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AfaKasi Suga

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  • Author: Kem-Bee
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Xyra Lumina Crescent, first born child to two full-blooded alphas and an alpha female. Xyra was hidden away from her pack, from the outside world and even from herself as she has no idea why she couldn't shift or why she was hidden away in a temple to train, train and train. Far away from her family and younger siblings, Xyra sought freedom and to be able to be with her family. But she is trapped and watched by the ladies of the temple of females. A vision of an attack on her pack forced Xyra to break free in other to save her parents who would die in the attack, and her people who would be taken hostage. Xyra returned home, but she does not just get the easy life she thought she would get. She realizes what life outside the prison of the temple isn't going to be easy at all. A whole new situation in the form of a Lycan king who happens to be her mate and unbelievable threats to her life. ____ ‘What will happen if he finds his mate and she dies?’ I asked the most obvious question. Dad's wolf gave mine a look. ‘Xyra, did you see anything?’ ‘Yes, not clear, but a strong enough warning. He's going to run mad, isn't he?’ ‘All lycans do when they lose their mates. Which is why the goddess restrain from giving them one.’    Which was true. With how easy they lost their minds after losing their erasthasis, it was best they didn't have one. No one wanted a powerful lycan to go wild and wipe out an entire population, just because their soulmate died. It indeed was why they didn't get one too often. In fact, one could stay for a thousand years and not hear of a lycan finding a mate. They usually just fall in love and get married or get married without love. The king was the strongest like I read. If him losing his mate would turn him against the entire population of living creatures, then maybe it is my duty to protect her. Maybe, just maybe this is what I am meant to do.

Book cover
Book cover

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