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Rejected By one Alpha, Loved by another

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"I, Alpha Dylan Langley, Alpha of the waterside pack Reject you, Esme West pack member of waterside west to be my mate and Luna" On Esme's 18th birthday she figured that the Alpha of the pack was her true mate which meant she would be Luna to the waterside pack. She felt the mate bond breaking and it hurt so much. She didn't know if she was string enough to handle the rejection completely. She was holding back her tears to show him no weakness and no emotion towards his rejection. "I, Esme West of the waterside pack accept your rejection to be you mate and Luna of this pack" I turn towards the entrance of the pack gates and slowly walk towards our home where my brother is waiting for me, I didn't want to cry, I heard of the tales of the rejection and the pain it causes to fated mates but I never thought I would be rejected I especially didn't think the moon goddess would have the Alpha to be my mate. I'm a nothing but a lowly omega. I work for nothing and I am the packs punching bag. Especially the queen be herself who has always wanted Alpha Dylan to be her mate...Adeline carter... Some Wolf's who have been rejected have often left the pack but have not managed to find a new pack who is willing to take them in within the time frame off 2 weeks and they are automatically classed as rogues. Rogues are wolfs who have no packs, some are nice but the thing's I have heard some rogues will kill to get what and where they want to be in the chain. Having a fated was was like finding your other piece to the jigsaw and the tales of it was phenomenal, true love at its finest. My mom and dad are fated mates and they look like they're 18 all over again and fining each other and falling in love over and over. It's rare to get a 2nd chance mate. Can Esme find her second chance mate and find her way out of waterside pack for good or will she be chained to this place forever?

Chapter 1 - The start of something new

Esme's POV

Tomorrow me and my brother Finley turn 18. I get my wolf tomorrow and I hopefully also find my mate. I work in the packhouse doing jobs that no one wants to do and it gets tiring after a while because they make me do it all by hand.

"Oi, mutt. this kitchen needs to be cleaned ready for the ball tomorrow"

Each year a pack will hold the annual ball and unfortunately for this year, our pack will be holding out the event. Great. Just great.

My mom and dad don't care about me they are more concerned about the other kids except for me and Fin, who were like the black sheep of the family.

They have never been bothered about us. Even when we tell them that I usually get abused by everyone at work she shows no emotion no nothing. My older sister is everyone's favourite. She's perfect in every way possible.

"Ouch!" I look up to see the devil in she-wolf form standing with her 6-inch heels on pinning my ankle down to the floor.

"Are you doing your job properly b*tch. We have guests in less than 27 hours and this place needs to be spotless"

"I don't take orders from you" I snap back at her.

"I'm your next Luna and you will listen to me! You better get used to it and respect me because I won't tolerate your crap once I am Luna"

"What's going on in here," Alpha Dylan says while gripping me by my work clothes like I'm nothing. Well...I'm not.

"No...Nothing alpha" I say while stuttering because he makes me nervous.

"No baby. She disrespected me telling me She doesn't take any orders from me and I told her I won't accept her crap when I become the next Luna"

Alpha Dylan turned 18 2 months ago and he used to be a pretty nice person to talk to. He still is, with everyone accepting me. The weird thing is, I haven't even done anything to upset him that I know of.

"Get your job done and make sure it's a proper job that's been done. I don't want or need to have to send someone else to do it because if I do then you will face the consequences. Do I make myself clear"

"Ye...yes alpha," I say looking down at my feet

Whenever Alpha Dylan or Alpha Bobby which is Dylan's father speaks to us we're not allowed to look in the general direction we have to look at the ground and wait until asked to look up which is practically never.

I'm halfway through the day and the kitchen ladies have already made my day hell. I've been punched and spat at, I have been kicked and stomped on if I didn't get up straight away and I'm not sure how much more of this pain I can handle.

"Get up" Elisa the head maid says to me with an irritated expression on her face.

"Get up and get your jobs done. We haven't got all day and we need to start preparing for tomorrow's feast"

This is how they enjoy themselves. They don't think about how they are hurting me they feed on my fear and they love every single bit of it.

"Yes ma'am," I say to her. Politely or I'll get another beating.

Everyone turns a blind eye to this. My brother tries to look after me as best he can. We both live in a run-down property as our parents didn't want us to tarnish their reputation.

"Hey... Esme. Over here" I'm almost smiling when I hear Finn's voice, it's just what I need to hear when I'm having a crappy day.

"Hey I can't stay in just making sure you're okay," he says quietly as he knows the maids don't like us talking to each other.

"Yeah, I'm okay I'm just exhausted..."

"YOU! Get out of here and get back in there and clean. That's an added hour onto your shift"

"But I can't! I have to get home and prepare my clothes for tomorrow's ball"

The ball is the only thing I'm excited for. I haven't got my wolf yet, neither has Finley (Finn is the nickname for him) so I don't heal as quickly as the rest of them.

"There will be no ball for Cinderella this year," she says mockingly.

I sigh in defeat and I get back to work.

It's 10:30 pm and I'm running towards my house. I have been exhausted all day and every chance the maids and alpha Dylan or his girlfriend get they give me a good beating. I currently have a split lip, bruised and probably broken ribs, bruised ankles from Adeline's shoes and a strangulation mark from when Alpha Dylan choked me this evening. It's still fresh and red but it will turn into a bruise tomorrow.

"Hey, Esme. The showers are ready for you whenever you want to jump in"

"Thank you, Finn. I will do it soon"

I take a cold shower as that's all Finn can have seems that we don't get hot water, hot water is for those of better class than us 2. Even my family gets hot water. I pick out my work clothes for tomorrow which consist of no socks because there ruined, trainers that have been worn out for months but I can't even afford a new pair and my parents won't help me either, tight jeans which have holes in at the ankles and a top that is dirty and has holes inside of it.

Once out of the shower, I get some bread which isn't a lot because we have to share and a bottle of water that we also have to share that Finn took this afternoon just to help I curl up on my run-down bed and go to sleep.

"Night Finn," I say while tucking myself in.

"Good night Esme"

Chapter 2 - Birthday

Esme's POV

I got up this morning with nothing but pure excitement. I got my wolf today and I couldn't be anymore happier. Both me and Finn haven't had much good luck over the years so I'm hoping we both find our mate.

Wishful thinking.

"Good morning Esme! Happy birthday" Finn says with excitement cladding his voice. He's just as hopeful as me.

"Morning Finn! You excited for today?" I ask waiting in anticipation for his answer.

"I am I'm hopeful to get my wolf today! It's just a shame that I have to work as well"

"Yeah, I know. Your lips turning blue. How are your bruises on your stomach and back? Have they healed yet?" He asks with concern written on his face.

"I'll be okay. It's my birthday today so no one will bother me. I'm very hopeful of that"

I hadn't even been at work for an hour and Elisa had summoned me to do the living room floor by hand and also the kitchen floor by hand because they don't like me usi


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