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  • Author: Chinenye
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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The season has finally come, the season of the Ritual of the Moon, the only season the Omega's are given the privilege to scent their mate, the only season that gives light to their soul. Aqua is one of the Omega's, she's the daughter of one of the heads of the council she's been molested, kicked, head, attack, and rejected, but her only strength was the "Moon ritual" the ritual that will change her life for good, the ritual that will bring her mate to her, the only strength that kept her going is finding her mate who will stand by her and love her "Dear mate I hope you will accept and stand by me when the time comes, please don't forsake me" Has always been Aqua's daily prayer, Aqua's dream was shattered when "Alpha Zero" who turns out to be her mate rejected her on the night of the moon ritual"I Alpha Zethro reject you Aqua as my mate, curse the mouth you use to spout out "Mate"However Aqua's little fantasy has once again been shattered above repair, her hope has been stepped on.In the seek for power Aqua agreed to be a s*x slave to the strongest and most feared Alpha, on the terms that he will train her to be strong like him."I swore never to love a woman again" Those were Alpha Rudolfo's words after his fated mate left him for Another Alpha. Will Alpha Rudolfo and Aqua be more than Alpha and a s*x slave? What happens when Alpha Zethro comes back to claim his rejected mate. Will Alpha Rudolfo give up Aqua? What does fate have in store for Aqua?


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