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Alpha's Tormented Slave Mate

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He told me to clean his room. This was the day my life changed and I began living in hell. I’ve always been treated as a slave and bullied by other pack members but I had just turned eighteen that day and my mate was revealed to be the pack’s alpha, Jacob. Instead of outright accepting or rejecting me, he hurts me in the worst way by cheating on the mate bond while I am in the same room. He claims this she-wolf is his chosen. Then why is he not releasing me by rejecting me? Instead, he keeps me a prisoner in his room most of the time and has sex with his chosen and even other she-wolves. He even stole my innocence. He tells me he keeps me for his wolf as it keeps him calm, but I think he is just a psychopath who gains a thrill in torturing me. His chosen is just like him and she also enjoys it when he causes me pain. ********************************************** My best friend (who is an omega like me) heard from the beta of a neighboring pack that his Alpha was looking for me. I discovered we knew each other as children when his family came to this pack to visit the current alpha’s parents for a meeting. My friend contacted the alpha by phone, and he decided to make plans to come for a visit, when he did, I found out he was my second chance mate. How is this possible when I am still mated? ************************************************ ************************************************ I am Alpha Chase Carter and I have been searching for my fated mate for years. When I thought of what my mate would look like I would close my eyes and see the red-haired girl from my past. I’ve never forgotten her because I was always enthralled by her beauty, even at her young age. With her red hair and green eyes, she reminded me of a goddess in the form of a seven-year-old. I was twelve at the time. One night I had a dream or possibly even a vision of a red-haired beauty in pain. When I saw the source of her pain being a man in bed with a blond, I felt enraged. I woke up sweating and with a lingering nagging feeling that I needed to find her. Is it true? Is she, my mate? I remember the man calling her name, Amethyst. I must find her. I must save her.

Chapter 1 -Amethyst

Disclaimer: Very Graphic and may disturb some. Reader discretion advise. Not for anyone under 18.

Hello, My name is Amethyst Webber and today is my 18th birthday. As I wake up in my small room in the attic where I sleep. I pray to the Moon Goddess that she will grant me my mate and take me away from all the abuse I have suffered the past ten years since the death of my parents. The blood River pack where I was born and raised decided after my parents' death to use me as a slave where they could use and abuse me. I do thank the Goddess that no one has sexually abused me as I am saving my virginity for my mate as a special gift to him.

I get up from bed and enter the attic bathroom for which I am grateful. I take care of my business with a shower and get dressed in the hand-me-downs of jeans and a clean but stained-up tee shirt. As I was halfway down the stairs to the alpha's floor on my way to the kitchen, I stopped as a wonderful scent of rain and pine hits me.

'Mate' My wolf Sadie says all happy and excited.

Just then alpha Jacob's door flew open as he was sniffing, spotting me, he stood there staring. Then he frowned shaking his head, "No! No way!" Then he squinted at me and smirked, "But then…"

My heart began to thump faster as I realized, that Jacob Tyler the new alpha as his father, alpha Kenneth Tyler stepped down, was no, he is my mate. He walks over to me and lifts my chin with his finger so I would look at him. He leans down and touches my lips with his. "Such a pretty thing." He smiles, "Too bad it had to be you. I plan to have such fun." He smirked. "I need my room cleaned up." He said suddenly standing to his full height of six feet three inches. And looks down upon my five feet two inches. I look down at the floor as we omega's are not to look the alpha in the eye. "Come back after your kitchen duties."

There was something in his voice, something mischievous in the tone.

"Yes, Alpha," I say bowing my head, then head down the three flights of stairs towards the kitchen. I get to the kitchen and Mandy was already there to start breakfast.

"Good Morning, Mandy," I say. Mandy is an omega that works alongside me. who is a couple of years older and is mated to a very nice warrior? The only difference is I am the one that is used as a punching bag. Only because I was an orphan and had no parents to protect me.

"Ammie, Good morning and happy birthday."

"Thanks," I said as I grab the eggs and bacon from the fridge to help with breakfast.

After the breakfast was done and the kitchen cleaned, I grabbed the cleaning supplies and head up to Alpha Jacob's suite to start the cleaning. I assumed he must be out for training as he usually is at this time. So, you can imagine my surprise when he walks out of his closet with only a towel wrapped around his waist. I couldn't help but admire his fine physique. He was nothing but muscles. Standing there smiling at me he looked like a god. With brown hair and golden eyes, he looked yummy.

"Glad to see you can follow orders." He says to me as he walks towards his bed. I walked over to the fireplace and set the cleaning supplies down and began to polish the wood and chrome around the mantel.

"Yes, Alpha," I said focused on the cleaning.

"Hmph, Since you can take orders, I expect you to follow this one. You are to stay right where you are and no matter what happens you will not move or leave this room. Do I make myself clear?"

I look at him puzzled as to his words. "Yes, of course, Alpha."

Just then the bathroom door behind me opens and a tall blonde beautiful woman walks out wrapped in a towel. She walks past me glaring at me as she walked up to Jacob. She looked at him quizzically.

He shook his head as he said, "Don't mind her, Stella. She is nothing. She is here only to clean." He tells her. "But you on the other hand…" He reached out and grabbed her by the waist as he removed his towel and then hers while kissing her passionately groping and tweaking her large breast as she grabs his large erection. While groaning in her mouth, her hand squeezes and strokes him, he lays her on the bed in my view as he climbs on top and between her legs.

A sharp pain slowly starts in my chest as I gasped and grabbed my chest with my hand. I hear their moans as their passion grows hot and heavy for each as he lowers so he could suck her nipples and tweak the other with his hand. He raises back to her neck and then begins to suck on the spot that should be where a mating mark goes. As my pain begins to intensify. I drop to my knees and looked up and watched as her legs wrapped around his waist. He looks back at me and smirks, 'Watch and do not stop watching. That is an order.' He mind links to me. From this view, I couldn't help but see his huge cock enter her body as he groans in pleasure while she gasps and then begins to moan.

My breathing becomes shallow as I struggle to breathe. He is my mate, and he is torturing me and taking pleasure in it.

The pain spreads and radiates all over especially in my groin area as he begins to thrusts inside her over and over again. I want to claw at my body and have the pain go away as I hear, "Yes, just like that. My alpha. You are so big and filling. I love it." Then she cries out his name in complete ecstasy, as he grunts and thrusts faster and harder.

"Oh yes, I needed this," He says as he growls his pleasure.

Hot tears fall as the pain intensifies and runs through my whole body. I hear my wolf howl and squirm in agony. There is nothing I can do. I fall and writhe on the floor screaming in my agonizing pain as they continue to ignore me in their pleasure. Then I hear them climax as he roars, and she screams his name.

Of all the abuse these past ten years, this is the worst. Having witnessed my mate having sex with a she-wolf who is not his mate is excruciating. He violated the sacred Mating bond with another, causing my pain. I lay still on the rug with tears falling from my closed eyes and couldn't move.

I hear their labored breathing and then kissing as she giggled, "Again?" She says and I hear his playful growl as I hear him sucking on her breasts. Then I hear her sigh, "Oh yeah."

Then the bed creaks as he moves back into place and the pain that subsided, returns with a vengeance and my screaming begins again as I hear them moan and grunt the bed creaking as he thrusts in and out all over again.

Chapter 2 -Amethyst Part Two

He had me suffering in pain in his room for hours having a lot of sex in front of me and not caring. I had never realized how cruel he was until that day. I used to think of him handsome and even had a crush on him. Even though he sat there while the others in the pack would beat me as he watched. He never touched me.

The woman Stella only smirked at me and cruelly said on her way out the door after getting dressed, "The best sex I ever had. Too bad you can't experience it?" Then she laughed.

I was still laying on the rug next to the fireplace and couldn't move from all the pain I suffered. I hear footsteps and they stop in front of me. I open my eyes to see his bare feet in front of my face. "Get up." He orders and as he is my alpha no matter how I feel I have to obey.

I slowly raise myself up and stand. He is wearing a robe now, but I only look down at my feet. He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me close to him and sniffs my ne

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