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Submitting to my Stepbrother Alpha's

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In her 20 years of existence, Cindy admired the men described in romance stories in novels. She was a bookworm who wanted to imagine herself as the heroine in the story with a happy ending. As if listening to her prayers, her mom recently got married to an Alpha of the neighboring pack. And his four sons are charming, handsome, and s*xy, just like how she imagined real-life book characters would be like. Even though they are some years older than her, this doesn’t stop them from making them feel less attractive to her. During the mating ball, Cindy finds out that all four of her stepbrothers are her mates. But, she can’t commit the forbidden. No matter how attractive they might be, they are siblings. And she can’t deny this fact. While Cindy was struggling to keep her heart at bay, her brothers were already losing restraint on themselves. Even a small encounter would make their heart flutter like petals in the breeze. Day by day, their sibling status only made them suffer in silence going unnoticed by their parents. Things are set in motion when Tristan, the twin brother of Taylor tries to woo her before her other four brothers, and their jealousy comes into light. Who knew this was just the start of her troubles? When an unknown group of wolves tries to harm Cindy, her life turns upside down. Who are they? Why are they after Cindy? Will her brothers be able to protect her from impending dangers before they find the answers to their questions? While keeping their parents' happiness in mind will they be able to set aside, their identities as siblings and connect emotionally and physically as Mates?

Chapter 1 The wedding ceremony

A car stopped right in front of the Church of the West pack.

The doors opened and a woman dressed in all white came out. It is a night of a full moon where auspicious occasions are held with the blessings of the moon goddess.

A lady came after her, who seemed to be quite younger than her.

She held onto the hand of the lady who started walking along with the bouquet in hand.

A large number of crowd from the pack had gathered to witness the occasion.

It was the second wedding of their Alpha after all.

Alpha Felix West, is the Alpha of their pack. And the woman he’s marrying is Julia Radcliff. She’s the daughter of a noble Beta in their neighboring pack.

They stopped right in front of the Alpha who stood wearing a tuxedo.

The priest arrived a second later.

Julia gave a light bow to the Alpha.

The Alpha held out her hand.

The lady who came with Julia, gave her hand to the Alpha to hold onto.

They held hands together and went up to the aisle then stood in front of the priest to take their vows.

The other girl who came with Julia is her daughter Cindy. She started walking up to where her mom was to witness the ceremony.

They finished taking their vows and kissed.

Everyone started clapping for them, as they walked together in front of the people from his pack.

It was time for Julia to toss the flower bouquet, and all the unmated ladies from the pack were getting excited to catch it.

“Throw it here.”

“No, throw it here.”

Felix chuckled, turning to Julia.

“Will you do the honor?”.

Julia nods smiling mischievously.

She turned her back to the crowd and threw the bouquet.

Cindy watched it fly high in the air.

But, the next second it landed on her hands.

The whole place was filled with silence.

Everyone watched Cindy in awe.

Cindy stared at the flowers, then looked in her mom’s direction.

“Uh,” she became perplexed.

“I didn’t intend to catch it! I-“.

“You are quite a lucky girl,” a voice remarks from behind.

Cindy turned behind her to see a man with curly brown hair and cute almond eyes.

He seemed to be a real-life book character with that handsome face that could draw any lady towards him easily.

“Pretty,” Cindy murmurs out loud without thinking.

He was a bit surprised, then laughed at her comment.

“I’m flattered at your compliment. I know I’m pretty,” he replied with a smirk.

“Ready to be the next bride?” Felix comments, walking over to their side.

Cindy stared at her new dad with curious eyes.

“Uh, nice to meet you.” she stuttered, bowing at him.

“Me too, raise your head.”

She looked at him with a nervous smile.

“I’m Felix West, the Alpha of the West pack ruling currently.” He introduced, holding out his hand to her.

“Your name?”.

She shook his hand. “I’m Cindy Radcliff, nice to meet you-“.


“Call me dad from now on.” He gave an assured smile.

She shook her head. “D-dad…”

He gave her a light hug. “That sounds better.”

“How about we go sit down to eat while doing the introductions?” Julia suggested.

“Cindy hasn’t met anyone yet.”

“Sounds fabulous,” Felix replied, pulling away.

“Let’s go, Cindy. You’ll be meeting the rest of the brothers.”

Cindy nods.

They go up to the extravagant dining place filled with servants who are serving the other guests.

The Alpha took the table different from the rest to sit with his whole family.

He sat down, and Julia sat next to him.

Cindy sat next to Julia, then sat the guy whom she called pretty.

There came another guy, who sat next to him.

Then came the other two and they also sat down.

“Three, four. Alright, you all, introduce yourself to your new sister,” Felix asserted, loosening his tie.

“I’ll have some wine for the time being. Will you pour me some, Julia?”.

“Definitely.” Julia smiled.

“I’m Harry, the eldest, Nice to meet you, Cindy,” said a guy who was just as handsome as the first brother she met. Except, he seemed to lack any emotions.

“I’m Isaac, the second, you met earlier,” said the guy with almond eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Cindy.”

“I’m Ethan, the third, nice to meet you.” said the guy next to Harry.

Cindy spotted the other guy who hadn’t introduced himself.

Seeing his face she became a bit shocked.

“Tyler?” she called, getting up from her seat with a surprised expression.

He stares in her direction and puts on a nervous smile.


“What are you doing here?” she called, pointing in his direction.

He stared down at his hand and then glanced at Felix.

“What do you mean by what I’m doing here?” he replied.

“I’m also going to be your brother from now on.”

“What?” Cindy became puzzled.

“You two, know each other?” Felix asked.

Cindy nodded. “We are childhood friends. I have known him since my primary days.”

Felix became surprised.

“Is that so?”.

“This will help you to get along well.”

“These are my four sons,” he introduced.

“There is another one, but he’s away from here for a while. You’ll see him once he comes back.”

Cindy sits down.

“Anyway, I hope all five of you get along.”

Cindy stared at all of their faces, and could only feel her heart beating.

“I’ll try my best,” she murmured, looking down.

“You never had siblings,” Julia mentioned, putting down her glass of wine.

“This will be a great opportunity for you to experience what having siblings feels like.”

Cindy looked at her mom and nodded.


After the dinner, Felix met with the rest of the guests and they decided to take a family picture together as a new family.

Felix stood next to Julia, and Cindy stood in front of them.

The other four brothers lined up behind them.

“Make sure to smile.” The photographer remarks.

After that, Felix checked the pictures and told everyone to get in the cars as they’d be leaving for the pack house.

“Cindy, you come with Tyler in our car,” Julia said.

“The rest will go in another.”

On the way, Tyler remained silent so Cindy didn’t feel like bringing up a conversation.

Reaching home, Felix was followed by his beta and his wife.

“I have already placed your luggage in your room,” she said to Julia.

She seemed to be one of the sweetest people on earth with her voice.


“Yours too, Cindy.”

“Thank you,” Cindy said with a smile.

“Your room is upstairs, with the rest of the siblings.”

“The Alpha and Luna will be staying downstairs.”

“I bet you are tired, go and have a sleep.”

“If you need anything call me. I’m in my room.”

Cindy felt a bit hesitant.

“Um…what should I call you?”.

“My name is Liz, and I’ll be your aunt from now on. So, you can call me Aunt Liz, or Aunt.”

“Not a problem for me.”

“Aunt Liz…”.

“Welcome to the West housepack,” said the beta in an unfriendly manner.

“See you tomorrow, Cindy,” Felix said, patting her on the back.


“Goodnight dear,” Julia hugged her.

She left along with Felix.

Cindy started walking upstairs on her own leaving Tyler behind.

The whole house seemed like a castle or something. The decorations for the wedding and everything, made it look so pretty.

Though Julia’s house was in quite good condition, this house seems like it’s from a book or something.

After reaching upstairs, Cindy stood in the middle of the hallway.

There were six rooms which looked no different from the other.

“Where is my room among them all?”.

“Should I call Aunt? But I just met her, should I call her again?”.

She stood there for a few minutes and decided something.

“I should check out the rooms on my own. Nothing’s better than that.”

She heaved a deep sigh and went to open the room in the middle.

"Count my blessings and hope it's the right door."

She opened the door and kept her eyes closed.

She opened her eyes slowly and noticed there wasn't anyone inside the room.

Her eyes widened. "The room is empty?".

She started taking slow steps and roamed her eyes all around the room staring at everything with quite an interest.

There were many paintings of flowers and animals.

The room was quite big for one person to live in.

But, each of them only occupy only one room.

She stabbed her toe without looking and stood in front of the table near the bed.

"Ouch.." she held onto her foot tightly, while standing on the other foot.

"My toe."

"I should've looked."

And then saw something that drew her attention.

It was a photo frame of someone.

The face was of Harry's.

She became startled.

"Is this his room?".

Someone opened the door to the room, drawing her attention.

Chapter 2 A mistake

“Aren’t you happy, that we finally have a sister?” Isaac asked Ethan with a smile on his face.

Ethan nods, taking a sip of from the glass of wine in his hands. His face was bright red, and he seemed to be intoxicated by alcohol.

Isaac took a sip from his glass of wine as well and observed Ethan and Tyler.

Tyler was sitting drinking some beer.

His face was a little bit red as well.

“But, why are we drinking when our dad got married?” Ethan managed to say between his hiccups.

Isaac smiled. “For celebration Ethan.”

“We finally have a sister that all of us wanted.”

“We need to celebrate.”

“And, we also have a new mom.”

“If this is not the time we celebrate, then when?”.

Tyler’s eyes narrowed pitifully on the glass of beer in his hands.

“A sister….” Ethan mumbled.

“She’s unbelievably beautiful.”

Tyler gazed at him from the corner of his eyes, feeling alarmed.

“Yeah, she’s beautiful.”

“But, mos

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