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Katherine Scarlett

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In her 20 years of existence, Cindy admired the men described in romance stories in novels. She was a bookworm who wanted to imagine herself as the heroine in the story with a happy ending. As if listening to her prayers, her mom recently got married to an Alpha of the neighboring pack. And his four sons are charming, handsome, and s*xy, just like how she imagined real-life book characters would be like. Even though they are some years older than her, this doesn’t stop them from making them feel less attractive to her. During the mating ball, Cindy finds out that all four of her stepbrothers are her mates. But, she can’t commit the forbidden. No matter how attractive they might be, they are siblings. And she can’t deny this fact. While Cindy was struggling to keep her heart at bay, her brothers were already losing restraint on themselves. Even a small encounter would make their heart flutter like petals in the breeze. Day by day, their sibling status only made them suffer in silence going unnoticed by their parents. Things are set in motion when Tristan, the twin brother of Taylor tries to woo her before her other four brothers, and their jealousy comes into light. Who knew this was just the start of her troubles? When an unknown group of wolves tries to harm Cindy, her life turns upside down. Who are they? Why are they after Cindy? Will her brothers be able to protect her from impending dangers before they find the answers to their questions? While keeping their parents' happiness in mind will they be able to set aside, their identities as siblings and connect emotionally and physically as Mates?

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After running away from her old pack, Sophie accidentally bumps into Alpha Leo, who is the leader of the strongest pack ever existed. What's worse is that he finds out she's his mate. Sophie had been living a worse life in her old pack which consists of vampires, as a human she was treated like a slave to them. Going through so much torture while growing up she decided to run away when she was 18, only to bump into Alpha Leo, a leader wolf in London. Leo is the young heir to his pack, who is usually considered cold-hearted and rude according to his pack members which everyone fears and respects as the Alpha. When he met Sophie, he fell for her beauty, and the inner wolf hinted him as his mate. When he finds out that she's his mate, he mates with her and claims her as his. He takes her with him to London, where his pack is by force to get married. When he presents her in front of his pack members as his Luna, the pack members tell her to transform into her wolf form, which she is unable to do. It when then he finds out that she's just a normal human who doesn't have a wolf. Feeling devasted he also finds out that her family was the reason why the other wolves remaining in this world were disappearing. When Leo finds out that she's his enemy from the vampire pack, what's going to happen to Sophie who became his mate? Will he reject the mate bond and kick her out of his Pack? or keep her by his side in the fight against the rest of the Vampires'? Will love bloom admist the chaos and the fight between the two enemy packs?


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