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Alpha's Muse

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After running away from her old pack, Sophie accidentally bumps into Alpha Leo, who is the leader of the strongest pack ever existed. What's worse is that he finds out she's his mate. Sophie had been living a worse life in her old pack which consists of vampires, as a human she was treated like a slave to them. Going through so much torture while growing up she decided to run away when she was 18, only to bump into Alpha Leo, a leader wolf in London. Leo is the young heir to his pack, who is usually considered cold-hearted and rude according to his pack members which everyone fears and respects as the Alpha. When he met Sophie, he fell for her beauty, and the inner wolf hinted him as his mate. When he finds out that she's his mate, he mates with her and claims her as his. He takes her with him to London, where his pack is by force to get married. When he presents her in front of his pack members as his Luna, the pack members tell her to transform into her wolf form, which she is unable to do. It when then he finds out that she's just a normal human who doesn't have a wolf. Feeling devasted he also finds out that her family was the reason why the other wolves remaining in this world were disappearing. When Leo finds out that she's his enemy from the vampire pack, what's going to happen to Sophie who became his mate? Will he reject the mate bond and kick her out of his Pack? or keep her by his side in the fight against the rest of the Vampires'? Will love bloom admist the chaos and the fight between the two enemy packs?

Chapter 1 Our encounter

Sophie’s P.O.V.

Ever since I gained consciousness, I had been staying in this big mansion and doing all the chores in this house, for others. I don’t know, who is my mom, or my dad. I don’t even understand, what it’s like to have a parent.

All I know, is the number of tasks, that I have to do every day, right after getting up.

I wasn’t allowed a comfy bed, cause they told me, that’ll only make me lazy and nothing else. A slave doesn’t require a comfy bed, they said.

In winter, I wasn’t given any warm clothes either. Even though I used to freeze to cold, without having any warm blanket for me at night in that small and dark attic, which was full of spiders I hated the most.

Still, I wasn’t given the right to raise my voice against them, cause, they were my bread earners, Given two meals a day.

I couldn’t escape, cause the security in there was too tough for me to escape. The high pillars and the dungeon-like atmosphere around it were something that was enough to kill the desire of getting freedom.

They taught me, that life outside this big mansion is full of scary people, who might want to take advantage of me whenever they can. They taught me, everyone is bad, and they are good who take care of me and let me stay in their house and feed me.

Outside no people will help me out. They are the only ones who raised me to this day.

There were some books in the big library, from where I had learned about all the things outside. But there were no books to tell me what kind of towns or cities exist outside this place. Beyond these big walls what exists for me, whether that’s happiness, pain, or sadness, nothing, I don’t know anything.

“Go and wash my clothes. They are stained,” shouted a voice in my face. I was sleeping when that happened.

In front of me, Zeref was standing. He’s one of the Master who takes care of this household. I couldn’t see his face clearly, as it was night and the light is out in my room.

“But…I am sleeping, Master,” I replied, sitting up on the mattress.

“Sleeping or not, I don’t care,” his red eyes were scaring the wits out of me, shining in the dark.

It’s always like this whenever he’s angry.

“Go and wash them, I have to go somewhere tomorrow. Do it fast,” he threw the clothes in my face and walked away from my room, closing the door behind him with a bang.

Tears were overflowing my face for no reason. I wiped them off with the hem of my dress and tried to get up from the bed only to have numb legs, which caused me to fall on my face onto the rocky ground.

I could feel the pain in my knee and the stinging sensation that my leg was hurt.

I ought to be more careful.

I tried to get up, forcing on my hands, but I was unable to do that.

Why does this happen to me all the time? What have I done to deserve this?

At last, when I managed to get up, I stared at the shirt which Zeref gave me to wash was eating dirt on the ground.

For the first time, I didn’t feel like doing whatever he told me to do right away.

I walked up to the tiny window of the attic. It was a dark sky, along with a full moon. The moon looked so much pretty today.

I saw a small white thing, at the top of the brick walls. What is that? I looked closely to see a white rabbit.

What is it doing at a place so high? It can fall anytime soon. It fell right that instant.

That poor thing. I hope he’s alright. I looked down at the foot of the wall, and the rabbit got up again. Thank god he’s alright.

The rabbit jumped high again and again and managed to get up on the walls after countless attempts.

“Go!” I felt like cheering for him. It looked back at the mansion and jumped down the wall.

He’s gone. That realization hits me like a needle. He tried so many times and succeeded. Maybe, if I also.

There’s no way I can get out of this place, right? I stared at my left arm and folded up my sleeve, which revealed the lashes on my fair skin, red and hurting.

All the things that happened to me while staying here, came haunting me, and then…I made up my mind.

I’ll also, do my best to escape from here, to see what exists beyond those walls. I’ll take the risk, and escape from this horrible place, where they only used me up like a slave. I’ll live my life according to me, and acquire my freedom.

And the next day, while cooking dinner at night. I had mixed up a sleeping herb that grows at the edge of the walls unnoticed by others.

I’ll escape when all of them will be sleeping. Even I didn’t think that my plan would go so smoothly.

After eating all the other masters retired to their rooms, and I went back to my room waiting for them to fall asleep.

Everything worked smoothly, and I was standing at the main gate. The two guards were sleeping like dogs, sleeping on top of each other.

I took the only thing that I had on me. A small red crystal pendant that I had on since birth. They were taken away by the Master’s but today, I took it away from them and now I’ll escape.

I glanced behind, watching the house.

I won’t be back here, again.

I had gathered some rope ahead of time, because, the walls can only be crossed from the back entrance, and I couldn’t find the key at any cost.

I threw a bundle at the end and started climbing. I failed at first but then got up again. And within some minutes I jumped down from the walls. I fell onto some soft grass, so I wasn’t hurt.

As I got up, I stared at the horrifying mansion where I stayed all my life.

I got my freedom at the age of 18. This is the beginning.

Goodbye, to my previous life.

I started running, so that, they won’t be able to find me again. I ran through the thick forest, even though I was scared of all the animals I might find there.

I didn’t think that the world outside only has trees. The shoes I was wearing, were slowing down my pace. I felt thirsty and couldn’t run any longer.

But, I can’t give up yet. If anyone’s awake, they might search for me, and take me back. I can’t let that happen.

I have to run and run, till I get out of this place. All the bushes and twigs were stopping me on the track. But I didn’t stop.

My head’s starting to feel dizzy, I can’t run any longer. I feel, so suffocated.

I could see through the path, because of the light of the moon, guiding me the way.

Maybe fate is on my side. But the sudden exhaustion hits me, and my vision becomes blurry. Still, the will stayed of escaping from the place.

I kept running, and all of a sudden, I bump into a figure coming out of the shadows.

Out of fatigue, I lost my senses.

“Are you alright? Open your eyes.” I heard a faint voice, calling me.

I thought I was dreaming, as there wasn’t anyone with me while I ran. Could It be that I had been caught by them?

I opened up my eyes right away wondering what bad future was waiting for me when I woke up.

I saw a pair of light blue eyes, staring at me with a bit of concern and worry. The eyelashes made him look pretty.

As he was looking down, some of his silky honey-blond hair was falling into his face. I could imagine him as the prince in the books that I had read in the library.

“Hey? You listening?” he called again, his pale pink lips were small and endearing. From what I could tell, I was in his lap, but why?

Did he save me when I lost my sense?

He's not someone from that house, is he? Then I haven't been discovered yet.

"Thank god," I reached out my hand towards him unconsciously, touching the side of his cheeks.

"Thanks for saving me," I said with a smile.

His expressions changed, as the light from the moon was peeking through from the branch of the trees.

Chapter 2 Mate!

Leo’s P.O.V.

Why did my car have to die on me all of a sudden? And in this thick forest? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I should have checked that I was out of fuel.

I checked my pockets searching for my phone. Only to find it on the seat beside me.

Thank god, I can still call Ryder to come and get me. I turned on the phone to see that the battery died on me.

Out of power? I threw away the phone out of anger. I pushed open the door and walked out of the car.

I could hear the sound of crickets playing. Everywhere I saw I found nothing but trees and trees. There’s no end to them, is it?

Should I try fixing the car? But it won’t move without the fuel, what should I do?


A rumbling noise came from my tummy. I shouldn’t have skipped dinner because of the meeting.

Let’s just take a walk, maybe that’ll cure my hunger. I started walking, and from what I could tell, this is an abandoned forest. Doesn’t seem like anyone comes


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