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The Alpha King's Mistress

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In a world where bloodlines shape destinies, Florence Lancaster, a half-breed who has the blood of two exceptional people in her veins, is caught in a dangerous game. Abandoned and trained to be a tool, her life takes a perilous turn when a mission puts her on the most-wanted list of the Alpha King and the Werewolf Council. Hunted and hiding her identity for years, she finds sanctuary within a pack until chaos strikes, forcing her into a bargain to save a life. The price? Six months as a werewolf's mistress, a twist she never saw coming. Nicholas Gavner Acworth is a pureblooded Lycan who also was an Alpha King and an Alpha of Moonstone Pack—a pack of Lycans. Since his cousin died, he vowed to kill the person responsible for his death. But finding his mate who was not a Lycan and learning that she couldn't shift was not something he expected. He needed a strong woman to lead by his side and the perfect candidate was his betrothed. So, he makes a decision that alters their fate—making his mate his mistress. ........ She is strong-willed to escape. He is adamant about keeping her. She wanted to be loved. He doesn't want to be in love. Everyone wanted her, Everyone fears him. She belongs to him but he doesn't belong to her.

Chapter 1: Swiftmane Pack

Another Swiftmane Pack member was killed by the intruders while I watched. As they ran and struggled for their lives, their horrifying screams reverberated in my ears. I felt the weight of the silver chains binding my wrists, ankles, and neck, rendering me immobile. My alpha and his luna had already perished during the attack.

I didn't pity the pack, nor did I expect them to care about me. It was a transactional relationship—I had paid a substantial sum of money to their Alpha and Luna in exchange for their pack's acceptance of me. But because I didn't shift alongside them, they shunned me like an outcast.

And I didn't care.

Feeling safe was far more important to me than the insecurity of this pack. Let them assume I couldn't shift; they couldn't be further from the truth. However, addressing it was both pointless and advantageous for me. I had no desire to share my story or flaunt my wolf to these unworthy people.

I remained in this pack because I hadn't found any other options and didn't want to face rejection every step of the way. Time was running out for me each day. But now, even that refuge was being snatched away as I watched a group of unknown men massacre my pack members.

These intruders were not your typical pack of shifters, of that I was certain.

When I returned from my work as a receptionist in a small human-town hotel, I had the chance to flee. However, I heard the voice of someone who had shown me kindness. And so, I hesitated, now shackled and unable to turn away from that voice.

The leader of the group, a big man with bulging muscles, grinned menacingly at the chaos unfolding before him. His men stood behind him, ready to follow his every command.

I had never seen this man before, nor did I know his motivation for attacking my pack or what our pack had done to invite such a brutal invasion. My isolation from the group had lasted a long time. Despite that, I felt a small sense of allegiance to them for helping me hide when I needed it. I clenched my teeth and licked my dry, chapped lips as I witnessed yet another severed head.

The silver chains dug into my skin, causing pain and leaving red, wounded, and bleeding marks.

D*mn this silver.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a female scream. She was the only person who had shown me kindness—the fifteen-year-old girl named Sara Douglas. While the rest of the pack had ignored me, she had talked to me.

I focused my attention on the men as they dragged Sara onto the stage. She was a young and innocent girl, and I couldn't help but be drawn to the vulnerability in her eyes.

It seemed I still had a conscience in me.

Being hunted for most of my life, I couldn't pinpoint where I would feel safest at the age of 28. Every night, I slept with one eye open, fearing that someone would break into my modest house and end my life. Such was the drawback of being coveted in the werewolf community. It was a harsh reality, but living a life where I constantly had to be on guard presented its own set of challenges. Rather than risk having my heart damaged or shattered by poor choices, I chose to keep everyone at a distance. By maintaining a vigilant guard, I was able to find a semblance of peace for a while.

"Please. No, no!" Sara pleaded desperately, insisting that she had done nothing wrong.

Her cries moved me. There was no way I could allow anything to happen to this young girl. My gaze fixated on the man who was causing her harm, and I couldn't bear the screams any longer.

"Leave her alone. She's just a little girl and hasn't done anything wrong," I shouted, my voice resonating over the chaos to the man responsible.

Before the attack, I had the opportunity to shift into my wolf and escape but I cannot leave Sara alone. I wondered if it was a blessing in disguise that I hadn't shifted, as it allowed me to remain unidentified.

My ability to keep that part of me hidden was something I had cherished my whole life—the reason for my constant hiding.

"You spoke for this trash?" the man asked, clearly the one in charge.

He exuded a small amount of power, enough to be felt but nowhere near the strength of an actual Alpha. I knew this because I had spent my life spying on various Alphas and packs. Strangely, his voice seemed familiar to my wolf, Nasya. She had a better memory than I did, especially when it came to scents.

Remaining composed, I clarified, "She's just a girl."

Just by looking at him, I knew I would have remembered this man if we had crossed paths before. He stood at almost six feet tall, with silver hair cascading over his tense face. A long, thick scar marred his right cheek, starting from the bottom of his face and ending there. It was a gruesome scar.

It was clear that this man was far from ordinary. My attention was drawn to his neck, where a black skull tattoo with Greek letters was etched. Squinting my eyes, I tried to decipher the text.

As I read the characters, I silently cursed. I was fluent in numerous languages, including Greek. And the words MADCREST PRIDE were tattooed on the man's neck in Greek characters.

The Werewolf Council has given the go-ahead to pursue MADCREST PRIDE—a big pack of rogues. Rogues are werewolves who have either been expelled from their pack or fled of their own free will. Being a lone wolf for an extended time without a pack drives them insane, but a hundred years ago, rouges discovered a means to extend their lives by forming their own pack. Due to the conflict between the initial leaders of the rogues and werewolves, which ultimately led to the rogue's annihilation, they have been silent for the last several years. However, ten years ago, new reports of werewolf kidnapping and rogue experimentation emerged.

Chapter 2: The Deal

I had spied on a lot of packs to know this and had gone into their plans and works. In my work, I discovered one or two that were not involved in my mission. In my last mission, I was ordered to spy on the MADCREST PRIDE which is a pack of rogues and apparently, that mission brought me to the top list of most wanted persons in the werewolf community.

And now I was meeting a real member of MADCREST PRIDE again, not just any member, but a real squad commander, probably because, according to the intel I learned during my last mission, only squad leaders had their pack name tattooed on their bodies.

It explains why my wolf had a hankering for blood from these men and was ready to come out. It becomes clearer as well how they dont have different smells when normal rogues have an unpleasant scent radiating from their bodies.

These dudes are a part of that deranged group. The one lingering question, though, was how Swiftmane Pack was involved in this group that made them

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