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Alpha Xavier’s Second Chance

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My mate is lying down on the ground fully naked with a man on top of her. “You have been nothing but a selfish mate. All you ever think of is yourself only. You where very nice to me and only to what please you.” My mate said as she points an accusing finger at me. I stood still and looked at her in shock. I can’t believe is woman is the person with whom I have been sharing my life and bed for all this months. She sound and like an some one entirely different. Xavier caught his mate having an affair with a rougher Lord and he learns the hard way yet again that no one should be trusted, especially women. Yet he met the second chance.

Chapter 1

Alpha Xavier POV~

Chapter 1

I woke up early in the morning like I usually do everyday since I became an alpha.

 I usually do some morning warm up before I jog around the forest that surrounds the whole pack. 

I do that to keep myself fit and also to patrol and see how things are going on in the pack. 

  I wore only my joggers pants since werewolves can keep their body warm, I usually do my training shirtless.

I looked at the side of the bed where my mate Sophia slept but it was empty. I find that very strange. 

“Maybe in the kitchen or somewhere”. 

I didn't put my mind on it as I left the house and headed towards the training centre which is just before the forest at the eastern part of the pack.

After I did some warm up, I entered the forest and started running around the forest. 

As I ran thickly into the forest towards the western part, I began to hear some strange noise so I went closer to find out what the noise was about. 

As I draw closer to the noise, I discover that it is a man and woman being engaged with one. 

This is very common to find werewolves having s*x at any location because most of them don’t control their wolves when they are horny. 

But there was something strange about these particular people although I couldn’t see them because a small bush was separating me and them. The scent coming from them seems strange. 

It smells half like our pack’s and half like a rogue. But I guess I am just being paranoid because why on earth will a rogue come all the way to this pack to have 


Just as I turned to leave, I heard the woman's voice and that made me stop in my tracks as my heart began to beat very fast. 

The woman’s voice sounds exactly like my mate's.

 I must just be paranoid because what on earth will Sophia be doing here? I trust my mate. She will never cheat on me.

 I tried to mind link her so that I could clear my conscience but I was unable to because she had closed off her mind link. I decided to go home and confirm just for my own sanity. 

Just as I turned, the woman spoke again and this time around, I was sure that the voice belonged to my mate.

 Without much thought, I jumped over the bush and appeared before them. And what I saw broke my heart.

 My mate is lying down on the ground fully naked with a man on top of her. 

The worst part is from the man’s scent, I understand that he is a rogue and not just an ordinary rogue but a rogue Lord.

“What the hell is going on here?”. I screamed at them with my hand fisted. I am so beyond angry. My wolf is threatening to take over.

My screams caused them to separate but to my surprise, none of them looked guilty at all. I looked at my mate in surprise.

 I will never believe that she will do this to me. Their behaviour makes me furious. I moved closer to them ready to kill that stupid rogue for having the guts to touch my mate.

My mate , sensing what I was about to do, went and stood in front of the rogue as she tried to protect him from me. Her actions hurt me more than I could admit



I screamed at her because I couldn’t not think of any possible reason that would make her cheat on me. 

Because I try my best to be a wonderful mate to her.

“Why not? You have been nothing but a selfish mate. All you ever think of is yourself only.

 You were very nice to me and only to what please you”. 

My mate said as she pointed an accusing finger at me. I stood still and looked at her in shock. 

I can’t believe this woman is the person with whom I have been sharing my life and bed for all these months. She sounds and sounds like someone entirely different.

“I can’t believe you are saying this. After everything I have done for you. You ungrateful witch”. I roar back at her. 

“Say whatever you wish to say you are good for nothing man. I can’t believe I tolerated you for all these months. You are not even powerful enough to handle a woman like me. 

With the way everything in this pack is going downhill, you will soon be left with only the dust and I refused to stick around and witness that. So, I Sophia hereby  reject you Xavier Alpha of the Blood Pack as my mate.” 

My mate said as she screwed the last part with bitterness written all over her face.

I could feel the mating bond between us breaking but at this point, I no longer care at all. This is the exact reason why I always dislike women. 

Because once they notice that things are going down the hill for you, they will immediately leave you for someone else.

I looked between my mate and the rogue lord who stood with a smirk on his face as he enjoyed the exchange between me and my ex mate. 

The anger in me has finally reached an extent that I couldn’t control it again so I allowed my wolf Asher to take over.

“If that is what you want, you ask for it then”. I began to transform into my wolf form. 

I was ready to kill them both and nothing is going to stop me. 

They must have sensed what I am about to do because they both started moving backwards. 

That made me laugh because I have an alpha blood so no matter what they do, they can’t stand against me.

Just as I was about to pounce on my mate and her lover, I felt something hard for me from the side, causing me to move back. 

I looked up and lo and behold, I was surrounded by five black rogues in wolf form.

 I guess they are subordinates of the rogue lord. It does matter that they are five in numbers.

 I could easily take them down since I am an alpha. 

I started fighting the rogues all at once. And in just a few minutes, I was able to defeat them all.

 They might be wild since they are rogues but they lack fighting skills and stand.

Just as I was about to turn back and finish what I started earlier on, I felt something struck me deep directly into my chest. 

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Black And White Furred Wolf.

I slowly turned around and saw that it was the rogue lord that struck a sharp edge of wood into my chest.

 I knew at this point that it was time for me to call for backup. I quickly mind link my beta to quickly come telling him our exact location.

“We have to go now. He has called for backup. We will be dead if they find us here”. I heard my mate telling her lover. 

“Boys let’s go!”. The rogue lord commanded the rogues that had earlier ambushed me to follow him. 

They all, including my mate, started running towards the direction of the pack's border.

As much as I wanted to go after them, I could because my vision was already becoming faint and I was not seeing clearly.

“That bitch will definitely pay for this. There is no way I will allow her to get away with this”. I made a silent promise to myself.

Just as I was about to faint, I noticed a woman who was barely covered coming towards me.


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