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Lili Drea

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  • Author: Lili Drea
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 219
  • 3.0

"Do you enjoy your nightmare?" He interrogated, with a loud voice, while smirking disgustingly. I dare not answer him. I won't! because my life matters most to me. "Do you?" He inquired, and this time around his voice became hoarse and more frightening. He's a beast. A disgusting wolf who wants to take my blood for his evil purpose. He alarmingly twirls around me, and I know for sure that I'm doomed. His finger caressed my face, and I shiver in anguish. He's the beast that I can't run away from. He was delighted to see me suffer, and presently he's keen to attack. His fangs were now out, and he smirked widely. I close my eyes, not ready to see my death before me. But then! Someone suddenly appears inside the cave. The person growled loudly, with bloodshot-eye. "Let go of my Mate!" He demanded, with a possessive voice, which made the beast who had been lurking over me, shiver. *** Scarlett Hunter is just a weak human girl who sees supernatural creatures. She was abused by those she calls her parents. On the night when she was to be r*p*d, she was saved by a strange creature who was known as a beast to others. Others fear him, but she fell in love with him, despite being aware that he isn't a human. He's an immortal Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack. 'What would happen to her when she finds out that loving those from the supernatural realms would lead to her sacrificing herself, for their gain?' 'Will Scarlett die while sacrificing herself? Would she sacrifice her? And what would emerge when she finds out that being selfish would lead to the death of her mate?'


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