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Refusing The Warlord Alpha

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When the Alpha king fell with no heir and no family. The wolf world turned to chaos with no king on the throne. It is every pack for itself. War breaks out as packs begin to attack other packs trying to lay claim to the throne. No one is safe. Levi just wants to protect her sister. Her pack is attacked and already being weak from previous attacks and her sister is taken. Levi was on a mission to save her sister when she finds herself kidnapped by an Alpha known as the Warlord. He is ruthless and intent on taking the throne for himself …until he lays eyes on Levi and his wolf howls mate. Will he change his ways and help save the wolf world and earn Levi's love.

Chapter 1

****Warning: book contains scenes of abuse, sexual content, violence, adult content, and foul language. Some scenes may be triggers to some and are not appropriate for all ages. Readers discretion is advised Thank you for reading- S.E Dymek****


Her chest hit the cold hard ground. She laid flat against the ground trying not to be seen. Pieces of dirt floating up into the air around her. The smell of the earth invaded her nostrils. Her blonde braided hair falling infront of her dirt stained face as she looked out over their encampment. She had been tracking them for miles. It had felt like days had passed each time she got a little closer. She was counting them. They were the size of a small army; there were too many of them. She looked up at the sky. The sun was setting and in a few minutes night would fall. that would be her opportunity should have to wait till then and blend in with the shadows. Her heart racing and her blood pumping; this was taking too long. She needed to do this and needed to be nightfall. She had to get to her.

"Do you think she's still alive? " A warm voice came from the side of her. The voice was hesitant to ask the question.

" She better f*ck*ng be. or I will burn and slaughter them all." Levi said her voice was solid and certain as she spoke the words.

" Levi." He said again still being cautious but she cut him off

"Don't f*ck*ng Levi me I don't care what I have to do. who I have to kill, she's alive and we're getting her out of there." Levi said in a harsh whisper.

"I'm just saying we need more proof that she's here before we go in-

"D*mn it Brandon what did I just say? I don't need you. I can do this by myself. You chose to come so I'm going in there as soon as it's dark and I am finding her. You can come or not." She said whooping around and looking at him. Her blonde hair was a mess. There were twigs and sticks all in it.

She felt bad looking at him; they hadn't slept in days; he was covered in dirt. His dark red brown hair had dead leaves in it. There were bags underneath his gray eyes. He was exhausted, she watched him lean back against the dirt, looking like he could pass out any moment.

The attack happened so fast, their small pack was dwindling to nothing. They were still in the process of recovering from the last raid. At Least the last pack that came through didnt take prisoners. They took their supplies and lives were lost but did not take hostage. Their Alpha was killed in two raids ago along with his son and heir. Beta John has now stepped up but there hasn't had time for the pack, what was left of it to swear loyalty to him. Was happy about that. He had been mindlinking her for the last several days ordering her to come back. She was thankful he wasn't officially the Alpha because he could order her back. Even though he was beta she had always been able to resist his commands. Others thought it was odd, she thought she was just stubborn then the rest.

Brandon was one of the few loyal ones left. She figured Beta John had not noticed Brandon was gone because he has not tried to contact Brandon. As soon as she took off, Brandon was right behind her. He started off by following her. No matter how many times she tried to lose him he was still not giving up. He wasn't letting her go alone. He should have let her go alone; she'll hate herself if anything happens to him but she needs to get to Rose. She looked up at the sky once more.

The moon was now out and then the sun was taking its time going down. She watched a small campfire begin to light up the open space they were camping in. She crawled up through the brush trying to get a better look. She knew Brandon was right and she needed to find out a more certain area where they might be holding Rose.

She looked back and Brandon had still not moved from his spot. A small spark of hope that maybe she could do this without him. Without putting him in danger. She continued to army crawl through the brush. Twigs and branches reached out scratching her skin. Leave small cuts all over her arms and legs. She didn't even react, she had a mission and it was to save her sister. She made it to the clearing still hiding upon the brush. She began counting tents, ten all together. They had split up. How did she miss that they split up? There was at least double the amount the last time she had caught up to them. She needed to get Rose tonight.

She got up off the ground in a crouch position and began moving as careful and quickly as she could. She got to the first tent using it as coverage. The fire out in front casting shadows on it. She needed to see inside of it. A small flap was cut in the side of the tent almost like a window. Levi crept to it peering in. Two men laid on cots eyes close and on the verge of snoring. She glanced about to see if she could see any signs of Rose. Nothing in that tent was showing her that Rose had been there.

Head down and running she raced to the next tent. Her blood pumping heart raced. She needed to be quick and stealthy. She was watching the shadows that crossed in front of the flames. She had been able to mindlink Rose up until yesterday and now it was silent. Levi was scared that she was hurt and unconscious or worse. Her stomach knotted up inside of her as she moved to the next tent. The or worse lingering in her mind.

“Levi where the f*ck are you?” Brandon’s voice came to her in mindlink.

“Stay where you are. I am scoping things out. I will come back with a game plan.” Levi said lying to him.

“The hell you are. You're in there aren't you.” Brandon sent back anger in his voice.

“It's fine.” Levi said, blowing off the anger in his voice.

“D*mn it Levi!” Brandon sent to her she could tell he was on the verge of panicking and rushing trying to be a hero.

“Stay where you are, if you come in here guns blazing being the hero you'll get us all killed.” Levi sent it back to him.

“F*ck Levi.” Brandon sent back to her knowing she was right.

“I’m safe. It will be ok.” Levi sent it to him, praying that he would listen.

She had moved on to the third tent searching for Rose. A sign she was there. A beer bottle was chucked behind the tent landing just inches from her. She flinched and then duck trying to stay out of sight. She used the shadows and darkness to cover her as she continued her way sneaking through the camp. She could see a big community fire going out in the middle of their camp site. Men were around it drinking and laughing, well others had retired to bed. She walked by several empty tents, knowing they must be long to the men gathered around the fire. She was getting closer to the community fire and becoming more and more aware that she was getting deeper and deeper into their camp site. Brandon had not mind linked her in a few minutes and she prayed he was listening and staying put.

She came upon a bigger tent, it had several openings in it for air flow. One was opened and it was covered with a mesh like material. Levi peeked in and to her surprise she saw a flash of strawberry blond hai. Her heart skipped a beat trying to see where the girl went. Her hopes were high praying it was Rose. She looked around trying to peer through the mesh. She couldn't see anything so she moved to the other window on the opposite side of the tent. She was starting to be a little reckless but she needed to know if it was Rose.

Peeking into the tent she found a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring at her. She knew these eyes and she felt her own eyes weld up with tears. Rose had a gag in her mouth, she looked like she had been beaten but she was alive. Her brown eyes looked at Levi like she didn't believe she was truly there.

“I’m going to get you out of here.” Levi sent it to her through a mind link.

Rose shook her head no, hearing the mindlink. Levi scowled at her and shook her head back. There was no way she was leaving this camp without her. She needed a distraction and she needed to know how many men were around.

“Levi, you need to go before they catch you.” Rose sent back to her, her eyes begging her to listen.

“No, I am not leaving without you.” Levi sent back to her, she needed to see what the front of the tent looked like.

“Rose, are there any guards in there with you?” Levi sent her through mindlink.

There was no answer. Levi stopped debating on going back to the window to look through.

“Rose!” Levi shouted at her through mindlink.

“Ok fellas, we have our entertainment now . Lets give us a show Lass.” A man’s voice laughed as Levi could hear a struggle.

Her heart sank as she peeked around the tent and to the community fire. Rose was being dragged towards it.

Chapter 2


She needed a distraction, something to get their attention away from Rose. That way she could get Rose. That they could escape and take off. Something long enough and big enough that it would make chasing after them the less important thing to do.

“Levi go.” Rose’s voice chimed in her head.

‘I'm not going anywhere without you.” Levi sent back growling.

“You need to go.” Rose said, cutting the mindlink off.

“Brandon.” Levi said mindlinking him.

“Levi.” Brandon sent back his stern voice trying to cover up the panic and worry in it.

“I’ve found Rose. She's alive and out in the open right now. We need a distraction.” Levi said, creeping around the tent trying to keep eyes on her.

“Distraction…ok…ok i got it. Don’t do anything till you see it.” Brandon sent back almost begging her to listen.

“Hurry.” Levi said to him her eyes fixated on Rose.


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