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My Stepson Is My Mate

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“I will teach you how to pleasure me,” I trail a hand down his smooth-muscled chest, loving the bulge of his muscles under me. “You don't get to teach me, baby. I know the right way to f*ck you.” He leaned close to whisper, “You have the chance to back out. But if you don't, I'm going to f*ck you hard against the door. So hard that you won't be able to walk for a week.” "Then, do it," I challenged. **** Before I met him, I was the lone Luna who ran away from the pack; away from my responsibilities. I was determined to hide out in the human world until I met a man who was willing to take me in. Though I never loved him, I got married to him. However, a few days into the marriage, I discovered that I had a stepson. And what was worse? My young stepson is my mate.....

Chapter 1 He's My Mate

“My son is returning today,” Gordon crossed his left leg over his right, with his hands propped on them, as he went through the daily papers. “Hmm,” I nodded as I continued to type on my phone. It wasn't until the words fully sank in, did I turn to look at him. “Your son?” I widened my eyes, shocked by his words. “What do you mean by your son? I never knew you had a son,” I tried not to sound so shocked. “Well, I do. He has been away for years. Hell, I've not seen my son for close to seventeen years. He just called this morning, to inform me of his intended visit," he said like it wasn't much of a big deal. “Oh, he's coming for a visit?” I forced a smile. “That's good.” No, it's not good. It can never be good.“Not for a visit. He had a falling out with his mother, so he will be here until he returns to school. He wishes to spend the summer holiday with us.” He said as if it didn't matter. He's taking everything lightly when I'm almost combusting from shock. “Us?” I rose from the couch. “For God's sake, Gordon. Why didn't you tell me of this until now?” I felt like growling at him, but I kept the urge in place. How did I end up with someone like him? Oh, I know. I had to do what I could, to be safe.“What's wrong?” He furrowed his brows at me. “Why are you making a big deal out of this?” He closed the newspaper he was reading, and fully faced me, “it's not a big deal. He's—”“Not a big deal? Why don't I make a big deal out of this when you didn't deem it necessary to tell me of your son's return?”Goddess help me. I got married to a man without knowing he had a son. And by the sound of it, his son is a teenager!He ran a hand through his hair. His blonde hair is tousled because of the number of times he has run a hand through them. He looked as tired as he had always been.“I only got to know of this a few hours ago. Just like you, I'm not prepared," He peered up at me with fatigued eyes. Though his eyes are blue. Most times, they seem to change to Green, depending on how the light hits them. I met Gordon on one of my long runs from the members of my pack. Had he not saved me those nights ago, I would have been dragged back to my pack, kicking and screaming. My responsibilities are one of the reasons I ran away from the pack. But most important is the Alpha of the Dark Mirth. As a Luna, I needed an Alpha to rule the pack with. And he was the man my father chose for me. I was to get mated to him a year ago, but I ran away that night. Since then, my pack has been on my tail. Gordon met me after a bloodied fight with my pack. Getting married to him was me repaying the debt I owed. “Are you even listening to me?” He asked, startling me from my thoughts. His blue eyes bore into mine.“Of course!” I nervously chuckled when all I wanted to do was yell at him until his hair turned grey. But I didn't do that — I had to pretend like I'm not freaking out. When I'm freaking the hell out!“Then, it's settled.” He took up the newspaper he discarded, looking more relaxed than I felt. To him, it won't be a big deal, but to me, it is. A week into my marriage, I discovered that my so-called husband has a son, who's coming over to spend the holidays with us. Talk about catching someone unawares. They swooped in and had me off my feet with the surprise.“Then, I will —”The doorbell rang, perfectly cutting off the words I intended to say. “I believe he's the one.” He rose from the couch and strode towards the door, while I trailed after him.'It's only a kid. You don't have to be nervous. Since he's related to Gordon, he's human. He can't hurt you.'Chels, my wolf, tried to comfort me. Yet, it didn't ease my nerves. I felt like running into the room, to hide out, but I stood my ground. Just like Chels said, he's a kid. He can't be that older than—The words froze in my mind when the door opened and I finally saw my stepson. Goddess in a miniskirt. I took a step back as my eyes racked through his body. His 'long top short side hairstyle' was curled on the top, making his black hair shine brighter. Though he stood a bit far from me, I'm aware he's more than 6 feet (1.83 m) tall, since he's taller than Gordon. His brown eyes seem to have a dark aura in them. It's as if he's keeping a deadly secret. My eyes roamed his body. He's clothed in black tight slacks, with a black polo underneath a leather jacket. His black boots complemented the bad-boy vibes he was trying to give out.However, that wasn't what made me take a step back. It was his scent. He smelled like a winter morning and the wood. Just a smell, but it was able to make me feel like in sitting in a cabin in the woods, with the fire crackling in the fireplace, as the snow fell outside. 'Mate!'My wolf growled, startling me from my thoughts. I took more steps back and slowly shook my head. My wolf must be out of her senses, there is no way a human can ever be my mate. Moreover, it has been years since the moon goddess punished us by removing the mate bond. Now, we only marry anyone whom our heart chooses, and not the one the moon goddess deemed for us. 'Mate! He's our mate.' Chels sounded eager to jump the poor boy's bone. Hush!He can never be our mate! You are clearly out of your senses.I tried to get my wolf in check before she does something to embarrass me in the presence of my hot stepson. Wait a minute, did I just call him hot?“Son,” Gordon took a step towards his son, while I forced a smile, trying to get my wolf to stop spurting nonsense.“Mmm.”The boy gave him a freezing stare. “Why are you standing here as if you are having a welcome party?” He snapped at a stunned Gordon. His voice sounded raspy, almost like that of those who smoke cigarettes. My eyes immediately went to his beautiful lips, which weren't as charred as those of smokers. “Well, you stepmother and I wanted to welcome —”“Stepmother?” He glanced up. And for the first time, since he stepped into the house, our eyes met. My heart skipped a beat, and my palms got sweaty. But that wasn't the worst reaction. Instantly, my stomach clenched, and I felt a bit of discomfort in my p*ssy. Goddess! What's going on with me? Why do I suddenly have this urge to have s*x with him?“My stepmother?” He scoffed as his eyes racked through my body. His eyes darkened in anger, not arousal. “What's wrong?” Gordon asked, with a scowl. He didn't answer his father's question. Instead, he carried his suitcase and entered the house. “Where is my room?” He asked, without turning to look at his father. “It's upstairs, the second door by your right.” Gordon supplied, still trying to please his son, who didn't seem to notice that. He gently closed the door and locked it. “Good.” He carried his suitcase towards me. However, before he walked past me, he leaned in to whisper, “Gold-digging wh*r*.” He straightened before he continued towards the stairs. I blushed hard from both the embarrassment of his words, and his proximity. Instead of being angry, I felt a bit giddy because I caught a whiff of his unique scent. “I apologize for his actions, Chrysalis,” Gordon forced a smile. “He's just a child, you don't have to blame him.” He glanced at the stairs with an indescribable expression on his face. “How old is your son?” I raised a brow at him. “Nineteen. His birthday was two weeks ago.”“What?”I gasped.

Chapter 2 A voyeur

I stared hard at the door that belonged to my stepson. Despite knowing, he's too young for me, I still have this urge in me to mark him and make him mine. 'He's ours!' Chels possessively growled. “Oh, shut up."It's worse enough that he's my stepson. However, his age made it seem like I was an old paedophile who had the hots for my stepson. My heart skipped a beat when his door opened, and he stepped out. His eyes immediately went to me. Those chocolate brown eyes racked through my body. He started from the crown of my head to my feet before his lips went up in a smirk. “Lost your way, gold digger?” He sneered, looking like he was having so much fun.“I… You… " I swallowed, not knowing what to say. His presence robbed me of all coherent thought. His smell drove me crazy, prompting me to have unholy thoughts towards my stepson. “Cat got your tongue?” He folded his arms, causing

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