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Avvi Keller

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About me

An aspiring writer.


The Alpha King's Mistress
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  • 7.1

In a world where bloodlines shape destinies, Florence Lancaster, a half-breed who has the blood of two exceptional people in her veins, is caught in a dangerous game. Abandoned and trained to be a tool, her life takes a perilous turn when a mission puts her on the most-wanted list of the Alpha King and the Werewolf Council. Hunted and hiding her identity for years, she finds sanctuary within a pack until chaos strikes, forcing her into a bargain to save a life. The price? Six months as a werewolf's mistress, a twist she never saw coming. Nicholas Gavner Acworth is a pureblooded Lycan who also was an Alpha King and an Alpha of Moonstone Pack—a pack of Lycans. Since his cousin died, he vowed to kill the person responsible for his death. But finding his mate who was not a Lycan and learning that she couldn't shift was not something he expected. He needed a strong woman to lead by his side and the perfect candidate was his betrothed. So, he makes a decision that alters their fate—making his mate his mistress. ........ She is strong-willed to escape. He is adamant about keeping her. She wanted to be loved. He doesn't want to be in love. Everyone wanted her, Everyone fears him. She belongs to him but he doesn't belong to her.

The Alpha's Mate In Disguise
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  • 5.0

In a far-off place called Lone Island, a group of free-spirited men faces isolation and learns to rely on themselves. Dr. Aubrie, weighed down by debts and family obligations, makes a tough decision. Disguised as a man whose name was Ashton, she set on a journey to this secluded island to provide medical care. Little does she know that setting foot on the island will change her life. Clyde, heir to the strongest pack, faces exile to Lone Island for his promiscuous ways, despite his betrothal. He couldn't anticipate finding his mate among the human doctors, let alone disguising herself as a man—Ashton. As their worlds collide, sparks fly, and the mate bond pulls them closer. However, when the truth surfaces, it leads to heartache, sacrifice, and unexpected twists that threaten to ruin them both. With their son in the picture, can Aubrie and Clyde find their way back to love and happiness, or will the shadows of the past keep them apart forever?"

The Lycan's Human Mate
  • 👁 9.2K
  • 8.8

Due to the heartache, she receives from her fiancé, Jaidyn makes an impulsive decision to continue the trip she had originally intended to do with him. As soon as she arrived in the town, she had an overwhelming attraction to both the setting and the enigmatic man. However, secrets have come to light as a result of her continued presence there. She was more than just a human; she was the mate of a being that she had never in her wildest thoughts imagined to exist. With her heartbroken over her ex-fiance and prime life in another country, she was in for a ride that will set the course of her life.


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