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The Goddess and The Alpha Mate

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Two different worlds; one chance to save each other. Two different beings, one chance for love. When Alpha Daxel Ace received the golden letter, he knew better than to disregard it. Using every resource they have, doing everything to search for any urgency to protect his pack— his world, he traveled from world to world. Until the day Daxel sets foot on Earth for the first time and finds something serendipitous— Bellezza. After all these years, Daxel finally feels content, but fate never fails. Secrets and mysteries began to unfold just as when Bellezza and Daxel's romance was set about to bloom. A fated meeting brings ups and downs; laughs and weeps, and losses and success. But are they strong enough to face their true selves, or will they bury themselves along with the mystery of each other?

Prologue — This is Our Fate




I was looking through the latest budget report of our pack when a loud knock on the door took my attention away from the files I was looking at.

"Isn't it too early for the mail?"

“Come in.”

Telling whoever was behind the door to invite themselves in before putting away the file neatly in my right side drawer.

When the black oakwood door of my office opened, I saw the mail officer of my pack– Ellio– cautiously walking inside. He's holding a big brown box with both of his hands a golden envelope sat right on top of it.

"Good Morning, Alpha Daxel," Ellio greeted, bowing his head as a sign of respect," I was passing by when I saw this outside of the pack house's door."

He set the box on the table carefully, eyeing them with curiosity.

I nodded my head while eyeing the golden envelope. 'What could it be?' I heard my wolf, Ace, say.

It surely wasn't an explosive bomb as anyone would be smart enough to know that it was a death trap to send me one, especially in broad daylight. However, something exploded within me— and it was much more dangerous.

I eyed him and nodded my head again, "Thank you Ellio."

And with that he exited the room, but not without bowing his head slightly and putting his right fist on his chest before closing the door behind him.

I inspected the outer part of the box first, to see whether there was any information about the sender. There was a thick whiff diffusing around it. The smell was familiar, but I just couldn't put my head on it.

The information about the sender that I was looking for was not there. It was just a plain, and awful box. And I decided to finally open the box's lid and looked at what was inside it.

A thick and heavy book with ashes and golden powder shimmering on it. A portion of the cover was smudged, and that was never positive news.

'You meant, purposely smudged.' Ace commented.

"This is something I have never seen before, Ace," I noted to my wolf in my head.

'I did. I know I have seen that book before,' my wolf carefully whispered, 'but I can't remember where.'

Looking over at the book, if that's what it was even called, I took the golden envelope meticulously and opened its content.

"What could it be?"

I took out the hard black paper, and read the contents which were written in white ink, but that's not what caught my attention.

I scanned the paper, and I proceeded to slowly read the 7 highlighted words out loud.


Chapter 1: Everything Else About Her




Beads of sweat can be seen slowly forming on my forehead as the pounding of my heart worsens. I couldn’t help but switch my eyes between the tall glass cases filled with different flavors of doughnuts and the notebook filled with the notes I have.

"Come on," I whispered, lowly. "Let's get this done with."

I slightly turned around, swiftly scanning my surroundings. I cannot get caught. I just can't.

The notes were highlighted for the most part. The green highlights were for the formulas, the blue for the article’s authors, and the red for the important terminologies.

Or maybe so I thought. My brain's all scrambled, that's for sure.

It took me until dawn to read and highlight the whole chapter. Causing me to only get an hour of sleep before I start my day.

My life revolves around work and school. I would typically read in my free time. Because, I just enjoy the warm and cozy


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