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Abigail North

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About me

I am a paranormal/romance writer. I write about sexy tall aliens, Werewolves(My specialty), and mermaids. Give me a follow and watch for my stories. You can also follow me on FB @Author.Abigail.North Writing is my passion.❤ And so is reading. XOXO Abbie North


Alpha's Tormented Slave Mate
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He told me to clean his room. This was the day my life changed and I began living in hell. I’ve always been treated as a slave and bullied by other pack members but I had just turned eighteen that day and my mate was revealed to be the pack’s alpha, Jacob. Instead of outright accepting or rejecting me, he hurts me in the worst way by cheating on the mate bond while I am in the same room. He claims this she-wolf is his chosen. Then why is he not releasing me by rejecting me? Instead, he keeps me a prisoner in his room most of the time and has sex with his chosen and even other she-wolves. He even stole my innocence. He tells me he keeps me for his wolf as it keeps him calm, but I think he is just a psychopath who gains a thrill in torturing me. His chosen is just like him and she also enjoys it when he causes me pain. ********************************************** My best friend (who is an omega like me) heard from the beta of a neighboring pack that his Alpha was looking for me. I discovered we knew each other as children when his family came to this pack to visit the current alpha’s parents for a meeting. My friend contacted the alpha by phone, and he decided to make plans to come for a visit, when he did, I found out he was my second chance mate. How is this possible when I am still mated? ************************************************ ************************************************ I am Alpha Chase Carter and I have been searching for my fated mate for years. When I thought of what my mate would look like I would close my eyes and see the red-haired girl from my past. I’ve never forgotten her because I was always enthralled by her beauty, even at her young age. With her red hair and green eyes, she reminded me of a goddess in the form of a seven-year-old. I was twelve at the time. One night I had a dream or possibly even a vision of a red-haired beauty in pain. When I saw the source of her pain being a man in bed with a blond, I felt enraged. I woke up sweating and with a lingering nagging feeling that I needed to find her. Is it true? Is she, my mate? I remember the man calling her name, Amethyst. I must find her. I must save her.


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