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Lovella Novela

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About me

Writing is a fascinating journey where my ideas dance across paper, allowing me to share my feelings and create new worlds. It's a timeless kind of escape and restorative art. I connect, inspire, and immortalize ideas with words. Writing helps me make sense of my inner symphony by transforming chaos into clarity. It's a gift to my spirit, the alchemy of expression. Please follow me on FB- Lovella Novela


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Adeline Galdur is a 20-year-old alpha’s daughter who doesn’t believe in a mate bond. She has a boyfriend and plans to get married, and mark him. She’s smart, strong, and also the pride of her pack, the Nightingale Pack. Kaiser Heroux is the fierce, strong, and powerful alpha of the Blue Moon Pack who enjoys intimate relations with different she-wolves, even as he waits for his mate. During one of his encounters, a witch placed a curse on him, decreeing that he would only find his mate in another world. Initially dismissing it, he continued with his life. When he encountered Adeline and suddenly disappeared, he remembered the curse the witch had placed on him. However, he chose to ignore it, attributing Adeline’s vanishing act to her intentions, which left him infuriated. Despite his feelings for her, he engaged with other she-wolves even more when he felt her infidelity. Adeline wasn’t sure what was happening—being pulled and pushed into Kaiser’s world. She couldn’t smell him yet, so she remained unaware that he was her mate. Consequently, she continued her relationship with Mike, causing Kaiser's unbearable pain. Although he started getting used to it, he still sensed it whenever Adeline was intimate with her boyfriend. When the Blue Moon appeared in Adeline’s world, she found herself back in Kaiser’s realm and finally smelled him. However, the sight of him engaging intimately with another she-wolf sparked her anger. How will they navigate their interdimensional bond when they have no idea when and how Adeline will come and go from Kaiser’s world? What challenges will they face when Kaiser’s counterpart in Adeline's world is an adversary she must confront, and when Adeline’s counterpart in Kaiser’s world is being used to separate them? Why do their paths cross when they hail from two different worlds?


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