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The Alpha Human Mate

The Alpha Human Mate

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"Do you enjoy your nightmare?" He interrogated, with a loud voice, while smirking disgustingly. I dare not answer him. I won't! because my life matters most to me. "Do you?" He inquired, and this time around his voice became hoarse and more frightening. He's a beast. A disgusting wolf who wants to take my blood for his evil purpose. He alarmingly twirls around me, and I know for sure that I'm doomed. His finger caressed my face, and I shiver in anguish. He's the beast that I can't run away from. He was delighted to see me suffer, and presently he's keen to attack. His fangs were now out, and he smirked widely. I close my eyes, not ready to see my death before me. But then! Someone suddenly appears inside the cave. The person growled loudly, with bloodshot-eye. "Let go of my Mate!" He demanded, with a possessive voice, which made the beast who had been lurking over me, shiver. *** Scarlett Hunter is just a weak human girl who sees supernatural creatures. She was abused by those she calls her parents. On the night when she was to be raped, she was saved by a strange creature who was known as a beast to others. Others fear him, but she fell in love with him, despite being aware that he isn't a human. He's an immortal Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack. 'What would happen to her when she finds out that loving those from the supernatural realms would lead to her sacrificing herself, for their gain?' 'Will Scarlett die while sacrificing herself? Would she sacrifice her? And what would emerge when she finds out that being selfish would lead to the death of her mate?'

Chapter 1


He's rumored to be the son of the devil. The beast, the living dead, and the man who brought hell down to earth.

Prince Orlan Titan has been on the earth for centuries, for he's a cursed immortal who's a werewolf, and also a vampire, and according to prophecy, no one could kill him except his mate, which was still unknown to him.

He has been wandering on Earth, looking for his mate.

He invades packs, and the big city filled with humans, in search of his mate, who he later found was being abused.

Scarlett Hunter is a human girl, who's considered an orphan.

She was adopted by a nice couple, but they became her worst nightmare after producing their children.

Scarlett grew up seeing what others couldn't see, which were creatures and living dead.

When Scarlett was already of age, she was married off to the person who is known as Devil himself.

What would emerge of Scarlett when she realized that those creatures which she always sees around are real, and she's mated to one of them?.

Would she be able to accept her fate of killing her husband, after finding out that he's not a human?.


Twenty four years ago.

"Help!" I yelled while running as fast as my feet could carry me.

"Someone please help me!" I yell.

Five huge men were currently chasing me while holding a harmful object in their hands.

I continued running as fast as I could, and I was panting heavily. My head was spinning and my throat felt so sore.

All that my brain could shout at me was 'RUN!' And I have to run for my life.

My life was at stake, and I have to make it alive before these people would end up killing me.

My eyes were already weak, and before I knew it. I stumbled upon a stone and ended up falling on the floor.

The thought of me dying in this Forest made me quickly get up as I ran for my life.

I have just one option, which is for me to escape.

I can't remain in my previous hell unless the devil himself is going to crush me.

Currently, I'm running as fast as my feet could carry me inside the forest.

The forest is dark, and the lighting and thunder weren't helping at all.

It's raining heavily, and my feet are about to give in.

I can recall that I have seen this Forest before, but I can't remember where and when.

Survival is the key, and it's better I get killed by a wild animal in the forest than for me to be killed by that old beast and his companions.

Finally, I saw a small hut and decided to make my way inside, but then I stopped.

Those after me would know that I'm inside the hut.

Besides.... The hut isn't a safe place to hide.

And suddenly my eyes landed on a coffin.

It has a lot of grass growing in it, but I don't care a bit.

'The coffin is the best idea.' I said to myself.

Besides, there's no way an individual would be inside a coffin which is in the middle of a forest.

Forcing myself to remove the grass from the coffin, I injured my palm.

I could hear their footsteps, and it was now or never.

When I finally removed all the grass surrounding the coffin, I decided to open it but to no avail.

'Dammit!' I cried out while using my feet to kick the coffin.

Now all my effort and the time I spent trying to hide in this coffin are all going to be wasted.

Just as I was about to turn back to make my way inside the small hut..... my eyes landed on a small inscription on the coffin.

I quickly squat and then I read the inscription slowly.

Since the coffin seems to be old I find it difficult.... but still I read something that seems more like...

Forcing my eyes to read in the dark, I finally picture the statement which says M-A-T-E!

"Mate?" I uttered out, not knowing what was ahead of me.

The coffin automatically opens on its own, and a skeleton jumps out of it, as it places its mouth on my neck, and suck my blood.

"Arrrghhh!" I screamed.

**Presently **

It was storming outside, and the entire place was Damm dark….. not to mention the fact that the loud noise of thunder could be heard among the entire place.

"Prince Orlan, we need to go now!". One of Orlan's friends who's known as Lucas said.

Orlan was busy staring outside the window while gazing at nothing in particular.

Hearing the voice of Lucas……. Orlan snapped back to reality as he turned around to stare at Lucas.

"Have Selene the moon goddess agreed to see us?". Orlan asked while staring deeply at Lucas.

Before Lucas could even answer, Orlan nodded his head, because he had read Lucas's expression, which says that Selene has finally agreed to see him.

Lucas is a half-blooded royal vampire. His Mom is a royal vampire, but she fell in love with an outcast who's a human.

She got pregnant and tried hiding it, but as the saying goes…….. nothing can be hidden under the sun.

The people of the great kingdom caught her red-handed, and they decided not to banish her, as long as she keep the baby away from the land.

All humans are considered evil to the vampires, and likewise the werewolves.

Lucas's mother didn't want to banish her son away from the land, but she has no say because she's taken care of by her parents who are the king and queen of vampires.

When Lucas was thrown out of the land….. which was when he was three months old. Orlan found Lucas, and he trained Lucas into the man that he's.

He watches Lucas grow like he's watching his son grow, but the only difference is that Orlan didn't grow old while watching Lucas grow old.

Lucas grew up so quickly and if you don't know the two of them, then you would have mistaken Lucas and Orlan for brothers.

"Next time if you call me Prince…….. then I'll whoop you with silver!". Orlan threatens, which causes Lucas to laugh while shaking his head sideways.

"Let's get going bro!. We don't have to keep the goddess waiting!". Lucas said as he walked towards the door.

"She can bear waiting!". Orlan said, and with that, Orlan followed behind Lucas.

They both walked out of the Mansion and headed towards the car garage.

Lucas held an umbrella and was about to use it to cover Orlan when she noticed that Orlan had already walked inside the rain.

"We don't need to drive!. It's too risky to drive". Orlan said while opening the gate, as he made his way out of the compound.

"Alright, Prince…… I mean alright bro!". Lucas said while following behind Orlan.

They both walk under the stormy heavy rain, and the more they continue to walk, the more the rain becomes heavier.

"Bro!, are you upset?". Lucas asked because the only reason why the rain could be falling like this might be because of Lucas.

He does control things that he doesn't have the power to, whenever he's angry, and right now the rain seems to be raining cursed on earthlings, so Lucas decided to ask, just to make sure that he's right.

"I'm not upset Lucas!". Orlan replied, before walking towards the place where other different creatures are gathered.

At the middle of the gathering lies a young beautiful lady, whose dress is as white as snow.

She's Serene……. The goddess of the moon.

Immediately Serene sighted Orlan, she inhaled while smiling. "Orlan!". Serene said with a bold voice.

Mere looking at her, one could already tell that she's the goddess of the moon because as the reflection of the moon kisses her skin……. Her body began to glitter.

The moon wasn't full, and the area in which the moon goddess organized the meeting is a place where no single supernatural being power can work, except one person….. which is no other than Orlan.

"Serene!". Orlan called out Serene's name while smiling.

"It's been a while!". She said with a cold voice.

"I would love it if the meeting starts right away!". Orlan said without staring at her.

Everyone in the entire gathering fears him, and not to mention the fact that even the alpha's of some great pack, also fear him.

Orlan was feared because of his immortality.

Some league said that they saw Orlan being cast down from above, with a mighty chain around his body.

Some claimed that Lucifer the devil cast him down from hell because what everyone believes is that he come down from the sky at a very young age, with his eyes as red as hellfire, while his canines were long as that of a beast, but the mysterious thing was that he has a tail in human form when he was being cast down from hell.

From that very first day, which is more than thousands of years back. Orlan has been welcomed into the royal family.

If the present ruling king dies, then Orlan would watch another crown king, as they would always address him as their son.

He has been the son of all the ruling kings for centuries, not to mention that he's known as the great prince of the vampires, who seems to remain alive until the end of the world.

Orlan has never allowed his immortality to get control of him, and like he has never allowed people to oppress him for no good reason.

Serene knew that Orlan is still mad at her, because of the things she did in the past.

She had tried hurting Orlan, but who was she kidding……. No one can ever hurt him, because he's an immortal.

Serene moved back to the place that she had been standing on, before turning around to face the crowd.

"Since we all have been able to keep the law of the land, and hide from humans……. The moon has decided to bless all those that are seeking for their mate!". Serene said, which surprises everyone.

"Under the full moon, are you going to receive your mate!". She said, and just like the usual way……. Serene disappear.

Most times, Orlan does think that Serene is too young and childish for being the goddess of the moon, but he has no say to that.

All those that were present all turn around ready to leave, because they have already received the message which they came here to hear.

Orlan didn't move an inch and waited for the entire audience to leave the forest.

"Serene!". Orlan called out, and Serene appeared while standing on the stone.

"What does that mean?". Orlan asked. "Do you mean that everyone is going to have their mate Sooner or later?". Orlan asked.

"Yes!. According to what I saw about you…… I got to realize that you are looking for a way to end your life. Your mate, who's soon to be brought to life is going to be the one and only person that can end your life". Serene replied.

"Do you know who she's?".

"According to what I saw…… her image is blurred, but she's the one with the destiny to kill you". Serene said, and with that, she vanished.

Chapter 2

'One year Later'.

"Bae! I think we need to rest now, it's already getting late!". Merritt said while snuggling towards her husband Franklin.

"Yeah, you have to rest my love!". Franklin said while patting his wife's head.

She closed her eyes and quickly drifted into sleep.

Franklin stares at his wife's beautiful face before smiling. As the reflection of the moon kissed her face, his wife Merritt became more beautiful and adorable.

Franklin was still admiring the beauty of his wife when he realized that something seemed off.

Merritt was frowning in her sleep and she seemed to be struggling for her life.

She was sweating all over her body, even though the air conditioner in the room was working very fine.

"Love, are you alright?". Franklin asked while trying to wake his wife up. "Love please wake up!". Franklin pleaded with an audible voice.

"Ahh!!". Merritt


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