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Bad Intentions

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An orphan who intended to bring them down to their knees... Everything in my life has been turned upside down. My mom died and I was shipped off to a place that I’d never heard of, Hawk Academy. Mom left instructions that I was to be sent there in her will. I was sad about leaving my friends and the little family that I had left behind. When I arrived, I thought that I had made new friends. I was wrong. They all had bad intentions to bully and torture me, from the moment I set foot inside the door. I was the new girl and even worse the poor lonely orphan. They wanted to make me suffer even more than I’d already done and the twins, James, and Trent Hawk, with their piercing blue eyes, were the ones that ruled the halls. Everything about the place was old from the traditions to the bullies, even the d*mn money. But I’m the new girl and they can’t take the one thing I have left away from me. My pride. I wouldn’t let them take that away from me, otherwise, I’d have nothing left, not even my v-card. I knew what I had to do, I had to find out their secrets. After I’ve done that, then I’ll bring them and their f***g traditions tumbling down!


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