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Chained to the Alpha King
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He throws me inside the dark room. I could only feel hatred and fear. “Get me out of here, Damon!” I screamed. He walked close to me and lifted my chin to meet his cold brown eyes. “No, you won’t, Athena.” He said darkly and with his strength, I felt the cold chains locking my ankle. I tried to kick him and squirm out of his arms. “No! Please…let me go—” I gasp when he tightly gripped my jaw. Tears stream down my cheeks. “You are…chained to me, Athena. Your life, soul, heart, and body are all mine. The day you were born is the day when your life becomes mine…alone.” **** Athena Solitaire Madrigal loves night parties. She loves how the party lights boomed with the music she always danced to. She loves living her life to the fullest. Without worries and just happiness. But everything changed when one unfaithful night came. She didn’t expect things to happen only to realize that someone is watching her. Someone is proclaiming that she is his. She tried to run away until she found herself chained to the alpha king.


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