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Mari Villarreal

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About me

Amateur writer Mommy of five I love to read as much as I love to write.


Beta Tyler
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Beta Tyler is not easily pleased. He's stubborn, hard-headed, and doesn't like to mess around. Especially when it comes to the safety of his pack and his family. What will happen when he sees the safety of his pack and his new wife, Emily Mitchell being threatened by the hands of his brother Wesley and his wicked mate, Hope Dannon? Will he and his alpha Blake Landon be able to save their pack from the wrath of Hope Dannon? Can he save his marriage before secrets are revealed and treaties between packs are broken? "They underestimated my strength. No one touches my wife, and lives to tell. And I mean, no one!"

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  • 9.3

"Omega's are supposed to stay quiet. Omega's are supposed to obey. Omega's are supposed to do EVERYTHING I fucking say!" Alpha Morrison said in anger as he spat at me. I lived each day in fear for my life. Wondering what I did wrong to deserve such fate. Was their hatred toward me so strong, they'd happily give me away to a ruthless alpha? Leaving me to fend for myself? Olivia Watson is despised by her pack. Beaten, tortured, and treated as the pack's slave since the day her mother and brother died. Everyone blamed her for their death, but little did she know there are secrets hidden from her. She finds herself being rejected by her first mate, only to find that her second chance mate is the notorious alpha, Alarick of the Dark Moon Pack. No one really knows him, other than he should never be crossed. The stories she has heard of him make her tremble in fear, but will he really be so bad? After all, every beast has its beauty that can tame him. Will she be the one to tame the beast in him?


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