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Fearing Fate

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It has been 30 years since the Fated Plague has decimated werewolf packs all over the world and fated mates is a thing of fairy tales. For Diamond "Daya" and her 4 sisters, they lost everything- their parents, their pack, and their birthright. Years later, Daya returns to her original territory to claim back what is rightfully hers. What she wasn't expecting was to meet her fated mate- the first time anyone has had a fated mate in over 20 years- Alpha Darius. Will Daya stick to her plan, fulfill her lifelong mission, and reject a mate she never wanted? Find out in Fearing Fate!

Chapter 1

Daya POV

My feet hit the forest floor over and over again- taking me away from the place I have called home for the last twelve years. I breathe in the crisp morning air as it stings my nose and lungs with each inhale I take. I dodge branches, hop over roots, and rip through freshly spun spider webs.

I am not sure how long I have been running, but the sun is not up yet. There is a calmness in the forest that I try to take in to still my own nerves. I reach a clearing and look up to the morning sky as the sun begins to make its ascent. I let out a deep sigh and look back in the direction from where I ran. I wipe the sweat from my brow and tighten my ponytail.

Time to head back and begin my last day here with the Eclipse Pack. Tomorrow is the first day of my journey to take back mine and my sisters’ birthright- our original territory.

Everyone wonders if supernatural beings are real- we are. We live amongst humans and blend in like any other person you would see on the street. Unless trained in how to determine

what we are, you wouldn’t know that you are looking at a werewolf.

That’s what I am.

We live in packs not far from human cities. We prefer to seclude ourselves in forests so that we are free to roam in our wolf forms. Like I said, we look just like any regular person, but our wolves- they are beautiful. Bigger than an average wolf, stronger, and faster. Our wolf spirits manifest when we are sixteen years old, and we can shift whenever we want or need to after that point. Although, as werewolves, we are a fantasy personified, my life is not perfect- for the last thirty years, werewolves have been living in fear, wars, and loss. Every werewolf pack around the world is trying to re-establish a sense of stability and normalcy.

I make my way back to my house- well, not my house- the house of my guardians, Andre and Ophelia. They have been looking after me since I was twelve years old. They were two of my father’s best warriors.

My father, Alpha Bronson, ensured the survival of me and my sisters by having the five of us hidden with his most trusted pack members across the country. Andre and Ophelia have been amazing guardians. They have trained me to be an impressive warrior, seeing as how I showed an interest in fighting and sparring when I was younger.

The Eclipse Pack is in Washington and was originally Ophelia and Andre’s pack before they were recruited to be warriors for my father at my home pack, the Veritas Pack, which was in the Catskill area of the northeast. Tomorrow, I make my way back to the region where my father once had the biggest werewolf pack in the country.

He had.

I remember the pain in my father’s eyes as he sent me and my sisters away, just three years after losing his mate- our mother- to the unfortunate plague that took the lives of tens of thousands of our kind.

I cannot dwell about all of that now. I have to finish preparing for my trip.

“Diamond Joy Stone! Where have you been?!” Ophelia shouted from the front porch of her and Andre’s house. She and her brother are incredible physical specimens. Ophelia is 5 '10 and keeps her sleek, black hair in a chin-length bob. While Andre is 6’3, lean, and muscular. He keeps his hair short, but rocks a well-manicured beard. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe I was related to them in some way since I am a decent height at 5’7, with black hair that falls just past my shoulders. The biggest difference is my light brown eyes compared to their green eyes. Andre and Ophelia also have a fair complexion, while I have olive skin, which I inherited from my mother- she was beautiful.

“Relax, Ophelia,” Andre stepped in to calm his sister. “She clearly went for one of her early morning runs. Have something on your mind, Daya? What couldn’t wait for the morning training session to work off some of that anxious energy?”

Andre was always so observant. He and Ophelia have become like an older brother and sister to me. It will be really difficult leaving them tomorrow morning.

“Oh, you know me. Always trying to stay busy. A busy body leaves less room for the mind to wander,” I replied, with a shrug of my shoulders, and then glanced down at the ground, looking at the loose gravel that I’m digging my foot into.

“You know you don’t have to leave, Daya. You have become a great fighter and warrior for the Eclipse Pack. Alpha Otto has definitely noticed you more over the last couple of years. Perhaps he may consider you for a chosen mate,” Ophelia suggested.

My posture immediately stiffened at the thought, and I don’t need a mirror to see that my eyes rolled so far to the back of my head, I’m surprised they didn’t get stuck. Andre suppressed a chuckle at the same moment.

“Ophelia, you know I have no interest in choosing a mate. You and Andre have not chosen mates and look how happy you both are. Besides, as father’s oldest living heir, his former territory is rightfully mine. Taking a mate, especially an Alpha, would mean that land would go to him. I will get his territory back for me and my sisters to share amongst us,” I said firmly, with growing annoyance.

As if they don’t know what my plan is! I have been preparing for this since Andre and Ophelia informed me of my father’s death just one year after he sent my sisters and me away.

“I do not need a mate to do what I’m setting out to do. If anything, taking a mate will only get in my way,” I stated while crossing my arms.

“We know your views about taking a chosen mate. And yes, Ophelia and I are happy enough without mates, that doesn’t mean we don’t crave companionship,” Andre replied in his calming tone, most likely to help me and my wolf relax.

I can feel her stirring within my mind. I remember making the decision to never take a mate when I was 16 and got my wolf. I remember thinking that she was all I needed to be happy- her and my sisters. But the five of us were all scattered across the country. I know that if I can reclaim our father’s territory, I can get us all back together.

“Daya, are you listening?” Andre interrupted my inner thoughts and brought me back to the present moment.

“Yes. Of course. What were you saying about mates?” I didn’t want him and Ophelia to think I wasn’t taking their opinions seriously.

Andre sighed and continued, “Ophelia and I have companions that we have been seeing regularly for the last couple of years. I have been seeing Katarina, one of the teachers at the pack’s school. And Ophelia has been dating Duncan, one of the pack warriors as well. We plan to make them our chosen mates on the next full moon. We were planning on telling you tonight at dinner, before you left in the morning.”

I listened to what Andre said and I had no words. My mouth dropped open and my shoulders slumped forward. I looked back and forth between Ophelia and Andre several times before I regained my ability to put words together.

“So… You two have been keeping this from me? Then waiting for me to leave and be out of the picture so you can take chosen mates without me being in your way?” I was practically growling.

I felt my wolf coming forward, and Ophelia and Andre confirmed her presence when they both let out gasps. Clearly my light brown eyes had changed to the glowing gold hue of my wolf. I tried to take calming breaths. I was not angry at them. They were grown adults, well into their thirties. They took me in when they were my age and didn’t question my father’s request to protect me. Many werewolves took chosen mates, especially after the plague that has eradicated the possibility of any werewolf ever having a fated mate again.

The same plague that killed my mother, broke my father’s heart, and brought our world into shambles and war. The Fated Plague, as it’s become known as, wreaked havoc amongst the werewolf world about 30 years ago. A curse from the Moon Goddess is what most people believe. The same Goddess that selects a werewolf’s soulmate, a fated mate, for them to share the rest of their lives with. I remember being a young girl and dreaming of finding my fated mate. I watched my mother and father display their love and affection for one another. I wanted what they had. But the Fated Plague changed all of that. One day, werewolves were dreaming of finding their fated mates under the full moon each month, and the next, werewolves were dying by the dozens. All because they had found and accepted their fated mates. Finding one’s fated mate became a death sentence. Many werewolves made the difficult decision to reject their fated mates to prevent either person from dying of the plague. After the first decade, packs all over the world were reduced to fractions of their original size- my father’s pack was no different. We lost our mother when I was 9. Many werewolves did not survive the loss of their mates once claimed by the plague. Father somehow survived her death. Because packs were losing members each day, wars broke out to take advantage of vulnerable packs. With my father having the largest pack, and covering a massive territory, many packs, and rogue wolves (wolves without packs) targeted my father. That was why he insisted my sisters and I be sent away. He wanted to ensure that we were kept safe and not taken captive or killed.

The plague instilled fear in many of the mate bond. The strongest force that exists for our kind. The connection to your soulmate, your other half. It was discovered that taken a chosen mate, someone who isn’t your fated mate, would not put you at risk of dying of the plague. So fated mates are a concept of the past. Nobody has reported experiencing the pull of the mate bond under a full moon in over two decades. Chosen mates are the current practice. It is similar to what humans do- find someone you care about a lot and have a decent connection with. Over time you grow to love them and hope to stay in love with them. The fated mate bond left nothing up for debate.

I remember my mother telling me that the pull of the fated mate bond is so intense, it is impossible to fight and resist. And once you lay eyes on your mate under the full moon, your wolves immediately develop that connection and both individuals are filled with desire- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Alas, that is a thing of the past- fated mates are practically a thing of fairy tales. Like I said, I am not interested in taking a chosen mate. I am content alone. But I understand Andre and Ophelia’s desire to take mates. I owe them an apology.

“I apologize for my brash reaction. I know you both have sacrificed a lot for me.”

“It has not been a sacrifice at all, Daya. We love you and it was more than us fulfilling our duties to your father. You are like a little sister to us. After losing our parents during the plague, you filled a void in mine and Andre’s hearts,” Ophelia began to explain.

“I know.” I began, holding up a hand to try and stop Ophelia from cutting me off further so I could finish my thoughts. “I know you both care for me. I love you both as well. I am not angry that you are taking chosen mates. I am happy you both found people that make you and your wolves happy. I guess after everything, I don’t think I will ever trust any form of a mate bond. I wish you two felt more comfortable to tell me about Katarina and Duncan. If you really do see me as a sister, you would know that I only want you both to be happy. After everything you both have done for me, your happiness is the least I can prioritize,” I replied softly.

Tears were stinging my eyes, threatening to drip down my face. I looked up to the sky, feeling the morning sun on my face now that it was peeking out from behind the tree line. I took a deep breath to steady myself and took another step toward Andre and Ophelia who were stuck in their original spots on the front porch.

“I cannot wait for dinner tonight to meet your future chosen mates. I’ll be home in time to help you both prepare dinner. I am going to go to the morning training session to say farewell to the team,” I stated as I pointed my thumb over my shoulder in the direction of our training fields.

Ophelia began to approach me- most likely to give me a hug. Despite her fierce nature, she is a gentle soul, and always looking to comfort me. Andre stopped her by putting his hand upon her shoulder.

“We will see you later, Daya. Kick *ss at training. Leave a lasting impression with the warriors,” Andre said, he lips turning up into a half-smile.

Ophelia attempted the same, but her glossy eyes clearly displayed that she was feeling somewhat heartbroken over my initial reaction.

I started turning to make my way to the training fields, and I turned back quickly, surprising Ophelia and Andre. I ran up the three steps to the front porch where they both stood, and I launched myself into both their torsos. I wrapped an arm around each of them and inhaled their scents, letting them inhale mine. I’m not a small werewolf but standing between Ophelia and Andre reminds me of how strong and powerful they both are. They truly are the big brother and sister I never had. Their love, support, and protection all these years have contributed to the confidence I have in myself to leave for my original territory and begin the process of taking back what my sisters and I lost twelve years ago.

Chapter 2

Daya POV

After quickly patching things up with Ophelia and Andre, I made my way over to the training fields. My friend Sage was already warming up and waiting for me. We make eye contact from across the field, and she shoots her hand up in the air and starts waving me over, like I’ve never been here before. She’s always been so outgoing and bubbly- a necessary balance to my quiet and serious demeanor.

“Get over here girl! Last day of training before you leave me all alone!” Sage exclaims.

She has a flare for being dramatic and outspoken. She instantly puts me in a good mood and helps to ease my anxiety about my move.

“Did you go for a run this morning?!” She asks me, with her big blue eyes practically bugging out of her head. I laughed and nodded my head as I walked up to her and the rest of our crew on the field.

“You know me too well, Sage. I love running before the sun is up. And now I’m a little tired, so you may actually have a ch


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