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Beta Tyler

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Beta Tyler is not easily pleased. He's stubborn, hard-headed, and doesn't like to mess around. Especially when it comes to the safety of his pack and his family. What will happen when he sees the safety of his pack and his new wife, Emily Mitchell being threatened by the hands of his brother Wesley and his wicked mate, Hope Dannon? Will he and his alpha Blake Landon be able to save their pack from the wrath of Hope Dannon? Can he save his marriage before secrets are revealed and treaties between packs are broken? "They underestimated my strength. No one touches my wife, and lives to tell. And I mean, no one!"

Found Her


She glances over to the counter, walking slowly towards the barista. A tall, well-fit man with dark jet black hair, hazel-green eyes, and a handsome smile that is perfectly paired with gorgeous deep dimples walks up to the counter as well.

They both grab their drinks at the same time. Stealing a stare from each other for a few unregretful long seconds that her heart whispers 'make it last forever. She can't help but blush at the sight of his beautiful smile, his deep dimples on his cheeks make it difficult for her to decide whether to look into his hypnotizing eyes or smile.

"Morning m'lady!" He says cheerfully. She somehow finds herself lost for words, making him chuckle. "Well, you have a good day now." He raises his cup and salutes her, taking a small sip and walking away.

She blinks a few times, unable to believe she has become mute for the first time in front of a man. She sighs, closing her eyes. Tilts her head back, exhaling deeply, as she puffs her cheeks.

"Um, Emily, your coffee!" The young barista calls out to her making her come back from her trance.

"Thanks, Tim." She finally answers as she walks back to her seat.

Realizing he stands outside, speaking to two other great-looking men, she feels her face heated with embarrassment and an uncontrollable whirl of butterflies in her stomach. Something inside, inexplicable, compelling her to run out and kiss him. She doesn't understand the feeling, it's as if a magnet was pulling her, though she fights it as she averts her eyes back to her screen, her fingers unwilling to move to her command and suddenly her whole body feels shaky.

"What the hell is wrong with you Em? You don't even know this guy! Even if he is the most gorgeous specimen you've ever seen in your entire life, AND in the existence of all mankind, and this world." She grips her coffee and sips on it hoping the slurping of the cup will distract her from his presence.

She slowly looks out again and sees him sitting inside the pretty convertible parked up in front of the coffee house. He can't help but look her way, smiling and winking an eye at her making her break into a hot blush on her face.

She quickly looks away and towards her screen, slowly slouching her body down so her face is covered by the computer screen. She closes her eyes, taking a deep sigh, puffing her cheeks. She's startled when she opens her eyes and sees Chloe, her best friend in front of her. Jumping in suspense at the sudden appearance of her best friend and daughter of the owner of the coffee shop, she tilts her cup, spilling some of the ice blends on her left thigh. The chill of the ice-making her goosebump as she feels the coldness penetrate through her jeans.

"Oh, sh*t! Chloe? what the hell!? You scared me." She narrows her eyebrows looking at her for a second before looking down to clean her jeans with the napkins.

Chloe chuckles sitting next to her, noticing the car is still parked outside and three great-looking guys sitting inside it.

Tyler on the driver's seat, followed by Liam, gamma of the pack; and Chester, the top guard, and delta of their pack sits comfortably on the back seat. His hands resting on top of the seat as he tilts his head back to rest.

"Ahem! " Chloe clears her throat to grab Emily's attention. She looks back at her and gives her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, you were saying?" Chloe chuckles, nodding her head and biting her lower lip. She gestures towards the car seeing the three men talking and reviewing a few papers they hold in their hands.

"Do you know those guys? They are seriously hot, aren't they?"

"Um, no! I don't. Know. Any of them, aren't you suppose to be working already? That's why you made me rush out here from my office didn't you?" She steals another glance and shivers as she feels him staring back at her. His gaze penetrating her, unwilling, an inexplicable attraction she cannot understand. She had never felt such attraction for anyone before, not even for Carter, her ex-boyfriend who she had dated back in high school, though they only lasted a few weeks together, he had been the closest thing Emily had known to feel attraction towards the opposite s*x.

"Well, it looks like he found you quite attractive. He can't seem to look away from you either. Why haven't you gone to say hi?" Chloe suggested.

Emily chuckles looking away from the window, "Are you crazy? I don't even know him. Besides, he's so good-looking, I'm sure he is already taken. It looks like he could be one of those tourists in town for our annual fall festival too. There are so many tourists in town, I'd probably never see him again."

She sighs and turns to her laptop and fixes her glasses back on the curve of her nose.

She closes her eyes and runs her fingers through her hair. Keeping her hands steady on her neck and tilting her head back.

"Excuse me miss?" She's startled, jumping in place as a male voice calls out to her.

"Sh*t! You scared me. Can I help you with something?" She squints her eyes and sighs.

Liam chuckles and leans close to her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. But, you see, we're in town for a few days, and I was wondering if you knew of someone that could show us around. My friends and I don't get out much, business tends to keep us pretty busy you know? So anyway, we are not very familiar with people around here. Care to be our guide for a few days?" Liam gives her a cheeky smile and Chloe can't help but laugh, covering her mouth to muffle her laughter.

"I'm sorry, do I look like a personal guide to you? Because I'm not! and frankly, I'm far too busy to be a personal guide to three complete strangers who I don't even know, for all I know, you could be serial killers or-" She crosses her hands over her chest and wrinkled her nose.

"Wow! hold on there Em! You are getting way over your head. Relax my child, it was just a suggestion and you could just say no. Nicely!" Chloe chuckles holding her arms out and asking Emily to relax.

"Look, I can assure you that we are not serial killers, ok? But, we are here for only a few days in town for business. We just wanted to know what the big fuss was about and see if it was worth it for us to close the deal with Reynolds and Mitchell Investments. So, if you're not interested then-"

"How about we meet tonight, and I can show you guys around?" She smiles, tilting her head to the side.

"Actually, how about we meet at the vineyard that's by the entrance to town? We're staying at their inn, and I'm sure my boss would love to go and get something good to eat. Care to show us a good place to eat for lunch?" He smiles and looks towards the car.

He notices Tyler is completely annoyed and in any second, if he doesn't come out, Tyler will drive away without him and he will either have to take an uber or walk back to their room.

"Ok. I can do that! I will meet you guys there in a few hours." She smiles and looks at Chloe who bites her lower lip and widens her eyes in surprise.

"Good. I will see you then. Or should I say, we will see you in a few hours?" He takes out a card and hands it to her.

"Call us when you're near. We look forward to seeing the beauties your town has to offer." He clicks his tongue and winks at her, turning on his heel and exiting the coffee shop.

He runs out to the car, Tyler stares at him and he shrugs his shoulders before entering the car. The car speeds off quickly, making her look confused. Did the other guys really want her as a guide? Or was this just a trick to get to know her? All she knew, was that she had to try her best and impress them so that if they really were here to do business with her parents, it would all go smoothly in the end.


She Is All I Want

Third Person POV

Liam sits on the passenger's side of the convertible. He pushes his sunglasses up on the curve of his nose and bops his head to the music.

He places his elbow on top of the car door resting his head on his knuckles. Tyler sits in the driver's seat. His jaw clenches and his eyebrows narrow in frustration.

"Come on now man! You can't deny you wanna go in there and claim the girl. I can see right through you. She's your mate, isn't she? I think I did you the favor by asking her to be our guide for the days we gotta be here. Remember, Selene said you can't go back empty-handed. She wants to meet Emily." Liam chuckles and glances towards the window where Emily sits.

"Shut up Liam! Don't you think I want to? " He runs his hands through his hair and sighs deeply.

"She is so fucking beautiful! More than I remember. But I can't." Liam looks at him confused and shakes his head.

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