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The Bully's Dark Obsession

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"I will destroy you." One word from him and my fate was sealed for doom. If I know that my life would be set for doom the moment I met Adrian I would’ve done things differently. Maybe I would’ve walked away. I wouldn't have provoked him. Maybe my tale wouldn’t have ended this way But it is too late. My fate is already sealed for the worst the moment he claimed me as his bully. He wants to consume not just my body alone, but also my heart and my soul. Being hated by him is dangerous but being wanted by him is forbidden. All my plan in life was to finish high school and be independent away from my family who always maltreat and bully me. But fate played a huge prank on me and I was marked and bullied by Adrian the Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. He promises to make me pay, he promises to make me suffer because I remind him of his past but all those memories are gone, I remember nothing about my past. Now I will have to stay with the guy that caused me pain so I could find out the secret about my past. I will have to choose between my worst nightmare or forever stay in darkness. This book is a slice of a dark romance, werewolf and teen romance.

Chapter 1 The school king


I am a victim of r*p* but my parents see me as a sl*t I have been insulted for what I should be treated for. My mother's words alone are enough to make me go insane but I always hide away from the world inside my lonely room where I find comfort.

Life wasn't as easy as I thought it would be in this new weird environment we packed into.

My first day at school wasn't as good as I expected it to be after I was spotted by the school king who was nothing but the devil itself.

After our parents dropped Lucy and I off in front of the huge school building my malicious sister took to the other side with the saying that she doesn't want us to be seen together due to how damaged my life is. Yes, I'm truly damaged.

I clutched my hands tightly around my backpack strips as I took in a deep breath and after my usual words of encouragement to myself I made my way inside the school compound.

Kings Kiss Royal high school isn't just your usual type of school, it's a school for Kings, sons of ministers, and people of high status. Our parents are rich so I and Lucy were able to attend it.

This is my chance to let go of my past and every bad memory of my former school.

This is my revolution.

A fresh start.

A new beginning.

I thought to myself on every step I took.

At the left-hand corner of the gate was a big golden statue of a wolf with its claws and fangs out as if ready to attack. I have never seen a statue so real, scary, and at the same time amazing as this.

I looked down at the school logo on my plain white shirt then I realized it was the same drawing of a golden wolf just like this statue.

As I walk through the school's well-tailed floor I try to walk with my shoulder held high like every other student but at some point, my confidence isn't that strong enough to keep me going for long before I start feeling like a stranger.

I looked around me and I could see the students walking together with peers as they laughed and talked to each other except me who looked like an outsider.

A sting flew up to my heart and my palms became sweaty. My skin felt irritated as memories of my former school rush back to my mind.

And worst of all it was the memory of that day, the day that marked my suffering and the reason why we have to pack to this strange annoying town.

She's a wh*r*.

She seduced him.

You're a shame to this family.

"Not anymore Victoria." I shake those memories off my mind and open my closed eyes. I'm a new person here so I have to let go of those memories behind me. I reminded myself.

After I was able to pick my steps again at the entrance to the school's main building that leads to where classes are located I saw a student shivering terribly as she folded her arms together squatting by the side of the gate. Every student walking past the gate laughed at her, snicker and some even hit her before walking away.

I quickly walked towards her and felt pity for her immediately, maybe because she reminded me of myself. She was soaked with so much water like a fish who was pulled out of the river.

I walked up to her and offered her my handkerchief to clean her wet face and hair but she only looked at me and then moved away with so much fear in her.

"G…go." She said with a trembling voice as if she was surrounded by demons who threaten to kill her.

"I won't leave you here."

I said to her using my handkerchief to clean her body then offered her my hand to get up. She raised her beautiful perfect round green eyes to look at me before she finally offered me her hand and I helped her stand on her feet.

"I like your eyes."

"T-thank you." She mumbled her voice holding some shades of sadness as her lips curved into a bitter smile when I smiled at her.

"You should go away, beautiful girls like you shouldn't be seen around me?"


"Because I'm the school outcast."

"Outcast?" I whisper with a creased brow. "Well, I'm not bound by such rules so I will talk to you if I want."


"Can we drop the outcast topic? It cringes me. How about you show me around the school?" I asked just to ease the tension in the air and to clear off the fear on her face.

After blinking her eyes for some seconds she finally accepts my offer. We hold hands as we stroll down the school compound.

"I'm Victoria."

"Julia." She said, "Can I call you Vicky for short?"


My eyes shine brightly as Julia showed me around the school, the big classes with enough equipment, the locker room, and the school music class that I loved the most.

"Sh*t…no…no." Julia suddenly cursed under her lips as her grip around my wrist tightened as she was going to peel my skin off. When I looked over at her face her eyes were filled with dread and her face was pale as if there was no blood flowing in her body anymore.

Just when I'm about to ask her what the problem was she began saying in a cracked voice. "They're coming… we have to leave now!"

I traced my eyes over to the direction where her face was. I saw three perfect-looking guys dressed in a uniform different from every other student and other students were following them behind like a gang leader in a mafia movie while the girls were taking pictures of them as if they were some sort of celebrity.

"Who are they?" I asked with so much curiosity.

"That one over there at the right-hand side is Kyle." She pointed at the one with short red hair "Then the other one" she took in a deep breath like she was trying to calm her soul down "The other one standing at the left-hand side of the middle guy is Julius," she said pointing at the one with blonde hair and darker eyes.


"These are the school Royal Pillars, the middle one is Adrian, he's the acting Alpha King of this pack?"

"What did you mean Alpha King?"

"He owns the school and the whole city."

My mouth almost dropped to the floor. How will a kid hold an entire city with a strong aura surrounding him?

I move my eyes back in their direction just to get a better view of the so-called Alpha and mare looking at him I knew he was bad news.

His eyes were like sparkling diamonds, reflecting the light with a mesmerizing glow but when you look deeper into them you will notice they aren't as beautiful as it looks at first glance.

He was the total definition of a bad boy, the kind of guy good girls were taught to run away from. However, he was undeniably irresistible with the glossy inky dark hair. The first two buttons of his shirt were opened revealing his s*xy tattoos that look natural as if he was born with them that were enough to even make a nun drool. Everything about him screamed danger and he had that sadist smile and dark circles that weren't easy to notice but seeing this imperfect side of him was able to make my heart flip.

While watching him my heart flip for a reason I can't even explain but it just flipped.

With my every attention on him, his gaze slid towards me and our eyes locked for seconds as he slightly tilted his head to the side with a little maniac interest and a devilish smile spread across his lips as if he just met his catch and a new mission to embark on.

"We have to leave now."

Without warning Julia dragged me along with her and her footsteps quickened.

"Why are we running away?"

"Because that's the only way to avoid trouble."

"But how? We didn't even say a word to them."

"Even your silence can put you on the blacklist of the Alpha all you have to do is to run.."

Her voice was fast so was her walking steps but I was holding her back from walking faster because she was pulling me along with her.

Just when we were about to take the last corner that would separate us from the crowd a loud metallic voice stopped us.

"You can't escape us." His voice was strong and thunderous, strong enough to make the weak go on its knees and at that moment Julia stopped on her track.

They didn't have to take many steps before I could feel their presence behind us.

"Turn around."

Slowly we turned around and my eyes met his gaze again. I couldn't deny the beauty of this guy if not for his manly physique one will think he is a girl. He has thick black lashes just like his hair and a well-shaped brow.

His hands were tucked inside his pocket trousers with so much confidence and he looked down at me with that cold dark expression that almost made me tremble in fear.

Something in me keeps telling me to avoid him at all costs but I just can't bring myself to be scared of him even though my heart was saying otherwise.

"What are you supposed to do when you see your king?" The Kyle guy asked but his attention was on Julia while the so-called Alpha has his attention on me as if we have met before.

"Bow to my king," Julia said slowly like someone who was bound under a spell

"Now bow!"

My brow creased with the so much authority used in commanding Julia. I mean this is a school not some local community with the title of Kings.

"No." I blocked Julia who was about to bow to them with my body. "He's not our king so why should we bow to him as a way of humiliating us."

Every student watching us gasped as if I had spoken formidable words and soon the crowd died off when a strong arm grabbed me by the throat and pushed my back against the wall as if we were in a battle zone.

Pain shot through my body as my back hit the wall with a loud thud and I felt some of my bones breaking my eyes shots with terror when I looked at him and his once beautiful green eyes is now sparkling with murderous intent as they reach out to my soul and I felt like I would stop breathing with his strong grip around my throat.

His eyes terrify me as if one blinks from him I will drop dead to the floor.

And one snap of his finger around my neck is enough to break my neck.

Just one stare from him was enough to kill me as he looked at him with those eyes showing nothing but pure hatred towards me.

"Y-You're hurting me."

He leans closer to my ear, his hot breath fanning my neck and he declares "This is your end!"

Those words from him sealed my fate.

Chapter 2 You can't escape me



Very early the following morning our parents dropped Lucy and I inside the school compound and we both came down from the car.

"If anything should happen make sure you call us," my mum said to Lucy who was standing at the side of her car window.

"Okay, Mum but when are you coming back from your business trip?" she asked like she is really gonna miss them when I know that deep down in her mind she is already excited about them leaving. Now she will have the chance to do whatever she wishes in school.

"Hey, you." my Mom called, pointing a finger at me and I quickly shrieked in fear from where I was seated.

"Listen to me Vick," she said staring at me "I don't want to hear any complaint about you, behave decently, and don't go about giving your pu**y to all the boys in school," she warned me seriously, giving me a disgusting look. I am not

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