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Chained to the Alpha King

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He throws me inside the dark room. I could only feel hatred and fear. “Get me out of here, Damon!” I screamed. He walked close to me and lifted my chin to meet his cold brown eyes. “No, you won’t, Athena.” He said darkly and with his strength, I felt the cold chains locking my ankle. I tried to kick him and squirm out of his arms. “No! Please…let me go—” I gasp when he tightly gripped my jaw. Tears stream down my cheeks. “You are…chained to me, Athena. Your life, soul, heart, and body are all mine. The day you were born is the day when your life becomes mine…alone.” **** Athena Solitaire Madrigal loves night parties. She loves how the party lights boomed with the music she always danced to. She loves living her life to the fullest. Without worries and just happiness. But everything changed when one unfaithful night came. She didn’t expect things to happen only to realize that someone is watching her. Someone is proclaiming that she is his. She tried to run away until she found herself chained to the alpha king.



I regret so many things in my life. I regret how I ignore my mother’s warning to me, and I hate myself for not listening to her. She’d been telling me about this, but I chose not to listen and turn my ears deaf. Because of my recklessness, I end up here inside the dark and cold room, feet locked in chains while tears are like a flood on my cheeks.

The only thing I remember is I was inside a club, dancing to the music like I used to, and then…someone danced behind me. I never let anyone dance with me except my girl friends. I never let anyone touch me on the dance floor but that night…it was different.

Because the moment that stranger touched my waist, it was like something was igniting within me. It was new and earth-shattering. I turned around to see him, but a handkerchief covered my nose and mouth until I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I am already locked up in here. I didn’t even see who kidnapped me!

I am so scared, and I suddenly regret everything. I don’t have any idea who kidnapped me. I am sure that I never had a quarrel with anyone!

Nervousness filled my heart when I heard footsteps outside this dark room. I swallowed hard when I saw how the doorknob moved. Someone is opening the door. Light come through the door as soon as it opens. I closed my eyes because I was dazzled. I heard the door close again and the room lit up.

I swallowed hard as I slowly open my eyes. Whoever kidnapped me must be crazy. I’ll surely sue him once I escape this f*ck*ng room! I won’t let them hurt me! I’ll escape this f*ck*ng place alive!

The first thing I saw was a pair of black shoes in front of me. I slowly lift up my eyes until I was stuck at the pair of brown eyes coldly staring down at me. He’s not familiar. I am sure I didn’t know him! But…his ruthless and handsome face won’t escape my eyes.

I’ve seen a lot of pretty men, some of them like me and dated me. But this man in front of me tells me that he’s different from the men I’ve met before.

“W-Who are you?” I asked in a shaking voice. My tears are silently falling from my eyes. I don’t want to cry but fear and worries keep pounding on me. He didn’t answer me. Instead, he bent down his other knee and leveled my eyes. My lips parted when I got to see his whole face.

Is he an actor? Or model? I’m sure a handsome man like him won’t just be an ordinary person, right? He has a beautiful pair of brown eyes, even in darkness I could see his light brown eyes, it was almost yellow. He has a pair of thick brows, a long and narrow nose, and thin lips. And the way he moves, he was graceful and elegant. It added that he has a masculine and very manly body. D*mn, even though he’s wearing a polo with long sleeves and pants I could see his flexing muscles in his arms. And he’s very tall. He can pass as a basketball player.

“Damon…” he said. His cold and deep voice sent shivers down my spine. My heart skipped a beat. I don’t know if it is still because I am scared or…amazed by this man in front of me.

“I-Is it your name? Then…Damon…why am I here? Did you kidnap me? Do I have arrears with you? Tell me!” I almost pleaded. I don’t want to be here. I want to go home! I am sure mommy is worried sick about me!

“You’re here because you have to. Your mother hides you for so long…and it’s my time to take you back,” he said. What is he saying? My brows furrowed but my determination to beg him to let me escape never strayed.

“W-What do you mean? Please…I want to go home!” I cried. A new set of tears run down my cheeks. But he just stared at me for so long, with pure coldness, I almost felt the ice.

“You can’t. From now on…it will be your home.” He said with finality. Rage filled my heart. He’s crazy. F*ck him! This dark small room will never be my home! He stood up, maybe he will leave me again alone here.

“This is not my home! Let me go, you b*st*rd! I’ll sue you once I escape this f*ck*ng chain! D*mn you!” I screamed. My throat hurts because of that. But his eyes never changed. The pure coldness stayed. His reaction never changed. He’s giving me creeps!

“Just stay here. I’ll be back,” he coldly said.

“No! You stay here! What do you need from me? And who the f*ck are you!? Don’t b*llsh*t me! Unlock this f*ck*ng chain!” I screamed again and tightly grip the chain on my foot. I saw how his eyes surveyed my whole face. His brows were furrowed. And I don’t get why he’s giving me that kind of reaction.

My heart skipped a beat when he started to go near me until he stopped a few inches away from me. I can smell his manly scent. I swallowed hard when I felt how my heart is pounding so hard.

“Athena…” I got goosebumps when he uttered my name. Who the f*ck is this man? Why does he know me? He even mentioned my mom a while ago! Who is he?

“You like it or not…you’ll stay here. And don’t make me lose my patience. I hate…hard-headed women,” he warningly said before he steps away from me and leaves the room.

No…it can’t be. Who the hell was that man? Why is he keeping me? Why does he know me? And…why am I locked up in here?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

My life was just simple. I have a mother who keeps telling me to be careful, especially at night. But I am a girl who loves partying. I love clubs and parties. My friends often told me that a party won’t be complete without me there.

But because of that my mother always panics whenever she’ll find out that I am outside clubbing my ass out. I know that she was just worried, but I think my mother was overreacting. I grew up without a father. Mom said that he died before I was born. We even visit his tomb every death anniversary. And now that I turned 18, I can freely go clubbing without faking my age or faking my identity cards.

“This is fun!” Celine, my friend since junior high. She was the one who influenced me to go clubbing. But then, the only thing we’re different is she will always be out of sight whenever she found a target for tonight. And everybody knows what she’s doing. She’s maybe doing it inside her car, comfort room, or the VIP rooms of this c


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