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Alpha Xavier’s Second Chance

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My mate is lying down on the ground fully naked with a man on top of her. “You have been nothing but a selfish mate. All you ever think of is yourself only. You where very nice to me and only to what please you.” My mate said as she points an accusing finger at me. I stood still and looked at her in shock. I can’t believe is woman is the person with whom I have been sharing my life and bed for all this months. She sound and like an some one entirely different. Xavier caught his mate having an affair with a rougher Lord and he learns the hard way yet again that no one should be trusted, especially women. Yet he met the second chance.



Review after half of the novel

Hmm , it’s interesting… it’s intriguing me to go further and further to see where this story goes . 😵‍💫 I don’t know how they will end up thinking about all the hate and all the questions between them 🫢 . Maybe that what motivates me to go on with the read . Little strange writing , sometimes confusing me who is talking , but it’s alright . After all it’s a pretty good job ! Keep it up 👍 much love 🥰 🫶🏼🫶🏼

May 5, 2024

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