It was me. No one else is here, so I'm probably the one she's been talking about. Unless she has some mental problems or issues, to the extent that she sees other creatures and entities here in her office. She hilariously commented on the question she had in her mind

And, oh? What else did she say? Too much? What's too much? That I beat and slapped that fuckingshit stagy classmate of mine? Duh, that's not too much. I just did what's right and shut her mouth up. My slap wasn't that even hard. It even lacks power. Too bad. I could've been beaten her up until her ugly contoured nose, bleed to death. Tsk. She added in her train of thoughts.

"Well, I must say that you're a woman of few words, Avy, darling. You hate chit-chatting don't you?" Madame Evee laughingly retorted when she noticed that Avy's not interested in talking back to her. She's not wrong though. Avy's not fond of having those friendly conversations. Because first of all, she's not friendly and lastly, she prefers to let her fists and karate-skills do the talking.

"Anyways, that's not what I intend to question you. What I want to ask is that... why Blackwood High?"

Even if it's not that obvious, Avy was taken aback by the sudden question of the lady sitting prettily in front of her. But, even though she couldn't think of a sensible answer to the lady's question, the lady bombed another question to her.

"Among those other schools that you can transfer to, why did you choose BWH? What's your reason, darling?"

She blinked once, twice, thrice. After that, she stared intently at Madame Evee.

"Cause' why not?" Avy answered, more like returning an interrogative statement. Madame Evee willingly returned the same gazed at her too. "Yeah, you're right. There are so many schools luring out there. What about it now? My application is approved only in here. Among all the schools I tried enrolling in, none of them accepted me."

She laughed hoarsely before continuing, "They were just scared. They've obviously seen my records. So, I knew it was more clearer than the running waters of any freakin' falls, that I wouldn't be accepted into any school I've asked. My records are all terrible. I was about to give up. I was in the midst of stopping my education already. But then, I saw this school. I sent an e-mail not f*ck*ng dreaming that you'll answer. So, truthfully, I'm a bit surprised that you accepted me. That this school accepted me. But, all in all. I don't care. But still, thanks for accepting me." She explained longer with no evident happiness in her voice.

Madame Evee just let out an amused chuckle as an answer to her long story. "I'm starting to love that bad attitude of yours, Avy." The lady also added.

Getting bored, she crossed her both arms in front of her chest and lightly tapped her black boots on the golden floor before asking again.

"Is the interview of yours already finished? Or I still have to go to the principal's office for the part two?"

Madame Evee's eyelashes battled for a moment before smilingly answered her not-so-normal question.

"Oh, about that... yes, the interrogation stage already ended. And no, you don't have to go to the principal's office 'cause in the first place we don't have it here."

Avy's eyebrows was its turn to cocked up now. They don't have a principal's office? Really? How come?

The lady must heard her curious thoughts so Madame Evee continued to talk, "It's true, darling. We don't have it here 'cause Blackwood High has no principal."

"If that's the case, then who's in charge of managing this whole school? You alone?"

The lady gently removed her spectacles and turned her swivel chair back to Avy's direction before answering, "Partly yes, but partly no. Yup, I may be the one in charge of handling the school. But, I still have the person whose position is higher than mine, which is, of course, the president."

Ooh ~ Instead of being called by the principal and assistant principal, they are called as the president and vice president. Interesting. She chanted in herself.

"Sh*t!" Avy suddenly cursed because of shock when a large black box appeared and crossed between her feet. She glared at the back of Madame Evee.The nerve of this old hag! How could she kick the box like it was nothing?! My heart almost jumped out of my system, God!

"That box is for you, darling. It contains all your school necessities. From your complete set of school uniforms, several notebooks and books, bag, your own black pin, and N meter, arranged class schedules, and many more. Name that all. Those box have that." While clutching at her flat chest, Avy rosed an eyebrow towards the back of the BWH Vice President. And as if sensing her gaze, the lather slowly turns around while placing an ancient black key at the golden table.

"Also, here. That's the key to your dorm." Madame Evee smiled sweetly at her while pushing the key in her direction.

Finally! Avy breathed out in her thoughts. It was as if her previous wish to be able to leave the VP's golden room had come true. The color of the room brings pain to my eyeball, Ugh! The surroundings glow so effin' bright. What the hell! She added another complaint. She quickly picked up the large black box on the floor and forcefully placed it on Madame Evee's table, then she took the key and put it on her pointing finger. The latter just laughed and shook her head at Avy's actions.

After having a little bit of stretching, she picked up the big black box and started marching through the black door. When his hand was on the doorknob she was stunned because Madame Evee suddenly called her name.

With her usual bad attitude, she turned her body to meet the gaze of BWH's Vice President, "What?! Oh, please talk as fast as you can 'cause the weight of this freakin' box is killing me一"

The lather grinned weirdly and terrifyingly while talking. "You dared to enter those black gates of our school. And behalf of our President and as the Vice President, I sincerely thank you for that. Hope you'll like studying at here, though...

...Welcome to Blackwood High, Avy Demascenia. Congratulations! You're officially a Blackwoodian Citizen from now on. Please, prepare yourself for everything that might happen, alright darling?"

? ? ?

To be continued.

Chapter 2: Hell


Walking in the dark corridors of the school's girl's dorm, while still carrying the big ass box and wearing my AirPods, I creased my naturally raven black eyebrows and tilted my head sidewards.

"...Welcome to Blackwood High, Avy Demascenia. Congrats! You're officially a Blackwoodian Citizen from now on. Please, prepare yourself for everything that might happen, alright darling?"

What the hell were those words of that old hag mean? Prepare myself from everything that might happen? Was that a warning or just a normal reminder? Ugh. I don't know.

"That old lady was hella' weird. She's welcoming me with the usual grins of a psycho." I whispered to myself, as I remembered the last thing Madame Evee said earlier. That old hag is really scary. Those unfamiliar grins and smiles of her are just so fuckin' weird. As well as the students here. They're both weird as hell. Maybe this school is the den of weirdos. Tsk.

"Room 606... Room 606... Room 606..." I mu


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