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Fearing Fate

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It has been 30 years since the Fated Plague has decimated werewolf packs all over the world and fated mates is a thing of fairy tales. For Diamond "Daya" and her 4 sisters, they lost everything- their parents, their pack, and their birthright. Years later, Daya returns to her original territory to claim back what is rightfully hers. What she wasn't expecting was to meet her fated mate- the first time anyone has had a fated mate in over 20 years- Alpha Darius. Will Daya stick to her plan, fulfill her lifelong mission, and reject a mate she never wanted? Find out in Fearing Fate!


Jennifer Kolster

Review after the novel completion

I very much enjoyed this story. It's the 3rd one in the app that has not been disappointing. I did hate Darius for awhile and wished she would have not forgiven him fast. He knew they were mates and didn't give her the benefit of the doubt especially since she was dating she was funny to leave. I didn't like the book leaving so many loose ends but look forward to reading the next one. I hope her sisters find their mates!

March 26, 2024

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