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Blessed To The Luna

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Andrei had finally found his mate, and he couldn't believe his luck when he found Sage. Second-chance mates have never been heard of. However, he soon realizes that Sage is just as broken as he is. Sage spent years in the hands of monsters and now finds herself in Andrei's forsaken hands, which are just as tainted as those that kidnapped her. Yet now he must win her over. Only the goddess loves to twist fate; Andrei hates rogues except Sage, his Newfound second-chance mate. Yet winning her over and getting her to agree to be his mate has proven difficult until one little rogue boy wanders close to his borders. Sage instantly takes a liking to the small boy with a cheeky smile. Will little Jonah be his redemption and a way to his Luna's heart, or will the cheeky little rogue boy stir up more trouble than he thought imaginable?

Chapter 1


The excitement still feels fresh, my entire body is buzzing. All that, and more, because I know that now, Sage is mine and officially the pack’s Luna.

I am woken by her wrapping her body around mine as she gets comfortable in her sleep. Her leg hooks over my waist, and I am more than content with the thought of remaining in bed with her all day, snuggled up close to her.

We are finally getting somewhere, and she trusts me. If she didn't, Sage would never have agreed to let me mark her or asked me to do it.

That knowledge alone is enough to make my blackened heart leap with joy. Rolling on my side to face her, I brush her hair over her shoulder to admire my mark that lies etched into her flesh. I don’t think there is anything more rewarding or exciting than the sight of my mark, showing the entire world that she is mine. Mine and mine alone.

I brush my fingers over it, and she shivers, her eyes flutter open, and a sleepy smile spreads across her lips.

“Morning,” she whispers, snuggling closer and tucking her face under my chin. I hear her sigh as she inhales my scent.

My fingers trace lazily down her side to her hip. I don’t want to move, I am enjoying the sparks rushing over me everywhere her skin touches. My reaction to having her so close, with her naked body pressed tightly against me, is painfully obvious, I hope she doesn’t freak out. So for now I just enjoy the moment.

As time slips by, my pants become increasingly uncomfortable, and it will only be a matter of time before she realizes and shifts away from me. I remain still, soaking up as much of her scent as possible while silently dreading the moment she notices my situation.

Eventually, I will have to move, and she will freak out like she does every time. However, that scenario is something I really want to avoid, so I roll on my back with the intention of forcing myself out of bed.

Only when I try to escape Sage tugs me back. “Stay, it's still early,” she whines, and I stifle a laugh.

Sage never pouts or whines, but now that she does, I can’t say no to her as she refuses to let go of my arm and keeps trying to pull me closer. Laying back down I pat my chest and she moves, tossing her leg over me again and snuggling her head on my chest.

I try to cross my legs without her catching on, but her thigh brushes against me, and I freeze. Time stops as I hold my breath, expecting the worst to happen. It might be a meltdown, or her fear filling the room, or worst of all - she might have another panic attack.

“Is that why you were trying to leave?” Sage asks with a yawn, and she tries to cover her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Yeah, I didn’t want you to panic, so if you just let me up, I can go get rid of it and come back,” I offer her, but she shakes her head.

“It’s fine, Andrei. Unless you're uncomfortable.”

“Pretty sure I can manage.” I chuckle at her. Sage nods, her hand running up and down my stomach. My muscles tense at the trail of sparks her fingertips leave. “If you keep doing that, you will make me uncomfortable,” I warn her, grabbing her hand and bringing it to my lips to kiss her knuckles.

The newly forged bond connecting us lets me prod to gauge her emotions. One bonus of the mate bond,I can feel her emotions at long last. However, right now I can’t feel any nervous energy coming from her. Sage can feel me too, our bond must feel a hundred times stronger to her.

It is stronger. She knows we won’t hurt her. She feels safe with us,” Donnie proudly tells me, and I can’t help but smile at his words.

At least she doesn’t think I am a monster, not in that sense, anyway. Sage doesn’t share the same opinion as everyone else, who believes I am the same dark Alpha, from a few months ago. Still, sometimes those urges spring up, but it is getting easier to fight them.

Just remember to keep your head,” Donnie adds.

His insane urge to kill has completely faded. Not that he ever really shared the same bloodlust for their screams as I did. It has been gone ever since the moment we met Sage. Donnie's desire to hurt others is now a mere memory as if he has had a personality transplant. If only I were the same, yet I don’t think I will ever get rid of the hatred for them. I doubt I will ever rid myself of the anger that resides in me, patiently waiting to be unleashed.

“What are you thinking about?” Sage questions, propping herself up on her elbow and looking down at me. She presses the crease between my brows, smoothing it out with her index finger.

“Nothing and everything,” I admit as she peers down at me like she is trying to figure me out. There is a worried look on her face, one I hate seeing on her. I lift my hand and cup her cheek. She leans into my touch. “I’m fine, Sage. Sometimes I become stuck in my head."

She nods and leans down to press her lips to mine. She smiles against my lips when I nip at hers. My fingers tangle in her hair as I deepen the kiss. Her tongue brushes mine softly when I pull her on top of me, her legs straddle me, and without thinking, I grab her *ss before I realize what I have done a second too late.

Her heart rate spikes, yet she doesn’t pull away. Instead, she kisses me harder,her tongue fighting mine for dominance.

My d*ck throbs painfully with the crazed need to bury myself inside her. I pull away to break the kiss, but in response, Sage growls at me. It takes a moment for her to understand what she has done as I sit up. Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink in her embarrassment at riling me up more.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I did that,” she murmurs.

As the words leave her lips, her arousal surges through the bond. It smashes into me like a freight train, catching me completely off guard. But with it comes tingles of uneasiness.

“It’s the bond. The pull is stronger now,” I explain. She sighs, and I grip her chin, tilting her face back to mine. “Don’t be embarrassed, you’re supposed to feel like that,” I scold her, nipping her lips gently and sucking her bottom lip into my mouth.

She moans softly, pressing her body closer to me, and a deep purr escapes her throat. It vibrates in her chest while her arousal perfumes the room and I clutch her.

The scent is so foreign to me it burns through my senses. Sage never gets aroused. The closest she has gotten was when she let me eat her out. And yet, all I want and can think of is how much I wish to catch the whiff of this, every second of every day, for the rest of my life.

Usually, the only thing I get is the smell of her fear. She wraps her arms around my neck, deepening the kiss. I roll her hips against me, and she moans into my mouth.

I press her against the bed and move between her legs, and I press some of my weight down on her when Donnie warns me. “Don’t push her too far, Andrei. You know she sits on a blade's edge.”

She seems fine,” I growl back at him.

Because of the bond and Sierra, Sage is going off feeling now, and she will break if you keep pushing her too far,” he snaps at me.

I pull away from her lips and focus on trailing kisses down her cheek, jaw, and neck before letting her take my weight, my raging hard-on pressing against her.

A loud, heavy moan escapes her, and the next moment, she freezes. Her hand grips my hair, and she pushes her fear aside, but I don’t miss the slight tremble of her fingers when I s*ck on her mark. Her hips involuntarily grind against me, and I move away from her neck, aware that her reaction is caused only by me touching that spot.

Her hips are still as I nip and kiss her jaw. I quickly press my lips to hers and don’t let her pull me into another one of her tempting kisses. “We should stop,” I whisper. Her breathing is hard. Her lust-filled gaze focuses on my lips. I smile but stay strong and force down the desperate hunger that burns in my chest.

“Maybe we could try,” she suggests, but her nervousness creeps back in.

As much as I hate it, I understand I need to move away before I do anything that could send her spiraling back. But before I can act like a responsible adult, Sage rushes forward, pressing her lips to mine, and pulls me back to her. Once again, our lips lock, and I doubt I can hold myself back longer if she keeps tempting me like this.

I groan at her warmth pressed against my crotch, and feel her need for release. It overrides her as my hand moves between her legs. Her heart rate spikes again as I graze my fingertips against her sl*t. A low growl leaves my lips when I feel the moisture between her thighs.

“Mr. Andrei,” I hear a voice in the distance.

My body tenses, but I shake it off. I must be hearing things. F*ck, I hope I am because there is no saying when the next time Sage will allow me to touch her might come. This is already the second time she has given me the green light. I’m not willing to risk it.

“Mr. Andrei!” I hear a child's voice again, but this time, the child is screaming at the top of their lungs. Sage jumps, hearing it too, and then comes the knocking. That’s beyond odd. The steel door barely picks up noise.

“Is that?” Sage asks.

“Jonah,” I answer with an annoyed growl.

Chapter 2

“Mr. Andrei!” The voice gets louder, and Sage giggles.

“Jonah likes you,” she points out, her lips twitching.

“He can’t help it,” I sigh as I roll my eyes at the unexpected visit of what I assume is now my new best friend. And yet as annoying as it is, I know it isn’t the boy’s fault, and I can’t blame him for anything.

Children, especially orphans, are drawn to auras they feel to be safest near.

However, why he gets that from me is beyond me. I am far from approachable, even I know that.

I get up, move to the window to wave him off or spot someone to tell him to go away. Only when I toss back the curtain, he is at the window, nearly making me jump out of my skin as he balances on the ledge on the second floor. Sage shrieks, scrambling to cover herself with the blanket.

“Jonah, what the heck are you doing? How did you get up here?” I demand, both terrified and amazed at the same time. This little brat is something else.

“The ladder,” he

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