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Aqua: The rejected omega

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The season has finally come, the season of the Ritual of the Moon, the only season the Omega's are given the privilege to scent their mate, the only season that gives light to their soul. Aqua is one of the Omega's, she's the daughter of one of the heads of the council she's been molested, kicked, head, attack, and rejected, but her only strength was the "Moon ritual" the ritual that will change her life for good, the ritual that will bring her mate to her, the only strength that kept her going is finding her mate who will stand by her and love her "Dear mate I hope you will accept and stand by me when the time comes, please don't forsake me" Has always been Aqua's daily prayer, Aqua's dream was shattered when "Alpha Zero" who turns out to be her mate rejected her on the night of the moon ritual"I Alpha Zethro reject you Aqua as my mate, curse the mouth you use to spout out "Mate"However Aqua's little fantasy has once again been shattered above repair, her hope has been stepped on.In the seek for power Aqua agreed to be a s*x slave to the strongest and most feared Alpha, on the terms that he will train her to be strong like him."I swore never to love a woman again" Those were Alpha Rudolfo's words after his fated mate left him for Another Alpha. Will Alpha Rudolfo and Aqua be more than Alpha and a s*x slave? What happens when Alpha Zethro comes back to claim his rejected mate. Will Alpha Rudolfo give up Aqua? What does fate have in store for Aqua?

CHAPTER 1 :( The tea )

Aqua Louise

Walking down the pack hallway, I can't help but feel happy and excited that my dream is on the verge of coming true, the only reason why I have been enduring every cruelty and brutality that the world has faced me with, both from my family and from the pack, is the thought of meeting my Mate.

The time for all my pains to alleviate is already at the door, being an Omega is not only a curse but a forbidden for the Crescent moon pack. Being born as an Omega is nobody's wish but they already made it seem like a taboo is not like we created ourselves, do we? I was still in my little fantasy when I mistakenly bump into one of the elites, "Sorry" I muttered

"Sorry for yourself" He hissed angrily and walk off but not before glaring daggers at me, I ignored him shaking my head and I continued on my journey, well that is one of the disadvantages of being an Omega they treat you how they like, not caring if you are right and they are wrong.

I'm not an orphan but looking at me an orphan is quite better than me, my parents gave me out as a servant at the packhouse, cherishing only Rihanna my kid sister, she's the apple of their eyes, while I'm the rejected one, actually, I don't care because I'm already used to their partial way of treating us I can only blame my fate for that, I'm twenty-one but still searching for my mate my sister is going to turn nineteen soon but she already knows how to change into her wolf form, while I'm only a weakling, I only know that my wolf is Scarlet that's her name, but we have never transformed which I know will not happen.

Actually, if beauty can change identity then I'd change from Omega to a strong wolf, beauty is one of the valuable gifts I got, yes! you can't walk me by without out double staring at me but sincerely my beauty had gotten me nowhere because irrespective of how I look I'm still a weakling and they treat all of us Like one, My father is one of the members of Crescent Moon Pack Council, I can say that is why he loathes me above everything I could ever imagine, my mom isn't different either.

My father sees me as a disgrace, he said I brought nothing but disgrace to him, he always says that the Council children are known to be a strong wolf but I am nothing but a burden and for that reason, he gave me out like unwanted garbage that he wanted to discard, and I became a servant at the packhouse coupled with several errands I do run for people.

I sighed when I looked at my surroundings and realized that I arrived at the packhouse already, it's still early in the morning so I had to join the servant in preparing the food, today is going to be a long day as tomorrow is the awaited festival of the ritual of the moon, it comes once in three months and it's the only time the Omegas are given the privilege to scent there mate. Well, all the Omegas are excited including me, finally tomorrow I will get to meet my prince charming who will cherish and love me eternally. Is not like I don't have a crush of course I do and he is no other than our Alpha, I've come to love him dearly but I don't dare air it out, Alpha Zethro is not the kind of Alpha you mess with, and I don't pray for him to start with me, "What if he turns out to be your mate?" My wolf ask me and I scoff,

"Well I'm careful of the things I wish for but if he turns out to be then I'd pray he loves and accepts me and I promise to be loyal" I replied.

"Quickly take this tea to the Alpha he's in the dining hall" Madam pecki the head maid ordered me handing a tray containing a cup of tea to me, I nodded and carried the tray from her and walk of gently, to the dining room is where the head Alpha who is Alpha Donas the father of Alpha Zethro, with Zethro's mother the Luna, use to have their meal. Alpha Donas is a calm Alpha but Zethro is nothing like him as he is more of his mother.

I carried the tray carefully as I neared the dining room but Alpha Zethro's girlfriend suddenly bumped into me making all the content pour on her dress. Gosh, can my day get any better when I stop my clumsiness? "I'm….s" I didn't get to finish the sentence before a stinging slap landed on my cheeks, I was still recovering from that when another landed on my left cheek blurring my sight as I staggered back and fell on my butt but she neared me and I kept on drawing back, my back is finally against the wall no place to run to as I closed my eyes waiting for the unexpected when suddenly I heard…...

''Enough!" It's Alpha Zethro's voice

"Didn't you see what she did to me!?" Claudia his girlfriend shouted back

"One more word from you Claudia and you won't like me" He said to her

"I'm your girlfriend, why the hell are you defending her!" Claudia shouted

"Claudia, that's enough!"

"No, it's not!" She fired back.

"Tell me why are you siding with her?"

"I'm not siding with nobody Claudia she spilled it on you unintentionally now let it go…"

"I'm not yet done with you" She glared at me and walked out stomping her feet hard on the floor while going out.

I sighed and wanted to stand up when I saw Alpha Zethro stretch forth his hand for me to take, I blush as my face turned red, slowly I place my hand on his stretched palm and he pulled me up, "I'm sorry" He muttered to me and walk out, I was shocked, my crush just helped me and not only that he also apologize to me for his girlfriend deeds "isn't today colorful?" I ask my wolf smiling inwardly

"It is" She replied, I dusted my clothe and turned to see Alpha Donas smiling at me, I bowl to him and smile back, "Get this place cleaned up and stop being clumsy" The Luna's voice snapped at me, and I flinched back

"Does she have to be mean all the time?" I groan

"Ignore her," My wolf said and I smile,

"Yes, let's ignore her, or she will spoil our day. I wonder why the prince is dating that rude b*tch, or has he not found his mate?"

"You shouldn't wish to know that'' Scarlet said and I shrugged

''Not like I'm interested" I replied as I parked the broken cup into the waste bin and walked out of the room.

"Wow…..I wish everybody could threat like that" I fantasies over how Alpha Zethro stood up for me

"What if he turns out to be our mate?" Scarlet ask

"No he got a girlfriend and he must have found his mate" I smiled at her though she couldn't see me.

CHAPTER 2 : ( The sickness )

Aqua Louise

I left the dining room after what happened and buckled up myself in the confinement, of my room which is what I've always done, thankfully my room is sizeable enough not that it's big but it's comfortable for people like us who were considered as nothing, I was able to get this room all thanks to Alpha prince Zethro, thinking about it, today is not the first time he has helped me, sometimes he looked at me with pity and sometimes I can't just read his expression but I know that whatever it's I don't want to raise my hopes high by naming it love, because you know if you are an Omega you'll understand that you'd to be careful of what you wish for, the least you could wish is to be accepted and nothing else, so I don't dare raise my hope but then we all deserved to be loved.

None of us wanted to be weak and we cannot also question the moon goddess, because if you are to ask me everybody must not be the same but at the same time no one and I mean no one wishes to


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