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Lycan Prince Matteo

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Freya is the adoptive daughter of the warrior mated couple of the Midnight Pack. She didn't have a scent, so everyone thought that she didn't have a wolf, just like humans. Matteo Harith is the Lycan prince, soon to be king, who was waiting for his mate. He had smelled her since 9 years ago in the palace, but after that, he never found her, no matter how much he looked for her. When Matteo was assigned by his king's father to look into the case of a pack that had been wiped out, he lived in the Midnight Pack and found Freya. The moment Matteo stepped out of his SUV, Freya found out that he was her mate. But Matteo couldn't smell her at all. A tournament that had been held within the pack made Matteo find Freya to be his mate when their eyes met. When Matteo finally smelled Freya's scent, it was also the time that she remembered what had happened in her childhood and that the palace had refused to help them when they asked, which caused her biological parents' death. What is he going to do when Freya was blaming the royals and wanted to reject him even after they mark each other?

Chapter 1


“Oops, I'm sorry.” Britney, who is known for her disrespectful behavior, sneered at me after purposely bumping into me while I was retrieving my school supplies from my locker. After I had managed to control my anger, I looked at her and felt grateful that my wolf and I had agreed not to lose our cool.

I glanced downward and attempted to pass her, but she refused to let me do so. Instead, she intentionally tripped me, causing me to fall. To make matters worse, she joined the others in laughing at my misfortune.

‘Stay calm, Frey.’ As my wolf tried to calm me, she reminded me. Before getting up, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I am unsure why Pi, my wolf, appeared to be calmer than I was. Typically, our wolves were prone to losing their composure easily and behaving irrationally. It was quite peculiar that my wolf, on the other hand, was very level-headed, which is opposite to my nature.

"Oh, I apologize once again," Britney said, chuckling alongside her minions. I decided to walk away from them because I knew they would continue as long as they saw me.

As I turned the corner to head to my next class, I unintentionally collided with a solid chest. Instantly, I felt a wave of regret wash over me as I glanced up to see the person it belonged to. Joric, the next Alpha, or rather, the future Alpha, was smirking at me.

He is another bully, similar to Britney, who has a high opinion of himself simply because he is the next alpha. In terms of strength, he is significantly weaker than his future beta and gamma. The sole qualification that made him eligible to become an alpha was his status as the current alpha's son.

He exclaimed animatedly, "How did I get so lucky to finally find you?" He was accompanied by his minions as well, and I was relieved that his future beta and gamma were not close to him. Both of them were responsible. That could possibly explain why they were not friends in any way.

With my head down, I informed him, "I am heading to my next class." He enjoys it when I or any member of the pack does that. He derives a sense of superiority from this, which in turn boosts his ego.

"You don't have to do that. I can speak to your teacher and ask them to pass you. That is, if you give me a bl** job," he said, glancing at his friends, who joined in with laughter. I would prefer to fail rather than subject him to that. However, I refrained from expressing that to him and opted for a different response.

"I expressed my reluctance to argue with Britney as she had already caused me considerable trouble," I informed him. Although they were not friends, Britney was still very interested in him and desired to be with him.

"You're here," Clay said, cutting off Joric before he could respond. "I have been searching for you. Shall we go?" he said, gently taking my hand. Before we turn our backs on them, we both glance at the future alpha and notice him glaring at Clay. Joric was unable to take any action against my friend because he was aware that he would not be able to defeat him.

As we walked away, a sigh of relief escaped me, grateful that Clay had arrived just in the nick of time. Clay chuckled and remarked, "You seem to have been fortunate in encountering both the jerk and the wh***."

Yes, I am already aware of that. "I'm not sure if it was my scent that attracted them to wherever I was," I responded.

He added, "I also want to believe that they are the only ones who can detect your scent, which was missing from our noses," and we both shared a laugh.

Clay is a dear friend to me, and I truly hope that he becomes my companion. And, of course, he isn't because I have already found mine, and I prefer not to think about him. I was walking with my friend, who is only 17 but has a mature mindset. He was concerned about the well-being of the pack and its members, as well as the future gamma, Alec, who is also my friend.

As he mentioned, I had no scent. None of them knew that I already had my wolf. That's why. I had initially planned to inform him and Alec about it, but I ultimately decided against it. I didn't want them to perceive me as abnormal simply because I lacked a scent. Each wolf possesses its distinct scent. Not having one simply indicates that you are either a human or another species. Regardless of the type of creature I am, it is expected that I would possess a distinct scent. I also have concerns about that, but my intuition tells me that we are special and different from others. I found myself shaking my head in response to that matter.

Is it possible? I asked Clay, and he looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I chuckled at his reaction because I was aware that both of them were rather foolish and could not clearly detect scents that were undetectable to others.

If that were indeed true, I would be happy. He replied that at least there is something that the future alpha considers worthy of the position. "By the way, I was searching for you because I wanted to inform you that the Lycan Prince will be visiting the school," he stated, causing me to tense up.

He asked, "Why? What's wrong?" Perhaps he sensed my response. "Don't be afraid of him. You haven't done anything wrong, and we both understand that the Lycans, particularly the royals, simply expect us to adhere to the rules," he reassured.

I am not afraid of Lycans or any members of the royal family. The reason was the Lycan Prince himself, who also happened to be my mate. Yes, I was married to a Lycan prince who is also the future king. Being in a relationship with a Lycan was already challenging. What would be the additional cost for a prince who is destined to become a king? Ever since I discovered his infidelity, I have been experiencing chest pain.

Freya, are you feeling okay? He asked, and then I caught a whiff of his scent. I sniffed and realized it was my friend. He was headed towards our location, and my immediate instinct was to run. I had intended to run away, but unfortunately, I was unable to do so in time. I have already seen him and his future beta, along with the woman who had her arms around him.

I wanted to express to him that he belonged to me, but how can I convey that when he is unable to even smell my scent? Clay gently grasped my arm while he lowered his head in a bow. I kept my head down, deliberately avoiding eye contact with him. I was afraid that if I looked into his eyes, my wolf would instinctively attack him, putting both of our lives at risk.

"I want him, Frey," Pi said. I wanted to express my desire for him as well, but Clay held my hand and greeted them.

“Your Highness.” I continued to look downward, observing his hand intertwined with the female Lycan. I felt a surge of anger welling up inside me, and it seemed that Clay could sense it as well. "Hey Frey, are you alright?" he asked, sounding concerned. His words jolted me out of my anger, prompting me to turn and face him with a smile.

"I apologize, but I just recalled something," I responded, keeping my head lowered.

What was it that you remembered that caused your anger to arise? "I could sense it; it seemed like you had a desire to harm someone," my friend remarked.

Whenever she remembers her bullies, she sometimes feels that way. "She doesn't have her wolf yet," Clay answered on my behalf, as everyone looked down at her.

"Pathetic," the female Lycan uttered, causing me to grit my teeth. However, Pi's comforting presence in my mind helped calm me down.

"Eunice!" my friend shouted, causing everyone to turn their attention towards him, except for me. I hope nobody noticed because I kept my head down. He stated that she was part of the group and should be treated equally, just like everyone else. I am glad that he is different from the others, but it made me angry to see that female Lycan touching his arms.

"We will now proceed to our class, Your Highness," Clay said, and he gently guided me away after receiving his permission.

"Thank you, Clay," I said, as I rested my head on his chest. I experienced a mixture of nervousness and anger simultaneously. Ever since I discovered that the Lycan prince is mine, his presence has made me feel uneasy.

Chapter 2


I am Freya Collins, an 18-year-old she-wolf of the Midnight Pack. The pack didn't know that I had a wolf because I didn't have a scent, and I didn't have any intention of letting them know about it. I was raised by my dad, Lucas, and mom, Rica, both of whom are my adoptive parents, who were pack warriors as well. They love me like their own, and so do I. They are always supportive of me, and, unknown to the pack as well, they have been training me since I was a kid.

My adoptive parents found me on the pack’s border, and I don't know how I got there because I don't have any memories of the incident before I woke up from the pack hospital. My adoptive parents told me that I was heavily wounded, and that might have caused my memories to be lost. Because they love me, I never try to find anything about myself or my biological parents anymore.

But my adoptive parents told me what I needed to know, and they asked me to hide it from the pack

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