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My Stepson Is My Mate

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“I will teach you how to pleasure me,” I trail a hand down his smooth-muscled chest, loving the bulge of his muscles under me. “You don't get to teach me, baby. I know the right way to f*ck you.” He leaned close to whisper, “You have the chance to back out. But if you don't, I'm going to f*ck you hard against the door. So hard that you won't be able to walk for a week.” "Then, do it," I challenged. **** Before I met him, I was the lone Luna who ran away from the pack; away from my responsibilities. I was determined to hide out in the human world until I met a man who was willing to take me in. Though I never loved him, I got married to him. However, a few days into the marriage, I discovered that I had a stepson. And what was worse? My young stepson is my mate.....


Cynthia-joice Sibanda

Review after half of the novel

Glad that I got the chance to read such an interesting love story between chrys and jaden. This novel is really good and u enjoyed every bit of it. At first when starting to read I felt bad for Jaden's dad because it felt like his love for chrys was genuine so it felt wrong to want her and jaden to be together but at the same time it felt right because he was her mate or maybe the thought of them stealing their secrets moment s from her husband felt so right and wrong and I got to enjoy it the most I'll never know . but as the story begun to unfold and I got to learn the relationship between jaden and his father I no longer had doubts because the pity that I felt died when I realized that jaden's dad was a monster in disguise waiting for the right opportunity to use both chrys and jaden for his own benefits . When chrys and jaden got separated I was I little bit worried that she had lost her mate because when she met him again he had lost his memory and had a new wife and he seemed to love her but this novel proved that love can withstand all and they got back together with a baby

March 3, 2024

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